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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Omar Abdullah

How ironic it is when Omar [self censor by author] accuses others of being "Indian" agents, when he himself is one of their biggest advocates. I dont know but someone must really break Omar's bubble and announce it to him that when Kashmiris talk about India, it is him who we refer to. He is the Indian puppet in Kashmir.

Talk about duplicity.

He is a so called Memer of the Indian parliament, and yet he talks about the "Indian machinations" by the so called "people in Delhi" to "divide" kashmiris in the current assembly elections. Maybe he thinks Kashmiris are too stupid to see through his lies and desperation.

Wake up Omar, your days of fooling Kashmiris are over.


  1. Omar is neither a Kashmiri nor an Indian....He is just like most of those blood sucking parasites....extremely selfish and dishonest to the core.

  2. Well all what can be said about Abdullah family is that they are a bunch of turncoats and spongers.They moove around in Kashmir,Srinagar in particular with their Indian security.Imagine who needs security in his own city,Traitors of course.He is a Hindu and his family is a Known beggar family who always can be seen with the pot around P.M.O of India.

  3. Lo and behold: If I remember well, I have read moderator of this blog praising Omar Abdullah in one of his earlier posts. If one searches thoroughly that post may still be available on this blog. I remember Omar having been termed as a reasonably sane and wise mainstream leader of Kashmir. I have absolutely no soft corner for Omar but am surprised a bit what made this blogger change his mind about Omar. Still Omar Abdullah's erstwhile blog finds a place in the elite list of Kashmiri blogger on the right side of this page, though with newly written comments, "coward has quit". When everybody knows he has quit, why keep his blog link on your page. This blogger certainly owes some explanation on this count.

  4. Did not know Omar Abdullah is a Hindu (not that his religion makes a difference)! - not a surprise since Abdullah family has a long history of unholy matrimony with India - but what I am really glad at seeing is that your outlook on India vis-a-vis Kashmir has changed drastically! You do now see India as it should be - many of your older posts would not do that!

  5. @Dr waleed.@anonumous @"K"
    My main opposition to Omar abdullah is, as i mentiuoned eariler, to his arrogance in claiming all miseries to "unseen" forces in Delhi, when he himself is a member of the "indian" parliament and represents thier interests here.

  6. Says Omar Abdullah, "The gun has changed nothing for us politically, but it has destroyed us economically, and it has had a huge impact on us socially."

    If you don't like Omar, why don't you support someone else who is as erudite and practical as him ? Or better, why not participate in politics yourself ?

  7. Happy new year to you too, Koshur :)

    I am quite allergic to dynastic politics - which are the scourge of India. But from what I have heard of Omar Abdullah, he seems to be a smart guy. But I haven't heard him in Kashmiri (and I won't understand his speeches then), but what he says in English seems quite sensible.

    I also think Mirwaiz Omar Farooq is a smart guy. The only problem with him is that he is also a religious heir, which makes the secularist in me uncomfortable . I will be glad if he decides to focus on only one area. It will be cool if he can choose politics over religious responsibilities.

    The next obvious step for him would be to actually contest in the elections, and give the Kashmiris the voice that they deserve. Any process of autonomy or independence is bound to be gradual : and participation in the Indian parliament (whether you are seperatist or not) is an important obligation for Kashmiri patriots.

    However, I am worried if Omar Farooq would suffer the fate of the earlier moderates in Hurriyat and get assassinated by the hard-core militants who want to keep the conflict alive : the best examples being his father Mirwaiz Maulwi and the father of Sajjad Lone, Abdul Ghani Lone.

    I am writing a new post in my blog, and I would like you to take a look and comment on it. The crucial idea is that "A strong gleader does not ensure a strong country. What we need to build one are strong politics"

  8. The problem with the Indians is that they see Kashmir as their own and admire any traitor like the Abdullah spongers or Mufti's or other turn coat.It'shard for them to accept that Kashmiris are not Indians and these farcial elections are a mockery of democracy.We all know very well how electionswere conducted in Kashmir and nothing ha changed.Before it was rigging and now the occupational forces of India.If Omar Abdullah is a Leader of Kashmir tell him to walk on foot from Khankahi Mohalla to Habba Kadal without Indian security.People will tear him in shreads.If Umar farooq will walk the same distance people will hug him.That is a difference between a traitor and a patriot.I dont like Umar farooq for personell reasons but that dosent undermine him.I'll alwayssupport him a long as He will be agains illegal Indian occupation of our land.

  9. Actually Waleed Sheikh, the test of walking around without protection is not the required test for a true leader.

    All it takes is one mad-man to pull the trigger and kill the leader, even if he is respected and adored by millions.

    We have seen Mahatma Gandhi murdered in India. Who else can be a stronger leader than that ?

    Abraham Lincoln got killed in the USA.

    Every region saw respected politicians getting murdered : Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Robert Kennedy, Rajiv Gandhi and so on and so forth. The Kashmiris themselves got the brunt of these targetted assassinations. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, the moderate leaders of Hurriyat were murdered by Lashkar and Jamat-e-Islami. Would you doubt that Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq or Abdul Ghani Lone were not leaders worth repute in Kashmir ?

    In fact, it will be a great day if Kashmiris start thinking out of assasinations and murders. Politics means a lot more than that ! Get out and vote, get the leaders that you deserve.

  10. Nobody here is talking about murders and assassinations,At least not Kashmiris who are Killed unarmed while demanding UN resolutions on Kashmir to be implemented.Its India and its proxy mercenaries and regular forces who are responsible of daily Massacres in Kashmir.India and its new buddy Israeil are two sides of a coin.India pisses on the geneva convention and treats political prisoners in an inhumane way.examples are Yasn Malik,Shabbir Shah.Why these 2 leaders are taking different kind of med.every day.Not becoz they had something from birth.but it was India who tortured them to that extent that they became handicapped.Pride has a Fall so wll be with India Inshallah.Allahs justice and help is always near.

  11. Dr Waleed,
    I have always wondered why would Kashmiris want to be controlled by a desolate and poor country like Pakistan. Are you not aware of the sufferings of Kashmiris in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir?
    And how would you be able to survive as a land-locked country sandwitched between India and Pakistan if you wish to remain independent from both.
    Just anxious.

  12. Its for Kashmiris to decide what they want.We have lived before also between China and India and we defeated Akbar 17 times.Then He cunningly invited our King and imprisoned him.Pakistan is not a threat for us nor is China.It is only India who wants to keep Kahmiri's its slaves.We will fight for our freedom with tooth and nails.Who has told you that Pakisan is a poor country.Have you ever been in Pakistan?

  13. Yes, I have been to Pakistan many times. I don't think Pakistan stands anywhere near India as far as economic progress is concerned. But that is not what I wanted to understand from you.

    I fully appreciate your desire for a free state. Shouldn't you then be running your freedom movement in both India and Pakistan? Do you think Pakistan will let you exist as an independent state and give POK to you if India agrees to your cessation?

    I have never been to POK but I have read in the media that Kashmiris in POK are given treatment of second-class citizens and POK does not even have full representation in Pakistan's central government. Is that not correct?

    I would also like to understand how India has slaved you. I thought Kashmiris have more rights than an average Indian and I personally have met many Kashmiris enjoying their freedom in other parts of India.

  14. What is the benefit for a Kashmiri if India has stable economy.We need nothing from India but freedom from ex slaves.If you would have been watching te events in Kashmir you could have undersood how India treats Kashmiris.The Author of this blog was always advocating India but He also understood How Cunning and insidious India is regarding Kashmiris.The August killngs of 90 unarmed protesters by India in Kashmir and patting of Hindus in Jammu changed the mindset of all other Kashmiris who had a belief that India treats its citizens equally.
    Regarding Pakistan you guys are tking wth bias.Pakistan is a country of which whole Indiais scared.You guyont have guts to attack it.You people jus talk and thats it.It's not 1948 or BEast Pakistan who as ane born nation was having weak defence.Try it today.In 1999 Clincton saved you in Kargil.

  15. Dr Waleed,
    You are missing my point. You seem to be contradicting yourself. One one hand, you say you want freedom to run Kashmir, Independent Kashmir. On the other hand, you indirectly seem to be saying you want to merge with Pakistan. If you want to join Pakisan, then say that. Don't say that you want Independent Kashmir. This is something I have never been able to understand as to why your leadership does not come out openly and say that you want to join Pakistan. My intention was just to understand your perspective. We all, fortunately as long as we are in a democracy like India, have choice to make our decisions and say whatever we want to say.You too have that right as long as you are part of India.
    Another point I fail to understand is why you drove all Hindus out of Kashmir. Were they not your brothers and sisters who had lived with you for ages.

    Attacking Pakistan is definitely not an option for India not because India can not win but because India has much to lose if the war happens. Moreover, with military controlling the nuclear arsenal, it would be foolosh for India to wage any war with Pakistan.

  16. Is anybody else sick and tired of ray lightning's pretentious bullshit? it is so cute how every indian tries extra hard to come off as an intellect. never has there been a people so disturbingly eager for a pat on the head. not so cute is their self-righteous, memorized sermons about the switzerland of south asia... India. Democrushy, fantastical economy,


  17. Anonymous,

    Actually, I don't care a shit about what you think. Hope you understand it well.

  18. History repeats itself, Muslim majority means another Pakistan,Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. For them religion is bigger then their family, relations, emotions and nation, A very fundamentalist community. Omar was pretending to be with India, He also allowed cleansing of Hindus. He is intending to convert Kashmir in to another worst hell like Pakistan. A non livable terror factory. It will be worst for women. Congress' Sonia & Rahul are the main culprits of this plot.