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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Beating the Indians in Their Own Game - Vote for Independents

It is with quite pleasure that I am announcing that our strategy of messing up Indias alternative to granting us our right of self-determination is working.

As many promoters of our cause have announced, we have to beat the Indians at their own game.

In the ongoing assembly elections, please get out and vote for independent candidates.

Under no curcumstances should either National Conference, PDP or Congress be given the opportunity to claim that they represent Kashmiris.

Under no circumstances should Omar Abdullah win in Ganderbal. If we boycott, his few supporters will come out and give him an opportunity to claim that "the people of Kashmir" voted for him. Same is the case with his father who is contesting from Hazratbal/Sonwar.

It makes more sense to vote for independents.

Let's all beat the Indians in their own game!


  1. Arundhati Roy said a wonderful thing. "Kashmir needs Independence from India as much as India needs independence from Kashmir".
    As an Indian I support this thought whole heartedly.
    We Indians spend so much money on a part of land that has only given us grief and sorrow.
    Instead we should spend money on the needy Northeastern states of India.
    We should spend the money that we waste on Kashmir to seal our borders and send all the refuges back to their countries.
    i hope you guys pick and elect your own government. But dont expect us to economically support you in any way after that. I am sure the rich gulf nations will save you like they are saving Pakistan and Palestine.

  2. Are you trying to justify elections.

  3. How many independent won??
    Did you stop Omar Abdullah from emerging victorious Ganderbal??
    He said I am muslim and I am an Indian..

  4. @anonymous above
    Ask me the same question in six years after the next elections. I will defer answering your cynicism till then.

  5. oh almighty allah save us from Dirty India