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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Self-determination day January 5th, 2009

We haven't given up. A promise was made to the people of Kashmir on January 5, 1949. 


Having received from the Governments of India and Pakistan in Communications, dated December 23 and December 25, 1948, respectively their acceptance of the following principles which are supplementary to the Commission's Resolution of August 13, 1948;

1. The question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite;

...[source: click here]

On January 5th, show that you await the fulfillment of that promise. Observe the self-determination day.

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Why we should be afraid of Omar Abdullah

Like every other Kashmiri, I used to be curious about Omar Abdullah. About what he stands for; what his values are and what he holds dear. Being that he belongs to a family that has had an unparalleled influence on the history of Kashmir. I will be the first to confess that I never take any event at face value and do my own research on subjects that I wish to form an opinion on. This gives me an opportunity to form a balanced view that is based on true facts and not on propaganda spewed by the state controlled media or leaders having their own agenda. Therefore, I make up my own mind and form my own opinion on issues - not necessarily because those opinions are fashionable at the time.

Readers of my blog will notice that this blog started off, way back when, as having a pro-autonomy and pro-India stance. However, my research proved my views wrong. By learning about India's true nature of occupation and colonization and their nurture of pro-India crooks in Kashmiri politics opened my eyes to their true intentions for Kashmir. We should be afraid of Indians not only because of their outrageous military presence here, but rather because of what their long term goals are to consolidate their hold on our country.

The reason why we should be afraid of Omar Abdullah is that his cowardice and naivety puts Kashmir's future in jeopardy (that is the reason why I had suggested to the APHC that we ensure that neither of the major pro-India parties be allowed to form a government).

Omar Abdullah is someone who cowers into a corner like a coward and quits his blog just because someone posts nasty comments on his blog, instead of being steadfast and have courage to defend one's convictions. Now that Omar Abdullah has declared that the reason he will approach the "Indian" National Congress Party (INC) is that they are a "like-minded" party with a similar agenda, what are we to expect if Sonia Gandhi orders him to pass a resolution further diluting article 370? Will he similarly cower into a corner and grant her wish just so his refusal doesn't make her upset? That is exactly what cowards do and this is a fact and not just my attempt at berating Omar Abdullah or being mean to him - the fact is that Omar Abdullah is a coward unfit to lead Kashmir, even though he was elected in a farcical election. Isn't Sonia Gandhi the one who de-railed the state subject bill back in 2003? It will suit the congress party's national image if they were to further integrate Kashmir into the Indian federation. It would help Congress at the expense of the Hindutva BJP in India's general election.

For this reason, the next government will be the worst in Kashmir's history because both NC and the congress are staunchly pro-India. All abrogations of article 370 have taken place while NC was in power. Also, Omar Abdullah is known for his love of India and his despise of the Kashmiri freedom movement. He has bigger ambitions in India and sees his current stint in Kashmiri politics as a mere stepping stone, because of the fact that he is more popular down south in India than he is in Kashmir where he is perceived as a mere stooge of the Indians.

The facts also support the above views. [self censor by author] Further, his voting record in the current Indian parliament also prove that he is out of touch with the sentiments of Kashmiris. When all the world, both muslim as well as left-leaning western governments are staunchly anti-Israel, Omar Abdullah has never spoken against Israel or uttered a single word to change the course of increasing India-Israel friendship, when the sentiments in Kashmir are just as anti-Israel as they are in the rest of the Muslim world.

Although his election to the Indian parliament is just as farcical as the purported accession of Kashmir to India. For a second let's assume that he does "represent" the few thousand Kashmiris who voted for him. Then why not let the views of the Kashmiris known in the Indian parliament? The reason is that his representation is a sham just as Kashmir's representation in the Indian parliament. The real reason infact is that he is a coward and too afraid to speak against Israel and annoy the fundamentalist Hindus of India who might send him nasty comments!

My appeal to Kashmiris is that we remain vigilant about each and every move that Omar Abdullah makes. This because he is no more than an Indian disguised as a Kashmiri.


A beautiful theory slain by an ugly fact

The recently concluded elections does not change a thing. Only India, the so-called "democracy" can claim the distinction of imprisoning a whole nation and then to add salt to injury, claim that "free and fair" elections were held. As if the people had a choice. Kashmir is a large army barrack. There are more than 1.5 million Indian army occupation forces here! for what? because most Kashmiris seek Independence by peaceful means? There are no more than 800 armed militants in Kashmir. Far less than the number of underground gangs in any other Indian state. So why have this outrageous presence of occupation forces here?

To illustrate my point, here is what the Indian colonial master of the "Kashmir" police had to say, "The number of militants operating in the state has fallen below 1,000 for the first time. It is 808, including 577 locals and 231 foreign militants..." (Source: The Telegraph)

The Indians are just fooling themselves. Their media is giddy about the current turnout in rural Kashmir as if that is the end-all for the freedom movement. As if they are suffering from amnesia and cannot remember that just six months ago Kashmiris were out on the streets unanimously voicing their demand for freedom from India.

As if the 40 unarmed protestors who were killed will ever be forgotten by the Kashmiris. What would have had a shred of legitimacy to the outcome of these elections is if there were no Indian forces to coerce people into voting. Their mere presence makes a mockery of any democratic system.

Blackmailing Kashmiris into participating in farcical elections is not going to fool anyone. We have witnessed the dilapidated condition of our civic amenities and one can only draw comparisons with what is happening in Gaza. The Israelis keep holding the Gazans hostage by blocking the Gazan's only road to the outside world, thus preventing any basic necessities such as food, medicine and fuel from entering Gaza. Similarly, the pro-India parties blackmailed rural residents into voting by threatening that the development of their villages is on the line if they didnt vote. For rural Kashmiris, it was a choice between getting basic necessities such as proper drains, water connections, and roads so he can get his produce to the markets. Does that mean he has any affection for the occupation forces or India? Indian editorial journalists can keep dreaming.


Open letter to Mirwaiz Omar Farooq

I feel that I owe an explanation for suggesting that people get out and vote for independent candidates in the current farcical elections held by the occupation Indian forces in Kashmir. As I have emphasized numerous times in my earlier posts, we should not be constrained by self-imposed boundaries in seeking out alternative routes to reach the cherished goal of self-determination for our people. Boycotting the elections only makes it easier for the occupiers to "legitimize" their occupation in the international arena. It should be our goal to make it as hard as possible for the Indians to gain any semblance of legitimacy of their illegal occupation and expose the true nature of their absurd governance here. Voting for independent candidates will effectively dent their one and only absurd argument they keep harping about when confronted by the world community about their promise to hold a plebscite in Kashmir. As we are aware, their claim is that there have been numerous state elections in Kashmir, and therefore kashmiris have time and again sent pro-India politicians to the assembly, which thus is a reflection of the wishes of the people of Kashmir. It is time for us to play their games and call their bluff.

- It will show our true power and unanimity of the wishes of the wider populace who can disrupt the outcome of elections held by India.
- It will make the Indian intelligentsia rethink their role and approach in Kashmir.
- The absurdity of the Indian governance will be exposed.
Here is what the plan would be like:
a.)A coalition government is formed with most independent canididates cooperating to form the government.
b.)Most independent candidates vote to sever ties with India.
c.)The Indian government wastes no time in dissmissing the new government.
d.)President's rule is imposed.
e.)India's argument and standing in the world arena is shattered.
f.) India holds another set of farcical elections. The same results are repeated...
g.) Our claim is brought forth before the International community. After all how far can the Indians justfy repeatedly dissmissing an elected government who were elected by their own electoral system?

I am fully aware that legitimizing the elections by the Hurriyat has moral implications. It will be as though the Hurriyat will be caving in and compromising the high standards that it has held thus far. However, what I am suggesting is strategical moves to make India's worst nightmare come true.

Hurriyat definitely does not have to participate in the elections. However, every true Kashmiri can disrupt the predictable results of the elections if a call is given by Hurriyat to ensure that no pro-India party wins a single seat in Kashmir. I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial this message will be to the movement.

If an appeal is made by the Hurriyat to the people of Kashmir that people not necessarily boycott the elections but ensure that not a single pro-India party is sent to the assembly; that message will resound greatly with the people of Kashmir and they will understand the wider implications of this call. This call has to be given without indentifying the independent candidates - people are smart and will know whom to vote for. They are also smart to not succumb to the predictable propaganda unleashed by the pro-India parties who will waste no time in falsely accusing the Hurriyat of selling their souls to "Delhi".

Here is today's GK and the story about the NC candidate from Khanyar "Ali Mohammad Sagar". As we know, this imbecile was the home minister in the previous National Conference government. Do we want him to again claim that the people of Khanyar elected him?

“Many pockets of this constituency will observe boycott, but that is unlikely to hamper Sagar’s victory.....” he added. The senior NC leader has won the seat twice, in 1996 and 2002. Like many other city constituencies, there was less voter turn out in Khanyar constituency in 2002. Sagar then had only one candidate Mushtaq Ahmad of Congress against him. According to the official statistics, out of the total 72,495 voters, 3056 had exercised their franchise, out of which 2868 had voted for Sagar while Mushtaq received 127 votes. Sagar therefore won by a margin of 93.84 percent. Similarly, in 1996 elections, officials say there was 12.79 percent voter turnout in the constituency. .."


Omar Abdullah

How ironic it is when Omar [self censor by author] accuses others of being "Indian" agents, when he himself is one of their biggest advocates. I dont know but someone must really break Omar's bubble and announce it to him that when Kashmiris talk about India, it is him who we refer to. He is the Indian puppet in Kashmir.

Talk about duplicity.

He is a so called Memer of the Indian parliament, and yet he talks about the "Indian machinations" by the so called "people in Delhi" to "divide" kashmiris in the current assembly elections. Maybe he thinks Kashmiris are too stupid to see through his lies and desperation.

Wake up Omar, your days of fooling Kashmiris are over.


Beating the Indians in Their Own Game - Vote for Independents

It is with quite pleasure that I am announcing that our strategy of messing up Indias alternative to granting us our right of self-determination is working.

As many promoters of our cause have announced, we have to beat the Indians at their own game.

In the ongoing assembly elections, please get out and vote for independent candidates.

Under no curcumstances should either National Conference, PDP or Congress be given the opportunity to claim that they represent Kashmiris.

Under no circumstances should Omar Abdullah win in Ganderbal. If we boycott, his few supporters will come out and give him an opportunity to claim that "the people of Kashmir" voted for him. Same is the case with his father who is contesting from Hazratbal/Sonwar.

It makes more sense to vote for independents.

Let's all beat the Indians in their own game!