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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Terrorist Attack in Bombay Unforgivable

Dear friends and well wishers.
I have been away trekking between Kistwar, Anantnag, and Poonch and meeting with old friends over there. It is quite a challenge trekking in the cold and only Kashmiris are capable of doing this; the Indians would quickly freeze their limbs out there - they dont suit in this climate. I will post pictures of my trek very soon.

Having said this, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the terrorist attack on civilians in Bombay. I strongly condemn this heinous terrorism and wanton disregard for human life. The perpetrators do not represent Islam and will have to answer for their deeds before the Almighty for extinguishing more than 200 innocent lives in Bombay. This action is unforgivable and again I feel the deepest sorrow for the families of the victims. In Kashmir we are on the receiving end of similar terror unleashed upon us by the Indian Army therefore we can relate to the loss of the families of the victims of this terror attack.


  1. BOLLOCKS...Forget the bloody Almighty! I am not even sure if he/she exists. We want revenge NOW!

    And I hope you boys get your independence from India soon, so that you can go back to the Stone Age existence lived by the residents of Swat valley and Afghanistan. I am sure that the Taliban will look after you very well!

  2. Chris, can you tell me what modernization (as opposite to stone age) is India giving to Kashmiri's when they are living under their guns? Deaths, killings, rape, brutality?
    Indian army kills many everyday in Kashmir, and when few got killed (in comparison to how many have been killed in Kashmir since 1947) in Bombday, they are fretting over it? Don't have double standards. Killing of people everywhere is bad, be it Bombday, or Indian occupied kAshmir.! Peace.

  3. How many people were killed pre-1989 ?. Army came to kashimir when state sponsored terrosism unlished from Islamabad. There was peace in kashmir.Also tts due to India's kindness for giving you article 370 and showering of unaccountable money Kashmiries have ownership of whole kashmiri land. Unemployment in kashmir is lowest compared to rest of the india. India gives more funds with free hand compared any other state like Bihar. Can you give example of what kind of cultural geonocide india has done with you ?. We have infact protected your unique culture through article 370. Have we done something like Tibet with Kashmiries ?. Kashmiri are thinking they are different genetically. I could not make out difference between Hindu kashmiri and muslim kashmiri. Look at history of kashmir..some people are saying Kashmir was never part of india, alright, kashmir was never part of India...but were there was india in history ?. Kashmir was part of Mauryan Empire...it was part of Mughal empire ( all mughals except Babar were indians, they are borned and died in present day india !). After independence there were many princely states and we have to bring them under one umbrella. We have 15 crs muslims and they are proud to be indians. India is diverse country and kashmir is part of that diversity. We have unity in that diversity.And yes, plebisite, we will hold it...but when there are correct conditions..Kashimiri people like Nehru-Indira Gandhi-Rajiv Gandhi ruled india for 50 years out of 60 years of independence. Whole india adhores Kahmir and its people and look at you..what are you giving back in return..Just hatred !...I hope better sense will prevail and you will hold tri colour close to your heart.

  4. Divergence techniques....True......but Kashmiris need to be blamed for being getting distracted from our focus on our goal of achieving indpendence.Onus is on the citizens of Kashmir to remain steadfast and firm in our convictions. If we firmly strive for our freedom from India and Pakistan, we can very well repel the forces of such techniques.The fact is that we are week in our belief of Independent Kashmir. We have become pessimistic. While as we are doing many things to keep the freedom struggle going, we are not doing enough to reaffirm the belief of Independent Kashmir. We need to do aggressive campaigning among the masses of Kashmir and let them know the importance of being steadfast in our goals. ajaztam@hotmail.com