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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Stop Omar Abdullah

Of all the politicians in Kashmir, Omar Abdullah scares me the most. [self censor by author] He went to Haridwar to seek the blessings of his Godfather and Guru "Shri" Dayanand Pandey (his photo to the right), who incidentally has been implicated in bombings in malegaon. [self censor by author]. 

As Kashmiris, we have to leave no stone unturned to reach our goal. In my opinion, we have to strategically seek out what our move should be now that the elections are being held. Even though nothing can replace our right of self-determination, here are some strategic actions we can take and think about:
1. Boycotting the elections will result in the few hundred supporters of the big pro-India parties going to the polls and therefore these parties will end up in the assembly anyways.

My suggestion is that we seek out independent candidates from each constituency and vote for them just to defeat NC, PDP and Congress from forming the next government. This is a strategy to throw off the current parties.
Ofcourse boycotting will also work and send out the message, but it hasn't worked till now and will probably not work yet again. It will end up sending either the useless PDP or the worthless NC back to power for six years , however, voting for independent candidates will punish these parties for selling off Kashmir time and again.
On this blog it has been my intention to think about alternative strategies for seeking our goal of gaining Independence, this has been one of those suggestions.

Terrorist Attack in Bombay Unforgivable

Dear friends and well wishers.
I have been away trekking between Kistwar, Anantnag, and Poonch and meeting with old friends over there. It is quite a challenge trekking in the cold and only Kashmiris are capable of doing this; the Indians would quickly freeze their limbs out there - they dont suit in this climate. I will post pictures of my trek very soon.

Having said this, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the terrorist attack on civilians in Bombay. I strongly condemn this heinous terrorism and wanton disregard for human life. The perpetrators do not represent Islam and will have to answer for their deeds before the Almighty for extinguishing more than 200 innocent lives in Bombay. This action is unforgivable and again I feel the deepest sorrow for the families of the victims. In Kashmir we are on the receiving end of similar terror unleashed upon us by the Indian Army therefore we can relate to the loss of the families of the victims of this terror attack.