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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Psyc-Ops: Introducing a third religion in the Kashmir Valley

Dear friends, I would like to apologise for my absence, but I had some important matters that needed attention. I appreciate the concern shown by many readers about my well being, and I would also like to assure that I am in good health and safe out of harms way. As of now, the Indians have no clue who I am and that is keeping me safe.

This post is going to be in continuation to my earlier post and will be full of grammatical and spelling mistakes; so please bear with me for a few days after which I will iron out the errors to make it easier to read.

What I would like to address on this post is the topic that I briefly touched on in my earlier post and that was my argument that the Indians are so desperate that they have resorted to cheap tricks to gain an upper hand in a conflict that they are clearly losing. They are doing this without regard to the long term repurcussions that their actions might have. By brazenly supporting and encouraging active evangelical missions in Kashmir, the Indians have clearly stooped to a new low to break the spirit of our freedom movement.

The reason this active prostylisation by evangelical Christians is mean-spirited and duplicitous is that they preach their religion in the guise of being non-government aid-workers. These devious people go to various villages around Kashmir with the active participation of Indian government officials and set up small centers where they assure the local villagers that they will be taught skills to improve their entrepreneurship skills and learn new crafts. Soon these deceitful evangelicals start by asking the villagers that it is customary to sing the Christian "lord's prayer" before each teaching session; which within a few weeks leads to them being bomabred with stories from the bible.

These villagers are warned that if they want to continue with the lessons, they have to keep saying the phase "praise the lord" every time they have a question to ask these crafty evangelical teachers. Soon they are also given an Urdu version of the bible to take home. They are advised to keep the book a secret and not to talk about it with other members of their families.

Many villagers that I spoke with also confessed that there is very little "new skills" that they learn in these centres and all it is a Christian conversion centers. How deceitful of these evangelicals and of the Indians to propogate this kind of dishonesty. Preying on poor people who want to learn a new skill and then propagate their religion this way smacks of evil that is incomprehensible.

The reaoson why propagating this kind of deception helps the indians is that it will divert the attention of KAshmiris who unitedly are fighting the Inidan occupation to infighting and civil war which will greatly help the Indian cause. They wnat to replicate what is happening in Israel and Iraq because the civil wars in those occupied territoreis takes the heat off the occupiers. In Iraw we saw how the sectarian war between Shia and Sunni, which was greatly encouraged by the US effectively took the fight between US and Iraqi fighters to a civil war between Iraqis themselves. In Palestine we saw how the infighting between Hamas and Fatah, which was orchestrated by the Israeli forces themselves, greatly helped them consolidate their occupation.

Similarly, India's attempts to foster hatred between Shias and Sunnis of KAshmir have been met with miserable failures all through the years. They tried to replicate what is happening in Iraq because that would take the heat off the Indian occupation forces here as the Kashmiris would be busy killing each other - so they reasoned; thank God they were proven wrong.

Considering the world sceanrio at the moment, Indias intelligence community, who are increasngly being Israel's lackeys in world affairs, and are their biggest arms purchasers, have been getting advise from them about how to deal with the Kashmir-thorn-on-their-side. It appears that Israel have given them this ill-advise of actively propagting the Christian evangelcials so that any response from Kashmiris would have the desired anti-muslim affect in the western nations, who have been warming up to the idea of an independent Kashmir lately.

A civil war in Kashmir is what India desires in Kashmir and with Israel at their side, it seems that they will leave no stone unturened in their wish of turning Kashmir into a hell.


  1. Dear Kashour

    Pleased to see you back.Indeed we all were worried of your safety as we know what and how cheap and deadly the Indian agencies are in Kashmir.Now brother I need some opinion from you and other readers regarding my topic in my blog as
    Kindly go through it and give your comment on it, also other people as well.

  2. There were many reports of such attempted conversions some time back in far-flung areas like Kupwara, Lolab, Karnah etc. I even heard some people casting their doubts on the missionary intentions of a reputed organization namely Action-Aid International. This organization has been doing a good job in mitigating the sufferings of downtrodden but at the same time many believe that this particular organization is playing in the hands of such missionaries and is propagating such vicious agenda in the valley as has been mentioned in the post. Though we have a seasoned man at the helm of this organization in the valley whose himself is a Kashmiri muslim and a well known columnist and his credentials are indubitable, but still I would love to hear more on the role of this international organization in Kashmir. To what extent is it bound and run by christian missionaries and what steps are taken to ensure that it does not propagate any malicioius intentions on hapless kashmiris reeling under the state terrorism of occupation forces.

  3. One of the problems with the independence movement of Kashmir is the lack of unity among Kashmiris . As a reader of the various blogs on Kashmir , one gets the feeling that you do not have a consensus leader . Similarly there are divergent views on what Kashmir should achieve - independence , join Pakistan , remain with India with special status . There were reports in our news papers that some factional leaders of Kashmir are trying to get the help of militant out fits of Pakistan to subdue / eliminate leaders with differing views .
    I am not sure whether you all are aware about the plight of tamils of Sri Lanka. Their freedom movement started reasonably well . Even though there were many groups , they had a coordination committee among them and there was unified action in the beginning . The down fall started when LTTE leader V.Pirbhakaran started on the policy if eliminating leaders of all other factions. Now even Pirbhakaran himself is about to be eliminated by Sri Lankan armed force . Now Srilankan tamils cannot have another freedom movement for the next 15 years (till a new generation comes up) , since all leadership has been wiped away by internecine quarrel.
    A lot can be achieved by united leadership . In the state of Nagaland , there are many oil and gas reserves . The state assembly of Nagaland unitedly passed a resolution (some time in1991/92) that the oil reserves of the state can be exploited only by the state government . An year later ONGC sent a small team to do oil prospecting . A militant out fit gave them notice to quit within 48 hrs , the state govt did not give them protection and ONGC had to evacuate its team in a helicopter before the dead line expired.
    It is pointless having a movement without a proper goal and a unified leadership . All your efforts will fizzle away and it will take years to rebuild the movement. So the first action is to decide what you want and then decide who will lead you….

  4. nice to cu back,lets not get distanced form the main issue here ,these attempts by whoever will prove futile if we stood together and focused on our goal.my dear,all that we need is solid and honest leadership to guide us through.By the way what is kashmiri word for leader.i couldnt remember any!"ameer" is arabic and "neta" sardar,qaid etc are all nonkashmiri words.anyone who can help.

  5. We were once thinking that two nation theory was a fig of imagination of some Muslim leaders-who were egoists and were not ready to be tolerant and accommodative with others –with the passage of time maturity onsets and reality comes through-though majority of people irrespective of religion are non biased yet the small number of obscurantist forces rule the helm-it is they who forced the division of people and by their provocative and communal agenda are pushing minorities to the wall. The so called secularists always failed to counter them because of their hypocrisy and double talk-Anything small related to Muslims becomes a topic for national debate in the biased media—While any thing from from naxalite violence to orrisa riots is a non issue. Here comes national prestige and honor- because it belongs to majority community. The recent happenings in J&K exposed this all -just carry Indian flag in one hand and sword in other and create death and destruction –you are exempted from all sins.

  6. Koshur, I had posted an answer to your Independence/merger with India or Pakistan post on Kashmir Forum but somehow the whole post has disappeared.....can u explain? u don't need to reply here...

  7. Go and write some novels. reading too much fiction and conspiracy theories has led to people like you growing a over imaginative minds. It is in India's interest to have a peaceful kashmir , you moron.

  8. i was once a true admirer of your blog and views. but now you've shown your islamic fundamentalist leaning. it is this kind of paranoia that fuels the 'jihadi' mindset. i think you are treading on the wrong path. you will find yourself in a point of no return. wake up koshur.

  9. My dear friends,I have seen all your great and imaginary comments.I want to ask you ,who are you to decide the fate of kashmir.Kashmir is not yours.It is kashmiri Pandits who used to stay in kashmir centuries ago and most of the kashmiri muslims are converted muslime and rest are migrants.If you are the people with minds you should take example of Azad Kashmir and Indian Kashmir,you can see Indian kashmir is far more developed than Azad Kashmir and if still you want to join Pakistan and want yourself to be called Muhajirs you are free to leave and repent at last, as Pak is becoming risk for U.S.soon it will get destroyed like Iraq and Afgan. So think again.

  10. My dear friends,I have seen all your great and imaginary comments.I want to ask you ,who are you to decide the fate of kashmir.Kashmir is not yours.It is kashmiri Pandits who used to stay in kashmir centuries ago and most of the kashmiri muslims are converted muslime and rest are migrants.If you are the people with minds you should take example of Azad Kashmir and Indian Kashmir,you can see Indian kashmir is far more developed than Azad Kashmir and if still you want to join Pakistan and want yourself to be called Muhajirs you are free to leave and repent at last, as Pak is becoming risk for U.S.soon it will get destroyed like Iraq and Afgan. So think again.

  11. Why no news from Kashmir , for a long time?

  12. You may be right in telling people about the " Sacred Secrets" initiated in the Kashmir. But you need to establish your point with quotes from people you talked to and the area where " games" are being played.
    Because this might stop people telling you to shun blogging and write novels and it will also help sustain your credibility.

  13. Dear all, the problem is not that something wrong is happening--the thing is we are not able to put it forward.
    we need a strong kashmiri narratives based on truth and facts.

  14. It is sad... I was just seeing some news about the elections in Kashmir and then they showed the 'protests'. Mobs of 13-18 year olds chanting slogans.... What a waste of the youth. I will refrain from the political side of this argument and just put forth a view.

    Instead of just involving yourself with 'jihad', why not put that effort into making your state prosperous? Kashmir is heaven on earth, there can be no argument against it. Do you realize how many tourist dollars can be had? 'Independence' is quite a romantic ideal but it is just another word for 'ruled by politicians'. What satisfaction will that ever get you... Economic prosperity would be the best solution. Why is it that most areas of political unrest are poor areas? Get rid of that and the Kashmiri will be a happier person. Independence and an empty stomach is just an empty stomach.

    To qualify, I am Indian, Hindu and 32 years old so if you want to attribute any bias to my comments, you may. In my defense, I hold no animosity towards Kashmiris or Muslims. Some of my closest friends are Muslim, Kashmiri, Sardar and Chritians...

    Hope we see peace in our lifetimes.

  15. I am quiet sad to read this article, I am a Kashmiri Christian, I love God, and I also love Kashmir and its people. I have seen first hand the atrocities Indian soldiers have done on our people, being a convert myself from Hinduism to Christianity, I believe Muslims and Christians share the one God of Abraham, have the same set of prophets, both respect and revere Jesus, especially when faced with a huge idol worshiping religion south of us. This generalization of Christians in Kashmir is not true, and I'd like to put in my opinion as a Kashmiri Christian that I love Muslims and I have Muslim friends who care for me, and we both are equally opposed to the atrocities Indian soldiers commit on our people. I'd rather live with Muslims who believe in the same God as we do, and the same set of prophets we have, than with Hindus who blaspheme the name of the Lord God, and that of Christ. No one needs double explanation to bring to their attention what Hindu Sangh parivar has done to other Christians in other parts of India.