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Defending my integrity

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This is the discussion that I had with Tanvir Sadiq and Kashmir Crisis (click here to visit the main discussion) on my opposing Omar Abdullah.

@kashmir crisis. here is a point by point rebuttal of your accusations:  

-I praised Omar after reading his views on his blog. He seemed straightforward at the time and willing to listen to his opponents by posting their views on his blog. At the time, Omar had the courage to speak his mind and listen to his opponents. This is similar to me praising Tanvir Sadiq at this time for having the courage for being different from the pack and making his views known. 99% of the Kashmiri bloggers are pro-freedom, being Tanvir Sadiq would require a lot of courage to speak his un-popular views freely. It is that courage that I respect in Tanvir Sadiq, and USED to like in Omar Abdullah.  

-You point out that I praised Omar after he stopped blogging. Timing is irrelevant. Maybe it was the same day I went to his blog and realized he had stopped. Praising an adversary for his courage is not psychophancy. Also, calling it as it is now is not mudslinging. In hindsight, omar showed poor judgement in quitting his blog. At that very moment I wrote what I felt was accurate.  
-I will not discuss omar's family anymore, I have already acknowledged my poor judgement when I did so before in my earlier posts.  

-the wealth of information on omar's blog was indeed priceless. Altogether there were about a thousand posts from people having varied political views raning from pro-pakistan, pro-independence as well as pro-autonomy and pro-india. why would you have an objection to me praising that?  

-you contend that i was out there seeking a mandate from Omar! this view is so laughable that i am hard pressed for words to respond to this bizzare theory. For one, how would my 'psychophancy' on an anonymous blog, with an anonymous name have any bearing on omar's decision on giving me a mandate?  

-you list the dates that I praised omar for his blog and then when i started the mudslinging. But then conveniently skip through the posts where i have written about the amarnath agitations, my visit to the villages where conversions are taking place or the fact that omar starting talking about 'indian machinations'. I pointed out that it was a 'typical' politician about face that omar is talking about india when he is an MP. These events had a profound impact on my view of the Kashmir issue and i have mentioned many times that changing my views makes me a pragmatist and not a flip-flopper. I am open to learning and so should every logical person.  

-you mention that small kids in kashmir will be able to tell me about the abdullah family treachory in kashmir. To that i have to say that i am not a small kid. I refuse to be indoctrinated by popular slogans.  

-omar abdullah was a nobody until recently. I had better topics to write about earlier and that is why there are no posts agaisnt him since i started my blog.  

-your writings sadly give me the impression that you want the status quo in kashmir to last for ever. we have to challenge the facts being forced down our throats by being pro-active. voting for independent candidates would have changed the rules of the game. Any one with an open mind can see through what a brilliant strategy this would have been for the separatists. And only people who like to shout others down can oppose this.  

-in your latest posts you seem to reveal your true mindset. By calling Tanvir Sadiq a failure, you seem to relish the fact that his is a minority voice on the net. I having said it before and i will say it now, I respect Tanvir's courage to speak his mind on his blog. Even though I absolutely and totally disagree with his political views, I salute him for having the courage to bring forth his views unlike all the rest of us who are using pseudo names and anonymous posts.  

finally i would like to add that your last few posts on Tanvir sadiq's blog really opened my eyes. sometimes i really get worried that what if we finally were independent and people with similar mindset such as yours are in a position of power. what would the fate of minorities and pro-indian populace be? would you similarly curtail their freedom and ostracize them? this scenario has to change and i hope i am wrong. I will be the first to voice my opposition in that case.  

@tanvir sadiq I have said that i respect your courage to speak your unpopular views on the internet. But that doesnt mean that i will let you go easily or that i will not be harshly critical of you and try to convince you to switch sided and join the separatist camp.  

Here is the dilemma though. If you should make the informed decision of joining the separatist camp, people like kashmir crisis will be shouting from the rooftops that you are a turncoat, and opportunist, and a chameleon. Therefore, who is doing more disservice to the movement? It is sadly people such as kashmir crisis. It is because of people such as him that the freedom movementt in kashmir is stagnated. we need fresh ideas, and an open mind.  

readers of your blog will liek to knwo that my online interaction with Tanvir sadiq began three years ago when i read his article in greater kashmir. What began with me writing a scathing email to him using adjectives not very different than what i has used for omar, or for that matter what 'kashmir crisis' used to describe him currently - i only used worse. surprisingly, his reply to me was measured and very polite, which thus earned him my respect. I have no qualms in acknowledging that there are knowledgeable and sound minds on both sides of the political spectrum in kashmir. what we are having here is an interaction of ideas and coming to know each other.  

if we leave it to people such as 'kashmir crisis' we would sadly keep the cycle of violence, mistrust, and suspicion going for ever. we need a medium for making our views known without being called names or being shouted down.The internet and blogs are such a medium. I am guilty of calling names when it comes ot omar abdullah for sure, but i acknowlegde my mistakes and move on.  

with this long-winded post, I would like to add that please do not stop blogging Mr Tanvir; your pro autonomy, and pro-indian political views are unpopular, misguided and speaking plainly - wrong. I do not agree with your views but I will stand by you and fight for your right to speak about them.


  1. You seem to have spared no efforts in painting a hardliner image of mine. You seem to be working on the premise of "offence is the best defence" and that is why you have made an unsuccessful attempt to put me on defensive by levelling all sorts of baseless counter-allegations against me. Though initially I strongly felt like answering back your rebuttal point by point with strong and genuine justification, subesequently I didn't deem it necessary to engage in sequential excoriation or to explain my position on those charges owing to their impudence.

    I am however happy that this discussion has made you remorseful enough to censor your own comments in your earlier posts. At the same time I do appreciate your patience and endurance to post all my comments verbatim. That is one silver lining which makes me think twice about your integrity. I have very clear and solid answers in my mind to almost all the comments of your rebuttal but since that will only elongate further the spree of allegations and counter-allegations, I wish to restrict myself to only one important issue that clearly reflects contradictions in your claims.

    More than by your act of Omar bashing in almost every blog post, I was dejected largely by your endorsement of voting in favour of independent candidates during the assembly elections. You strongly believe that voting in favour of independent candidates would have turned the tide in favour of our spirit of freedom and you vehemently stand by your comments about that. I wish to draw your kind attention to the fact that you made this appeal of voting in favour of independents for the first time in your post dated 28.11.2008 titled, "Stop Omar Abdullah" when two phases of elections were already finished and last date for nominations for another four phases had also surpassed. Last date for nomination for the last seventh phase of elections was about to culminate in another 48 hours when you made that appeal. So under no circumstances was it possible at that time to motivate and subsequently nominate pro-freedom candidates as independents. Therefore obviously you wanted all Kashmiris to vote in favour of those independents who were all pro-Indian characterless stooges, whose only motivation for contesting elections was either money or power. It is no secret that many political parties had offered 3-4 lakhs for each independent candidate in order to cut down upon the vote-bank of their opponents (a reason that independent candidate from Zadibal constituency, Mr. Tanveer Sadiq has subtly but candidly accepted (leaving aside the money part) upon being accused of the same by none other than you Mr. Koshur). Given this scenario, no sane person would ever have expected from these independent candidates to further the agenda of pro-freedom groups in the state assembly. It would be blissful ignorance and self-deceipt to expect such independents many of whom were surrendered militants to raise the slogans of freedom of Kashmir in the constituent assembly. I wonder then what made you swing in favour of independents. Since the last date of nomination of candidates was already over when you made this appeal there was no way we could field selected freedom-loving candiates at that time. Then why should anybody have voted in their favour at the huge cost of rendering legitimacy to the farcical electioneering process of India and demeaning the self-esteem of Kashmiri nation by indirectly accepting Indian occupation through voting. This one point haunted me the most and consequently I couldn't stop commeting on it. Rest of the points raised by you hardly need any clarification owing to their presumptive nature. None of the points are based on grounds of logic and genuine reasoning. If you wish I can very well elaborate how.......

  2. Yes you are right in praising the courage of Tanvir Sadiq and more importantly I really admire tou for your honest opinion. But as a matter of fact how many people are there like you and Tanvir who openly speak thier mind and stick to there ideologies. Most of the people i talk to have such a hypocratic notion towards their ideas or logics that its hard to contemplate why there is so much of confusion and conflict of ideas within themseleves. They change thier opinions in seconds and are so unpredicatble. The need for the hour is to be not only honest with ourselelves but also be honest with our fellow citizens rather than criticizing people or ideas with a biased mind.

  3. Dear Koshure:
    You are sharely ploughing the sand. There is no point insisting upon voting in favour of independent candidates and writing volumes in support of this argument when the electioneering has already ended and there is no possibility of another election for the next six years unless present set up is pulled down by New Delhi. It would have been prudent though not much useful to my mind, to raise this demand much before separatist organizations appealed people to boycot the polls. What is the point in talking about this bygone issue at this juncture when new govt. is already in place.