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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Psyc-Ops: Introducing a third religion in the Kashmir Valley

Dear friends, I would like to apologise for my absence, but I had some important matters that needed attention. I appreciate the concern shown by many readers about my well being, and I would also like to assure that I am in good health and safe out of harms way. As of now, the Indians have no clue who I am and that is keeping me safe.

This post is going to be in continuation to my earlier post and will be full of grammatical and spelling mistakes; so please bear with me for a few days after which I will iron out the errors to make it easier to read.

What I would like to address on this post is the topic that I briefly touched on in my earlier post and that was my argument that the Indians are so desperate that they have resorted to cheap tricks to gain an upper hand in a conflict that they are clearly losing. They are doing this without regard to the long term repurcussions that their actions might have. By brazenly supporting and encouraging active evangelical missions in Kashmir, the Indians have clearly stooped to a new low to break the spirit of our freedom movement.

The reason this active prostylisation by evangelical Christians is mean-spirited and duplicitous is that they preach their religion in the guise of being non-government aid-workers. These devious people go to various villages around Kashmir with the active participation of Indian government officials and set up small centers where they assure the local villagers that they will be taught skills to improve their entrepreneurship skills and learn new crafts. Soon these deceitful evangelicals start by asking the villagers that it is customary to sing the Christian "lord's prayer" before each teaching session; which within a few weeks leads to them being bomabred with stories from the bible.

These villagers are warned that if they want to continue with the lessons, they have to keep saying the phase "praise the lord" every time they have a question to ask these crafty evangelical teachers. Soon they are also given an Urdu version of the bible to take home. They are advised to keep the book a secret and not to talk about it with other members of their families.

Many villagers that I spoke with also confessed that there is very little "new skills" that they learn in these centres and all it is a Christian conversion centers. How deceitful of these evangelicals and of the Indians to propogate this kind of dishonesty. Preying on poor people who want to learn a new skill and then propagate their religion this way smacks of evil that is incomprehensible.

The reaoson why propagating this kind of deception helps the indians is that it will divert the attention of KAshmiris who unitedly are fighting the Inidan occupation to infighting and civil war which will greatly help the Indian cause. They wnat to replicate what is happening in Israel and Iraq because the civil wars in those occupied territoreis takes the heat off the occupiers. In Iraw we saw how the sectarian war between Shia and Sunni, which was greatly encouraged by the US effectively took the fight between US and Iraqi fighters to a civil war between Iraqis themselves. In Palestine we saw how the infighting between Hamas and Fatah, which was orchestrated by the Israeli forces themselves, greatly helped them consolidate their occupation.

Similarly, India's attempts to foster hatred between Shias and Sunnis of KAshmir have been met with miserable failures all through the years. They tried to replicate what is happening in Iraq because that would take the heat off the Indian occupation forces here as the Kashmiris would be busy killing each other - so they reasoned; thank God they were proven wrong.

Considering the world sceanrio at the moment, Indias intelligence community, who are increasngly being Israel's lackeys in world affairs, and are their biggest arms purchasers, have been getting advise from them about how to deal with the Kashmir-thorn-on-their-side. It appears that Israel have given them this ill-advise of actively propagting the Christian evangelcials so that any response from Kashmiris would have the desired anti-muslim affect in the western nations, who have been warming up to the idea of an independent Kashmir lately.

A civil war in Kashmir is what India desires in Kashmir and with Israel at their side, it seems that they will leave no stone unturened in their wish of turning Kashmir into a hell.


Psyc-Ops: Exposing India's Psychological Warfare in Kashmir

This post is going to ruffle more than a few feathers in the Indian intelligentsia as it attempts to expose their hitherto classified techniques used in Kashmir. The context of this topic is the much used technique of "Psyc-Ops" (short for Psychological Operations); a warfare technique used against the enemy to break their will and to gain the upper hand in a conflict.

I came to know about these Psyc-Ops used by the Indians through my research work and by speaking with reliable sources. The objective of these operations is very simple - to take away the main reason of Kashmir's quest for freedom: our identity. The main focus areas that the Indian Inteligentsia seem to be targetting are the areas of rewriting our ancient history; undermining our language and culture; and introducing a third religion in the valley.

I have written briefly about our history of the beginning of foreign occupation of Kashmir in my last post. Here, I will try to elaborate on how the Indians would benefit by rewriting our history to suit their wider agenda of portraying Kashmir as being part of the ancient Indian cultural mosaic. There is no smoking gun or irrefutable source of Kashmir's history that proves we were ever part of any Indian Kingdom in ancient times. Many of these claims are based on a book called "Rajatarangini". This book was written sometime around 1150 AD by an author called Kalhana. Although the book is a good "story" book, it would be very unscientific and naive of us to base our whole understanding of Kashmir's past on this work of fiction. Rajatarangini is a work of fiction because it has the following explanation for Kashmir's early geological origins; "...the valley was once a big lake (Sati Sar) which was drained by Kashyapa after killing the Demon Jalodbhava who was guarding its outlet in Baramulla...". We can either believe in ghosts and demons and believe that Kashmir was part of some ancient Indian Kingdom; or we can look for scientific proof, which sadly this book does not provide.

The Indians cannot take certain paragraphs which suit their arguments, to prove a scientific point, while disregarding others, such as the sentence above - which proves the book is a work of fiction. That is exactly what the Indians are doing. To base their entire arguments that Kashmir was part of the empires of their ancient rulers will certainly need more proof than mere mentions in works of fiction of the past.

There are no temples or old ruins in the valley that remotely refer to any of the old rulers of India. If Kashmir was ever a part of Chandragupta's or Asoka's empire, then there would have been artifacts or old temples, palaces or monuments bearing thier names. There are none; and this alone proves that these rulers were never able to pass the harsh mountain ranges that separate the Valley from the southern plains.

It suits the Indians to propagate this idea of a cultural mingling of Kashmir with the rest of India. That reinforces their argument that Kashmir was within the Indian sphere of influence for most of its history. Fortunately, this is a figment of their imagination and there is no smoking gun to prove any of their claims.

If the Indians were only trying to re-invent our history for us to suit their malicious designs, it would have been easier for us to battle them just on that front; but sadly, they have to open multiple fronts for imposing their culture upon us. This is where their well thought plan to undermine our language comes in. This area is well thought out as it is the most potent and recognisable trait of a different culture. If they can succeed in killing our language, then 75% of their battle has already been won. Sadly it is in this sphere where they have had some success. I have talked about this in my previous post as well and there is no better example of India's Psyc-ops than the exclusion of Kashmiri language teaching in our schools.

The Indian strategy is very subtle and unimposing in its demeanour. They will always claim that it is the Kashmir board of education that is responsible for implementing the school curriculum. However, this is where their plan comes in which they have perfected in 60 years to avoid detection. A few carefully placed henchmen in the ministry of education did their job for the. Piece of cake for the intelligence agencies to pull off. The plan is that should they have imposed Hindi or any other language, it would have been percieved as being Hindu domination and raised flags, so this is where the ingenious plan kicks in. Their motive is to kill the Kashmiri language; they could care less what replaces it.

They thought that should Kashmiris lose their langauge, there will be very little difference between the wider muslims of India and the Kashmiris. Even now this is their main argument, that should KAshmir declare independence, the muslims in India should follow suit and move to Pakistan. Their argument, therefore would be that there is no difference between Indian muslims and the muslims of Kashmir. They would gradually erode all our separate identity that sets us apart from other people of the subcontinent.

If the mean-spirited attitude of the Indian agencies is not evident from the previous points, their moves to introduce a third religion in the valley just goes to show their desperateness. It is no secrect about the full-fledged support of the Indian governemtn to fully fund and support evangelical Christian missionaries in KAshmir. It is also known that Hinduism is not much geared towards accepting converts, so the intelligence agencies innovate, and invite foreign evangelical christians to do their dirty job for them.

to be continued.....


400 Year Old Freedom Struggle

It is said that Habba Khatoon, the peasant-Queen and the beloved of the last Kashmiri king, Yousuf Shah Chak, used to wander around Kashmir in memory of her captured husband. Her poetry mourns the loss of her beloved king, and of Kashmir to foreigners and has always sowed the seeds of revolt here.

It took the mighty Mughal army four attempts and thirty years before they could conquer us; and even then they only succeeded because of deceit, lies and trickery. Ever since that fate-ful day in 1587, when the Mughlas finally defeated our army, and entered Kashmir, we have never smelled the fresh air of freedom again. Our nation has been plundered by foreign rulers ever since.

After the Mughals were weakened, we bore the brunt of the Afghan Durani rule, whose governers subjected us to unmentionable cruelties. We suffered under them for 67 long years.

The Sikh rule that followed only made things worse as they treated us more like cattle. Forced labour and unreasonable taxes were the norm. Two European travellers, Moorcroft and Hugel, who visited Kashmir at different times during this period, corroborate our claim, and vividly describe the state of our miseries then. Moorcroft describes how Kashmiris were tied up like slaves and taken for forced labour. Anyone disagreeing would have their throats slit and left on the side of the road. Their rule resulted in Kashmiri muslims deserting their homes and moving to other countries. Moorcroft estimated in his account that in some villages, more than two thirds of the inhabitants had left Kashmir to escape the tyranny of the Sikhs.

The Dogra rule that immediately followed only made things worse as it was the same tyranny perpetrated by different rulers. Kashmiri muslims, who ruled this nation, and were proud owners of lands, who worked side by side with their brothers and sisters of other religions, were reduced to a pitiful state of misery. We were forced to become labourers of our own lands that we once ruled, slaves of our foreign rulers, and beggars once everything we owned was taken by the Dogra rulers as taxes.

If the Dogra rule was not brutal enough, we were made to witness a cruel irony of fate. When we were about to taste the sweetness of freedom after three centuries of seeing our nation being plundered again and again, the Indians had to take it away from us. The Indians, claiming to profess to democracy, arrested our newly elected Prime Minister and so began their oppressive rule in which they have killed 200,000 Kashmiris and tortured tens of thousands more. They have been responsible for killing thousands of Kashmiris whose bodies were recovered from mass graves; and still thousands more remain missing. They continue to subject us to the most unspeakable attrocities everyday. Some claim that the Afghan rule in Kashmir was the darkest in our history, I contend it has to be the Indian rule. Nothing even compares to these cruelties that they perpetrated on us.

This saga of foreign rule continues to this day, and after 400 years of subjugation, we are at a point in history where our united voices may end this spell; we can stand united and say no to foreign rule. We cannot go back in history and repel the invasion of the Mughal, the Afghan, the Sikh, the Dogra or the Indian & Pakistani armies; however we can in our hearts keep the flame of freedom burning. It is the legacy of our brave Kashmiri soldiers who fought the mighty Mughal armies and defeated them three times. It is a testament to the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris who bore the tyrannies inflicted upon them by foreign rulers, and yet passed on the tales of the grandeur of a free Kashmir to the next generation.

They may think they rule us, but they do not rule Kashmir.

Defending my integrity

Note: this post has been temporarily saved here.
This is the discussion that I had with Tanvir Sadiq and Kashmir Crisis (click here to visit the main discussion) on my opposing Omar Abdullah.

@kashmir crisis. here is a point by point rebuttal of your accusations:  

-I praised Omar after reading his views on his blog. He seemed straightforward at the time and willing to listen to his opponents by posting their views on his blog. At the time, Omar had the courage to speak his mind and listen to his opponents. This is similar to me praising Tanvir Sadiq at this time for having the courage for being different from the pack and making his views known. 99% of the Kashmiri bloggers are pro-freedom, being Tanvir Sadiq would require a lot of courage to speak his un-popular views freely. It is that courage that I respect in Tanvir Sadiq, and USED to like in Omar Abdullah.  

-You point out that I praised Omar after he stopped blogging. Timing is irrelevant. Maybe it was the same day I went to his blog and realized he had stopped. Praising an adversary for his courage is not psychophancy. Also, calling it as it is now is not mudslinging. In hindsight, omar showed poor judgement in quitting his blog. At that very moment I wrote what I felt was accurate.  
-I will not discuss omar's family anymore, I have already acknowledged my poor judgement when I did so before in my earlier posts.  

-the wealth of information on omar's blog was indeed priceless. Altogether there were about a thousand posts from people having varied political views raning from pro-pakistan, pro-independence as well as pro-autonomy and pro-india. why would you have an objection to me praising that?  

-you contend that i was out there seeking a mandate from Omar! this view is so laughable that i am hard pressed for words to respond to this bizzare theory. For one, how would my 'psychophancy' on an anonymous blog, with an anonymous name have any bearing on omar's decision on giving me a mandate?  

-you list the dates that I praised omar for his blog and then when i started the mudslinging. But then conveniently skip through the posts where i have written about the amarnath agitations, my visit to the villages where conversions are taking place or the fact that omar starting talking about 'indian machinations'. I pointed out that it was a 'typical' politician about face that omar is talking about india when he is an MP. These events had a profound impact on my view of the Kashmir issue and i have mentioned many times that changing my views makes me a pragmatist and not a flip-flopper. I am open to learning and so should every logical person.  

-you mention that small kids in kashmir will be able to tell me about the abdullah family treachory in kashmir. To that i have to say that i am not a small kid. I refuse to be indoctrinated by popular slogans.  

-omar abdullah was a nobody until recently. I had better topics to write about earlier and that is why there are no posts agaisnt him since i started my blog.  

-your writings sadly give me the impression that you want the status quo in kashmir to last for ever. we have to challenge the facts being forced down our throats by being pro-active. voting for independent candidates would have changed the rules of the game. Any one with an open mind can see through what a brilliant strategy this would have been for the separatists. And only people who like to shout others down can oppose this.  

-in your latest posts you seem to reveal your true mindset. By calling Tanvir Sadiq a failure, you seem to relish the fact that his is a minority voice on the net. I having said it before and i will say it now, I respect Tanvir's courage to speak his mind on his blog. Even though I absolutely and totally disagree with his political views, I salute him for having the courage to bring forth his views unlike all the rest of us who are using pseudo names and anonymous posts.  

finally i would like to add that your last few posts on Tanvir sadiq's blog really opened my eyes. sometimes i really get worried that what if we finally were independent and people with similar mindset such as yours are in a position of power. what would the fate of minorities and pro-indian populace be? would you similarly curtail their freedom and ostracize them? this scenario has to change and i hope i am wrong. I will be the first to voice my opposition in that case.  

@tanvir sadiq I have said that i respect your courage to speak your unpopular views on the internet. But that doesnt mean that i will let you go easily or that i will not be harshly critical of you and try to convince you to switch sided and join the separatist camp.  

Here is the dilemma though. If you should make the informed decision of joining the separatist camp, people like kashmir crisis will be shouting from the rooftops that you are a turncoat, and opportunist, and a chameleon. Therefore, who is doing more disservice to the movement? It is sadly people such as kashmir crisis. It is because of people such as him that the freedom movementt in kashmir is stagnated. we need fresh ideas, and an open mind.  

readers of your blog will liek to knwo that my online interaction with Tanvir sadiq began three years ago when i read his article in greater kashmir. What began with me writing a scathing email to him using adjectives not very different than what i has used for omar, or for that matter what 'kashmir crisis' used to describe him currently - i only used worse. surprisingly, his reply to me was measured and very polite, which thus earned him my respect. I have no qualms in acknowledging that there are knowledgeable and sound minds on both sides of the political spectrum in kashmir. what we are having here is an interaction of ideas and coming to know each other.  

if we leave it to people such as 'kashmir crisis' we would sadly keep the cycle of violence, mistrust, and suspicion going for ever. we need a medium for making our views known without being called names or being shouted down.The internet and blogs are such a medium. I am guilty of calling names when it comes ot omar abdullah for sure, but i acknowlegde my mistakes and move on.  

with this long-winded post, I would like to add that please do not stop blogging Mr Tanvir; your pro autonomy, and pro-indian political views are unpopular, misguided and speaking plainly - wrong. I do not agree with your views but I will stand by you and fight for your right to speak about them.