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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Analysing Kashmir's merger with Pakistan

It might seem that my diatribe against a possible choice of Kashmiris to opt for joining Pakistan has been going on for ever. But the end is in sight and I will try my best to conclude this section today. This must come as a welcome news for Pakistan lovers who might be judging my posts as being one sided and unfairly harsh against Pakistan. But please take my word that when I talk about the other two options of either being Independent or joining India, I will be just as critical, if not even more.

We have to be ready to face the consequences of our collective decision, whatever that may be, after the results of the referendum have been declared. Of all the negative scenarios, the option of merging with Pakistan worries me the most. Pakistan had the potential of becoming a role model for all the muslims of the subcontinent; however I would be forgiven to remind us that sadly it has failed all Muslims who sacrificed everything so Pakistan could be brought into existence. Therefore it is upto us Kashmiris to stand up to the podium now and be a role model for the rest of the Muslim states and I am certain we can accomplish what Afghanistan and Pakistan sadly failed to achieve.

As Kashmiris, we have all the ingredients of becoming a successful nation: an intelligent people, good natural resources, and a tourism industry that we can fall back on. Our history might not be as clean as we would have wished for in terms of religious tolerance; however, we fare much better compared to other nations whose histories make grown men cry. Inspite of these differences, these nations have set aside their differences and cooperated to make a success out of their countries. Similarly, as an independent nation, Kashmiris of all relgions and all different sects of Islam would come together and work for its prosperity; what will bind us is our love of Kashmir. We must not let even a shred of religious intolerance creep into our society. Sadly, I do not see that happening should we opt to join Pakistan. As I mentioned earlier, Srinagar is growing in size and very soon we could be compared to large cities such as Karachi or Lahore or even Islamabad.

A big city the size of Karachi would bring with it all the inherent problems that these big cities have to face. Foreign intelligence agents, posing as religious fanatics, and who most often are funded by Israel to sow the seed of discord between religions and between different sects, would make Srinagar their next target to destabilize this region. We will inherit all the problems that come along with being a large city. It might be in Srinagar that I foresee these mischief-makers preaching their doctrine of hate against religious minorites, since rural people are loath to be receptive to these ideals.

Leaving aside religious intolerances that might creep in as a result of us inheriting it from Pakistan, what we should also focus is the effect a merger with Pakistan will have on our economy. Although, for once I am very optimistic in this case. This because Pakistan would open up the whole middle-east to our products. Many point out that it would easier to do business with fellow-muslims than it is to do with Hindus down south. I am not so sure about this reasoning, however, I am convinced that the markets of the middle east would definitely boost our economy which would benefit from lower shipping costs to the rich markets of the whole gulf region. Although this might sound somewhat bigoted, but at some level, Kashmiris on the whole would find it easier working with Pakistanis than they are with Indians. My aim in this blog is to write the truth and I feel this is in fact the truth, although it might not be a very good thing to write about. In the past, this might not have been the case, but the recent events has made Kashmiris very suspicious of Indians and that would be the reason that Kashmiris would find it easier to work with Pakistanis , should it require for us to work together on a project or for commerce.

The preceeding was a rare note of optimism in regards to us joining Pakistan, however, this optimistic view is quickly overshadowed when we consider the affect on our state-subject laws. Would a merger with Pakistan leave us vulnerable to a literal invasion by wealthy "jagirdars" and land tycoons of the Punjab, who will simply offer inflated prices to the rural folk of Kashmir for our agriculture lands. This scenario is very worrisome since after a decision from the plebiscite, and should we opt to join Pakistan, their laws would apply here and according to their laws, there is no land to the tiller act that would protect the farmers. The land-reforms covenant introduced by Sheikh Abdullah in the 1950's will cease to exist. There will be no protection that the article 370 provided us. In that regard, we would certainly find ourselves in a unique position where our Kashmiri identity would be endangered. Ofcourse this analyses takes into account the worst case scenario, and it is quite possible that the Pakistanis would offer some sort of protection should we raise this issue after the plebiscite, however my goal in this post is to present my views on what we could be facing in the future.

We have every reason to be suspicious of Pakistan's intentions. Their political maturity leaves a lot to be desired, and I am not very confident about their steadfastness as a country that would keep their word to Kashmir if we even considered joining them on certain pre-conditions. This suspicion comes from the recent events about the Muzaffarabad road, and yet does anyone know what Pakistan's stand is on the issue of opening the road? I was confided by a very reliable source that during the recent all party meeting held in Pakistan, the issue of opening the Muzaffarabad road came up and the Indian side was in fact ready to discuss the formalities that would have to be fulfilled for making the road available for travelling between the two sides of Kashmir. I was speechless when I was informed that the Pakistani side was adamantly opposed to this idea. More so were the members representing the AJK goverrnment. I am lost for words to comment on such a travesty, if this news is accurate.

After 38 precious Kashmiri lives are lost over this barrier, and then finally we come to know that it's the other side that is unwilling to open their side of the Muzaffarabad road. I will post again to confirm whether this story is accurate but this is from a very reliable source.

It is with this note that I leave for readers to decide whether joining Pakistan would be a good option for us. Needless to say that I have probably only scratched the surface of this proposal. I am looking forward for this to generate a debate where others readers would add more points to this scenario which I must have overlooked or rectify some of my conclusions.

Next I will discuss the issues that we might face should a majority of us opt for remaining and independent nation: and as far as I can tell a majority of Kashmiris, infact, would definitely go this route.

Please check back later tonight or tomorrow....


  1. We really like the way u put forward ur own point of view. Itz a big deal for anyƶne to go against a popular opinion and rightly put by u, we should first learn about everything and then frame a view. Blind faith is not always gud. Every kashmiri should be quite clear about the facts and should be able 2 back his or her claim for an INDEPENDENT kashmir. This is just a delusion that we cant b self reliant,we will show to the world wen the time comes.
    N plz dnt allow anti Islamic comments. We dnt want nyone to depopularize ur blog n which u hav workd so hard.
    Thanks for posting our blog, we dnt knw wen it wil be searched by the search engines. Lack of tech knowledge....Cnt help much
    u take care n Allah Bless us all

  2. There is no way that Pakistan/India would let us be an independent country unless the International community sends in a peace keeping force....so under the current circumstances...we have no choice but to reach out to the international community.....Only then can we come out into the open and not be scared of either India or Pakistan. No country wants to loose territory and to say India or Pakistan would part with their respective territories is simply dreaming with no practical effects on the ground.

    Our only hope is the UN and the international community.

  3. Our emotions are charged this time --but we have to use Hikmah (intelligence and best of option)
    This is a long fight------ we have our past behind ------In 90s we had seen same situation--and also before many times----So it is the responsibility of leadership to follow the path of Hikmah----This is 21st century. People’s demands and difficulties in day-to-day life have increased. The main motive is how to sustain it. In no case we should compromise on education of our children. Always consider--- your opponent is clever, they know how to drag on. The leadership has to carry every body along with--- who so ever he was? It was element with in than without-- which sabotaged the past movements.

  4. @Doctors of Kashmir.

    Thankyou very much. I am very encouraged when you mention that you read my blog. I try my best to stay objective and focus on the topic at hand.

    thankyou for the suggestions. I will defnitely heed them.

    Wasalam and duas

  5. Chinaar. Absolutely true. but would the presence of foreign troops not invite (you know who) and then ours will be a similar fate like Afghanistan?

  6. Chinaar, nobody will fight without expecting something in return. And if lives are lost, something HUGE will be the return. That may cause the Kashmiris to be enslaved under agreements for a VERY long time.

    As a Hindu, I have deep respect for many religions in the world, including Islam and Christianity.

    It is dissapointing and disheartening to see people from my religion/lifestyle coerced to convert to other religions/lifestyles. We connect and find comfort in "our God" just as any other religion does.

    I believe in humanity above all and as a resident of our beautiful planet and as an Indian Hindu, I humbly ask the Muslim community to look into its population dynamics.

    On a ratio-to-ratio basis, Muslims are the fastest growing community in India. For example, if 2/10 Indians are Muslim, and 7/10 Hindu, twenty years later, at a constant religion-ratio-rate, 2/10 would *still* be Muslim and 7/10 would *still* be Hindu. That's not the case.

    Is it not our right as Indians to remain a Hindu dominant country? Hinduism is dominant in *only* two countries (India & Nepal) throughout the world whereas Islam & Christianity cover many more countries. If the religion-ratio rate continues as it is, I fear that today Kashmir will be given away, tomorrow Gujrat, then Punjab, etc.

    You're an excellent writer (read some of yours posts) and appreciate the sincerity and fairness with which you approach your topics. I would appreciate a resopnse from you.


    Thank you,
    Ritika :)

  7. @Koshur,

    No not like Afghanistan but more like Kosovo,Bosnia or something similar to the presence of American troops in Germany or Italy or UK. They just stay within their bases and only come out if their is a threat to the territory around.The incentive for them is to stay within striking distance of China/Russia.

  8. All of u don't even think of separating Kashmir form India. If you want you can all go join Pak. Kashmir will remain an integral part of India for ever.

  9. The people living in India (which includes Kashmir as well) cannot ask for any Independence as the Country is greater than people. So, all those who want independence read your history dating back 1500 years and not 500 years.

  10. All those who want independence read the history for 1500 years and not 500 years. None of you are greater than this great nation INDIA.

  11. To comments above --Dont live in delusion-- see what happened to great soviet union and east europe- dont live in false national prestige.You are bound to disentgrate because your belief is falsehood.

  12. You guys talk flippantly about separation or even merging with pakistan. what makes you think you the right to such desire?

    pakistan has proved beyond doubt that it is a terrorist nation and after waging a jihadi war killing and raping people of Kashmir, they seem to have successfully dumped all the blame on India. you should be ashamed for falling for that crap.

    as to kashmir being independent - what assurance do you have that pakistan will not assimilate you? already we have heard the traitor and human scumbag geelani declare that being kashmir is pakistan because all are muslims! is that what you guys represent? what response do you have for the hindus who have been systematically harassed and killed? they don't have rights?

    anyone who talks about separation from India, whether for independence or merger with pakistan, should get some basic lessons in morality, integrity and loyalty.

  13. Well if you don't like staying in India. You all might as well leave. I am sure your paki friends can make space for you in NWFP or Baluchistan :)

  14. good decision to say you want independence for kashmir because you are a very educated person and reasonable. In your selfishness you conveniently forget to remind the international community that kashmiris allowed and even supported the ethnic cleansing of the kashmiri pandits who are part of kashmir.How many people in kashmir want them to take part in referendum. You want to follow true democracy in kashmir then why not give the rights of kashmiri pandits back. Why are their land and houses not voluntarily returned to them by the people of kashmir? Why they are not protected by fellow majority muslim kashmiris? Why do you not remind international community that the state is whole of jammu and kashmir and youself asking only for kashmir is dissidence and not independence. India made a blunder to allow Pakistan to be created on basis of religion and both countries saw worst communal riots in the world history. An unstable state of pakistan is most of the time under military dictators creating terror outfits striking the whole world and itself.Another partition of India based only on religion with repeat history again. A giant country on fire will not be in the interest of the future of even an indepedent islamic kashmir.Have you ever thought why the worlds largest muslim population in India has happily stayed in India and not cried for independence? Whatever may be your opinion, muslims have prospered in democratic India and reached up to be top notch missile scientist and president of secular India.Fulfilling the aspiration in India is always possible but only when you and your like narrow minded brethren practice humanity than just preaching it. Just learn the first lesson of humanity, love thy neighbour, extend love to your neighbers "the kashmiri pandits".Just convince the other regions of Jammu and kashmir ; why ladakh and jammu are happy with same secular india while you want to secede, only because you are muslim majority region. I AM PROUD INDIAN MUSLIM WHO HAS EXCELLED IN LIFE WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION FROM THE MAJORITY HINDUS.DO NOT HATE A HINDU MAJORITY STATE AS HINDUISM IS NOT THE ONLY RELIGION IN INDIA.OUR POPULATION IS MILLION TIMES GREATER THAN THAT IN KASHMIR VALLEY AND WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO LIVE AND DIE FOR INDIA. LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF AND SEE HOW MUCH IS THE DEMAND FOR INDEPENDENCE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED BY THE FAILED ISLAMIC STATE IDEOLOGY. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU.INSHALLAH. AAMEEN.

  15. First of all get your facts right - In 1947 the Indian Army was not an army of occupation (Read an excellent book by ur ex-guv LK Sinha). The Indian army were mere 1000 men saved Srinagar from a large tribesmen force from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Baramula had been raped pillaged and destroyed by these mercenaries. How this army of peace turned into an army of occupation? this is becoz u Kashmiris decided that you dnt want India in 1987. It was not India but Kashmir who decided to seperate - just like an angry teenaged son not knowing whats best for him. Stop living in adoloscence and grow up. Indians have nothin against Kashmiris and it is best for you to stay away from "Islamic countries". Everyone knws that once their oil goes they are history

  16. To the comment of so called Indian Muslim-----Just worry about yourself--don’t bother for us--We all know condition of Muslims of India-now you will say- that Muslim became this and that.—We know Muslims are being pleased by giving them some publicity posts. Just tell me percentage of Muslim peons. Just few days ago a leading actress of bolly wood –who has a Muslim name spoke about the discrimination against Muslims.

  17. This Indian muslim seems to be a person living in Utopia.When some day they'll throw burning tyre on him and rape his women folk which they did In Gujrat and Kashmir,Bihar etc.Then may be he will understand the real farce of Indian democracy and secularism.Kashmiri Hindus left Kashmir as India wanted to clean Kashmir from Muslims so that tommorrow it can resettle them back along with other Indian Hindus.Since 1989 lakhs of Kashmiri Muslims have been matyred,there are countless unknown graves,Women were raped in front of their fathers and children.Old men women were beaten tio pulp.2 month old child was shot at point blank range along with his mother in Batmaloo some yrs back.Their fault was that they were Muslims and wanted Freedom from India.Status as was on 21 oct.1947.India has changed the name of Kashmir as J&K.Its orinal name is Kashmir which includes Jammu and Ladakh as well along with Pakistan occupied part as well.
    This ex Gen sinha is a communal person.He tried to run a state under a state.His book has no value.His character is disputed not only in Kashmir but in assam where He served as Govornor.

  18. This is for all those who say INDIA IS GREAT


  20. To all those who got the identity in the name of religions do not understand, religion is a way of self discipline for the good and guidance of people, but here I find lots of them with ignorance and living on here says, merely based on Pakistan propaganda. I can 100% say that there is no discrimination of any religion. there are a hand full narrow minded people who show bias based on religion even in parts of India, but 95% of Indian Hindus are secular and see the fellow countrymen as their brethren. I see here it is full of narrow minded people spewing hatred only with the only common factor as religion and cannot think beyond religion. Pakistan is using religion and lies to spread hatred, while the facts are different. Anybody whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian who go against the custom, will be treated such, but only Muslims add masala to this and takes it to a different religious angle. If there is an assurance that there will be a stop of flow of militants to Kashmir, you will not find the flood of Army in Kashmir. Our Kashmiri brethren complicated the situation living in a false perception that Pakistan being a muslim country will be a heaven for them will understand their real color, but then it will be too late. It is like a teenage guy seeking freedom from the parents to freak out once grown up, without looking at all the aspects. We as Indians are taught to treat all religions with love and respect and whoever I interacted in this 40 years of my life have reciprocated with the same values and love. Take out the religion cover and think as a human being to decide for yourself, Kashmir and for your future generation. It is only in your span of life time your identity of a muslim exists, for ALLAH cannot differentiate people based on religion and whether a Hindu prays (I do pray Shiva, Ram, Allah and Jesus) or a Muslim prays, it will be heard by the same Allah.

  21. Dr. Waleed,

    Indian muslim is saying something from his experience, the same way you may have had bad experience. 120 Plus million Muslims in India which is equal to Pakistan are living in harmony. There have been communal riots, but can you say, within Pakistan being a Muslim country, it is more within the sects than in India between communities. Try to explore other parts of India, with love of others and you will see love flowing, not guns like in Pakistan.

  22. Quebec's been asking for independence from Canada. Obviously, the referendum failed a few years back. If Kashmir is to gain independence, then a referndum in the Indian Parliament would have to pass.