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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


A wrong can never be eternal

A wrong can never be eternal

A wise man once said that "Whatever is right can never be impossible; whatever is wrong can never be eternal." This phrase so fittingly describes the quagmire that Kashmiris see themselves in for the past sixty years.

I have been trying to analyse with my limited means, the possible outcomes that we should expect should Kashmiris be granted their wish of holding a referendum. In this section I would like to talk about my favourite option: should a majority of Kashmiris choose to remain independent.

As has been rightly pointed out by many, our biggest challenge would be securing our borders. We would be watching four different fronts, bordering four different countries.

Will continue later.....


  1. I got access to your blog thru some other kashmir blog. U guys can actually bring forward to the world the actual situation on the ground, as it is u who deal with any eventuality in the end. I hav been to kashmir as part of a European trekking team,and i have interacted with locals, i feel all they want is a referendum under UN supervision and that shouldn't be a problem for India. International media has a role to play and i think they are trying their level best.
    August 22, 2008 11:32 AM
    Anonymous said...

    Hi I really find your comments interesting and I felt I should add something to your blog based on my little knowledge:
    1. India drained away your water and Electricity:
    Bro! India signed Indus treaty as a good will gesture for Pakistan as it cried for fear that India can block water leading to drought in Pakistan. This was a big blunder as Indian Govt. Always try to act like a big brother or some philanthropist screwing its own people and interests badly.But at the same time India provided a good chunk of share for the J&K State electricity requirement through Northern Grid. Now the question is why there is electricity shortage in the valley. Tell me sincerely how many people in the valley pay electricity bill and those who do, how many actually pay what they consume. How many people are sincere in reporting electricity thefts.You are wise to think over it...

    2. India is eating away share of tourism.

    Let me make it clear after 1988 there was almost no tourism.It is Indian govt. and Indian Tourism industry promoting tourism in the valley.Without it Valley is going to succumb.I was at Dal Lake some years back and I heard people talking about the miseries current tehreek has brought for the localities (I do not say they oppose it, just that they are fed up). India is itself a trillion dollar economy and in 4o years (1948 1988) Kashmir never generated revenue worth 100,000 crores (Yes that is the money spent on state of J&K in various ways). Think!!!

    Even today Indian trucks are carrying rice/vegetables and so much of stuff to Kashmir and so many facilities are provided which virtually all other states lack. The feeling of security Indian establishment has provided (through Article 370), no one even Valley favorite Pakistan (Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan!! Lashmir banega Pakistan) would not provide (Check the ethnic Demography of Azad Kashmir which in fact is not even real Kashmir).So please do not say that Indian establishment was supported by Kashmir tourism money.

    Current turmoil in Kashmir

    I do not support India atrocities on Kashmiries (Kashmiri muslims) and neither I supported atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits by the muslims in the valley.

    I understand that muslims in the valley never got the correct representation in the assembly (rigged elections and all stuff..) but why elections were rigged... I do not know the real reason, but I believe they were rigged because each of the Kashmiri muslim wanted to join pakistan and no one was interested in working for the people of the region within Indian union. So these puppets were pampered and used in the valley.Had once kashmiris showed that they want to develop and join the mainstream, kashmir would have been different today!! No country in the world would tolerate secession of territory and that too country like India which is in itself mixture of almost all religions if the world, never....

    There is much more I want to write but am just short of time and words...

    I am sorry for what you all in Kashmir have faced and what you all are facing...but at the same time just once feel sorry about the Pandits who were burnt alive, killed and tortured by the next door neighbors who changed within a night from friends to foes.

    Just feel sorry about the people who were killed when they were told to leave and they refused and then killed while hiding in the rice drum infront of family.(My uncle was killed like this)Just feel sorry about kashmiri opandit women who were raped by the same people who used to call them sister.

    There will be lot of exceptions to this, but still Kashmiri pandits were wiped out just because they did not support slogans in favor of Pakistan.

    God bless you!!!

    Anonymous because I do not Blog [:)]

  2. Kasmir is Of Kashmiri Pandits....And it is off India only