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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


When they come for you.

Perhaps some of you must have already guessed the reason why I prefer not using my real identity when writing for this blog, while others must still be wondering what could be the reason behind my decision. The reason why I feel it is unadvisable to post using my real name is simple - fear for my safety. Fear that my family or I might be harmed in some way. The Indian intelligentsia is taking lessons from their new-found buddy: Israel, and everyone in the world knows the infamy of Israelis in dealing with their critics; somehow they all mysteriously tend to die in carbombs. Therefore, I dread that should my real identity somehow become known, I would become part of the statistics of missing persons in Kashmir. More so, I fear what an effect that will have on my family. If you think this scenario is far-fetched, then you are not aware of an organisation called the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons, or APDP. Those young people, whose whereabouts are unknown, probably did not toe the line that the colonial masters in Delhi want us to follow, therefore they are part of the most horrific statistics to be part of in Kashmir: the statistics of missing persons. This misfortune is even worse for the families of these brave persons, because they cannot get a decent closure for their profound loss since they are unsure whether their loved ones are presently being tortured in some interrogation center or whether they have already been killed by these paramilitary captors and buried in some of the unmarked mass graves that are being regularly discovered in the valley. Such is the fear in Kashmir of messing with the Indian paramilitary forces, that people like myself wake up every morning and wonder whether we should really be doing this. Whether all this is really worth risking my safety and the wellbeing of my family.

Some mornings I wake up and feel that I should delete every single word on here and just stop writing about the horrors that India is subjecting Kashmiris to. But then, I would be no better than sheep who blindly follow their masters in the direction they point to. Then I realize what I talked about in my earlier post, that this period is in fact the beginning of the end of the darkest period of Kashmir's history. It is the time when we all stand up and say enough is enough. We all have a part to play in this last stage of darkest period in Kashmir's history. We all have our own duty toward Kashmir and it is upto us to perform that. And it is upto us to figure out what our duty is toward Kashmir. No one else but you yourself know how you can contribute to the prosperity of our beloved Kashmir. I found out what my motherland wants me to be doing and hence this blog. Everyone has their work cut out for them by our motherland; you just have to figure out what that is. But do so in a smart way and keep safe; keep one step ahead of the Israeli trained Indian colonisers - enough precious blood of innocent Kashmiris has been drawn by the Indian paramilitary forces.

In a real democracy, I should'nt have to worry that my writing would upset the powers that be. Some commenter pointed out quite accurately the other day that in reality, the Indian democracy is just a facade. Underneath lay the real demon of fanaticism and fundamentalism that is intolerant of dissenting voices. I do not have to prove these allegations; the facts speak for themselves. With more than 5000 missing persons, a thousand unmarked graves discovered, and countless other undiscovered ones, why would anyone still doubt the undemocratic nature of Indian rule? This is my take on India's so-called democracy, today, on their Independence Day.

Click on the following sites to learn learn more about the mass graves and APDP:
1. Resolution by the EU parliament regarding mass graves in Kashmir.
2. Amnesty International report about the mass graves of Kashmir.
3. Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) website
4. Press-release by European Parliament regarding mass-graves in Kashmir.


  1. Bro..

    A good idea to ensure safety for yourself would be to put the sites of all bloggers at the top of your site...this would ensure that u r not the only one writing against the evil Indians and therefore the Indian security agencies won't single u out....as people seldom go down to the bottom of a bloggers page where u have kept the names of other websites.

    May Allah protect you


  2. thankyou brother. thankyou for your kind words. i will try to bring the link of the other sites to the top. i have to figure out a way to do that. inshallah tomorrow.

  3. Salaam Aleikum
    This is absolute bullshit and plain rumour mongering. I have my own shop in Nawa kadal and as true Kashmiri am saying that much of what's written by this author is false. Agreed there have been some excessess but to potray them as the author has done is absolutely nothing short of rumouring and incitement.

  4. Nawakadal,
    what part of my post is rumours and what part is incitement?

    I have provided the link to the APDP site as well as the mass graves site. (just click where it says APDP or mass graves, it will take you to those sits) these sites are a reliable source and not propaganda.

    so again why is what i mentioned spreading rumours? should i not be afraid for my safety?

  5. Asalamualykum Koshur, I do not think you should lower the level of your site. Instead you should do special Dua' and ask for help from Allah. Dua' is the greatest weapon for believers. Your site is being viewed firs. If you lower it down, people may not look at it. I think we are failing because we either only concentrate on Tadbeer or only on Dua'. I think we need to do Dua' as well as Tadbeer to gain our independence from India. ajaztam@hotmail.com..

  6. @ Nawakadal

    Also check the European Parliaments website for Kashmir mass graves.

    There is not even a minuscule iota of any rumours in Koshurs writings, He is writing the truth.

    I am also from Nawakadal and this person is lying and most likely is an Indian.


  7. Dear shopkeeper in Nawakadal n true Kashmiri. What is rumor in this blog? i wonder being in Nawakadal you should be the one having most consensus with every line of this write-up ..i am also living around this area .. i still remember 10s of custodial killings during operation tiger and disappearances just from Aram Pora to Nawakadal & Nawa Bazaar, one the famous .. Triple custodial murder case is famous throughout globe. i wounded when u started your shop in this area otherwise remnants of Kawdara fire are still standing. Regarding the safety of brother, it is rightly mentioned and wisely decided. Just try to speak one day outside against brutalities.. Next day thank Allah if you will see the morning.
    At the end of every protest they take people who remain in jails for yrs or may disappear forever.
    I am sure you just know this locality by name & you are here to just delude people. You have no idea what happened 2 days back in Seki Dafar, martyrs graveyard is an evidence of every brutality & your shop is just a mile away from it.

  8. Thankyou for mentioning the EU parliament resolution. I posted a link to that as well. I guess when the Indians run out of good arguments they start accusing us of rumour mongering!

  9. It is a real fact that the agencies and agents of India are always in the search of Patriot people of Kashmir who dont want to live under opression.You have rightly compared a person who remains mum is a a sheep and follows the way his master wants him.Kashmiris are not sheep.We are proud Muslims and we have to respond to each and every atrocity and fight back the enemy at all levels.Media war is also a part of fight and your contribution will get due reward for you from Allah.Dont listen to the people of Nawa kadal.They are followers of Abdullah Ibn Ubai Ibn salool.their job is to help India and to weaken the fight in the Name of god.majority of Kashmiris are with the Leaders who want to see Kashmir free from the clutches of najas(India).We will be free from India and will decide our future ourselves.We have to Implement Allahs religion on us fully without any let and hinderence and then Only the prayers will be accepted.You are doing right by concealing your Identity.You are needed by Kashmir and Muslims to expose the real face of India.You should take care of your security.May Allah save you and all of us Muslims from calamaties.

  10. One more suggestion that the Palestinians are following in the occupied territories....
    Let Kashmiris use their mobile phones/cameras to record view points and excesses committed by Indian Occupation forces. These recordings can be posted on the net for the world to watch. The Indian government and security agencies would never be able to question that as each video would be from an individual or a common man on the streets of Kashmir

    Find a way to communicate this idea to Common Kashmiris.....maybe through Aftab/Srinagar times/Greater Kashmir....encourage everyone to upload videos of excesses by security forces/mass uprising in Kashmir.

    We all have to work in a organised way to show evidence of Indian brutality in Kashmir to the world.

    May Allah guide us all


  11. Very good suggestion brother. I really think this is an excellent suggestions.

  12. This is really a brilliant idea. I believe YouTube played an effective role is Iraq war.
    We just need to make people aware and put some instruction manuals. If we have someone expert in this who can put a tutorial or a link to particular site mention how to upload and manage, that would really help people.
    More ever we can have an article in GK and other news paper, mentioning its significance and some tips including links to useful site. They say a picture speaks 1000 words, visuals of aggression and brutality can be an eye opener for all

  13. I always believe in an Integrated India which is from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. And this is what runs in my blood. You always have a reason to divert attention to attrocities on your comunity but the hatred which a few from amongst you brought on others will never be seen or pointed. I can assume what kind of people you can be, because of whom the entire community has to suffer. Crying for independance from the country and its countrymen who provides you affection, respect, protecting you frm all which could destroy the basis of kashmir and can easily turn it into a hell....you guys always want to lick those evils, you have no love for your own countrymen or country, and how could it come when you dont live with a sense of nationalism. u guys will never ever be able to live in peace, if you keep yourself polarised this way.
    thats why you people cant be trusted and are the most hated amongst all, even if you are loved and cared, you cant reciprocate.....
    If you cant belong to this part of country, then you cant belong to your own
    And forget the politicions in the valley, they are anyways up on opportunity and play separatist politics....

  14. Brother,

    Please be careful while writing your blogs, you may leave some easy clues about your identity.

    As you mention in one of your post about internet connection & Iqbal library.

    May, Allah protect you & all of us.

  15. Oh people of Kashmir! You have risen to the occasion, today you have shown the world united we stand against oppression. But beware of mistakes of past, just remember in the past the power brokers of Delhi used to divide us, they followed chanyakas doctrine in Kashmir the famous SAAM,DHAM,DAND and BAID.
    Saam _--- diplomacy Right from beginning they engaged us in promising green pastures, secularism and democracy and now you know the real face of secularism! Muslims were butured in riots .We were ruled by remote control democracy and so much more to say.
    Dham_--- price. Those who could be purchased were corrupted with money and power.
    Dand_-- torture. Those who did not subjugate were tortured and killed in fake encounters. The brutal repression by police ,the rape of women. Humiliation of young and old.
    Baid _---Divide and rule, The Bakshi against Shiekh,The Sadiq against Bakshi. Gul Shah against Farooq.The creation of Ikhwanis .and so much more.
    This is testing time for Quam e Koshmar ,No nation can be slaved if they remain steadfast and united.

  16. Farhan brother do not worry, as i mentioned we all have to be one step ahead of them. Here is what others can be to protect their freedom of speech and right to protest the Indian occupation.

    1. Never write your blogs from home, the Indians can easily figure out your IP address.

    2. Use public places for these like libraries, government offices, and cyber cafes.

    3. Use small internet cafe's but do not go there regularly as someone will keep a watch there the next time.

    4. Do not form a routine. Mix up your schedule where you get on the internet.

    5. Be smart and and always think safety first.

    6. Writing is your right which no one can deny you.

  17. Thankyou for the kind words Medved. I agree with you 100%. We all have to contribute in every way we can. There is a lot of negative propaganda being spewed on the internet by Hindutva agents against Kashmiri muslims and my effort is just a small dent in that. We need more Kashmiri bloggers to expose those lies and even though by the grace of Allah there are few of us now, I hope we inspire others to start their own blogs and start writing.

  18. Dear Brother

    First of all Let us not forget that Indians are a "Makkaar Koum".I mean they have made so many promises in the past about Kashmir resolution and yet did not stick to even a single one of their promises...so don't trust any Indian Leaders under no circumstances.They will promise anything under the sky right now to cool things down and once they have achieved that, they will take us to task slowly as they have done in the past.

    Secondly and this is as important as the first one, i.e. can we somehow get a message across to our Hurriyat leaders that just saying things on NDTV/Aaj tak won't work as we all know how biased/one sided Indian media is. We have to learn from our past mistakes. The best way that Hurriyat conference can send their message across the world is via internet/Foreign Channels. I do believe that they already have a website but its real stupid. I mean they should be uploading videos of rallies/sufferings/Killings of Kashmiris and yet they have one video of a leader giving out stories....I mean, We have to help our leaders....we can't let them take care of everything as at the end of the day...they are human and have limitations or in other words they might be good at one particular thing but they can't be good at everything....this has to be a team effort and all Freedom aspiring Kashmiris are essential components of this team.

    CAN someone ask Hurriyat to invest in the internet i.e. pay Google/You tube/Yahoo/My Space/Facebook etc to take our case to the world. I mean a 100,000 plus people are dead in Kashmir and lakhs marching on the streets yet most of the News channels in the world are showing War in Georgia and Olympics.

    Brother I have written/faxed to every major human rights organisation in the world and even called some of their offices in Switzerland. Can u believe what happened when I called the office of the OHCHR....they said they can't make any statements yet and it was an Indian woman I was talking to.....!!!

    The Onus is on us.....just think intelligent and spread awareness amongst people. Set up a competition in the local papers asking people to think about how we can non-violently and cost effectively spread our message to the whole world, Let prominent leaders/academicians/Journalists be the judges and the first three positions should be rewarded and their respective points utilized. Let people come up with Novel ideas as to how we can improve our PR with respect to our sufferings around the world. Internet/Television time/Advertise our cause in the form of graphic clips/pictures and pay the American + European Channels for it/ If we pool our resources, we can certainly do this,(A rupee donated by 10 million people is one crore rupees).People who collected funds at the time of Kashmir earthquake have a lot of experience as to how we can ask for funds from all sections of society and the Kashmiris living all over the world.

    Kashmiri Pandits lost a mere approx 100-200 individuals in the ongoing turmoil compared to a 100,000 plus Muslims yet their PR mechanisms and published material far outweighs our campaign.I have nothing against KP's as they are my own blood but I am using them as an example of what team work can do.

    It was through continuous advertisements by various private groups that people in Italy and Spain were made aware of the wrong-doings in Iraq war and that led to the eventual withdrawal of Spanish and Italian forces from Iraq.

    We are much better positioned today than we were 20 or 60 years ago ...We should not not let this God given opportunity slip away or otherwise we will have to sacrifice another 200,000 more souls before destiny works in our favour again.....who knows it may never favour us again.

    Let us attack the very biased Indian media by going to the world ourselves.Trust me the Indian media will never show the real brutal face of Indian democracy in Kashmir.

    Only when the world starts questioning their credentials will India do something in our favour.

    "Khudi Ko Kar Buland itna ki Khudah tujh se pooche Aae Bandey Bataa Teri razaa Kya hai"

    STAY UNITED AND BE AWARE OF ALL THE KUKKA PARREYS/JKNC/PDP/JKP/Indian agents waiting to strike once we give them the opportunity again.

    Love U all Kashmiris.

  19. Great going guyz, You ll soon be independent......and till then all the best to you.
    Since the comment son this post have been diverting to a different dimension, let me also put in the other side of the argument.

    You really want to know what Indian democracy is......China has banned almost every anti china propoganda site including blog monitorings, this came out strongly during olympics, today we can argue through this blog, and you could plan to send out videos and pics of the protests through the net, thats a bit of democracy.

    Even in the "most civilized(?)" USA, newspapers do not publish against the government, the CNN and the MSNBC of the world toe the official govt line, "IRAQ was on the verge of having weapons of mass destruction", not a single channel opposed it, today in the "biased" indian media, frontline carries a cover story on kashmir, Time of India delhi edition carries an article talking about independenece to kashmir, NDTV crew report on the matryr's graves, and no one , literally no one covers panun kashmir in their reports!!! thats some more of democracy for you......

    Coming to "occupation" forces, China has inundated Tibet with han chinese, Israel has made palestinians refugee in their own land sending tanks to civilain areas and ghetto-ing the palestinians, your amicable muslim secular country "Turkey" has screwed up its occupation of northern cyprus with turks, so much so turks outnumber cyprites now, closer home, Pakistan has settled 28000 afgan families in PoK, INdia has maintained the sanctity of the article 370 to the core, that s democracy for you.

    Just look beyond the LoC on the other side of Kashmir(i m sure talking about FANA/Northern areas and gilgit baltistan would not interest you, thats not Kashmir just like jammu and ladakh), how many graduate colleges do you have there, how many engineering and medical colleges, (would love to know one medical college on the other side of the LoC), how many towns in Kashmir have been submerged under the lakes of mangla dam(heard of the town valled new mirpur??), PoK produces maximum electricity for Pakistan and PoK remains without electricity or any royalty form it, INdian kashmir valley has less power generation than it consumes, and gets electricity from northern grid which in any case is under supply demand problems, why would a railway line be contructed thru kashmir at enormous costs when all pakistan could do for northern areas id to gift it to china and get karakoram highway constructed by the chinese; thats indian democracy for you.

    I m sure that you have ur own fears about writing blogs(i m still not too sure why, when open websites like greater kashmir openly operate from srinagar, and CNN IBN has open blogs from kashmiris), yet is nt it simple for INdian authorities to close down all cyber cafes in the valley, close all internet connections if it has to shut the voices emanating out of the valley, and if i m still able to write a comment on ur blog, i m sure there are some threads of democracy in srinagar.

    all the best for ur safety, would wish you all the best with the HR/amnesty organization the world over, all the best for support from the world powers who care two hoots for muslim voices whether correct or not(unlike india where hindu right wing parties cry foul, rightly or wrongly), Wish you the best with ur chief benefactor pakistan, and its generals......and from all the hurriyat leaders who have amassed wealth meant to be flowing in for ur own independence cause, whose kids study in plush foreign locales, each of whom has houses in Delhi or elsewhere in india, and still enjoy pensions from indian government.....all i would wish is that you choose ue post independence leaders wisely, taking a lesson from "dictator" india where the leaders whomwe elected have let us down....

    may god bless you

  20. To Suchi _------Well you seem to make fun of alternatives to us. Why are you obsessed with pak bashing why? You are saying that in spite of all this mayhem you have this, you have that, you are comparing us to Kurds, Palestinians, Tibetans ad so on_--------Why don’t you ask Kashmir policy makers what went wrong here? Every movement has a genesis behind it. it doesn't happen overnight. To blame everything on others is best way to escape from responsibility .The same people once tried democratic process. They also tried elections but what they got rigging. Was there ever democracy here? Who so ever tried to raise voice against rulers was labeled as antinational and his voice was muzzled. How you justify present economic blockade, killing of unarmed protestors and so much atrocities of past. Generation’s come and generations go and so also the thinking changes. This is not past when people used to be taken for granted. Was there ever blockade against people ?, when there was agitation in south against imposition of Hindi, against non locals in Assam and Maharashtra, for Gurka land in dargeling,for restricting yatris in uttararachal for going to their holy places in Himalayan glaciers and still much more to say. The truth is that when we ask to save forestland we become anti Hindu, Pak agents, narrow minded, anti Jammu and anti national because we are Muslims.As a good hindu you may be follower of satya me vijeyte that is truth prevails. I need your thought to my writing.

  21. I am not here on this post to comment on politics. I want to give you a few words of advice :

    1) Never trust a guy with a gun, be it the Indian army or the Mujahideen.

    2) When you write political blogs, always carry a camera with you. Take pictures and save them at multiple places.

    3) Always keep backup of your data with your friends (possibly abroad)

    4) When you talk of victims, always give them a face and a name. Never let a martyr go nameless. Keep all this data well documented and make it public

    5) Organize trips to various regions in India, and talk to the liberally minded people - you can find them in universities and cities (usually white collar jobs). Present them with all your data and keep organizing seminars.

    6) Keep meeting more Indian bloggers, there are several of them active online. They are usually very anti-establishment and they will listen carefully to what you say.

    All the best. Never kill anyone and more importantly, never lose your own life !

  22. @anonymous above who mentioned about he "makkar koum"

    great post brother. you have definitely brought up very good points. it is very important for hurriyat to be proactive in this phase of the protests.

    Like you mentioned, every one of us is a part of this struggle. some joined before, some joined after; regardless of the fact, we all have a part to play. I salute you for contacting the Human rights organisation overseas. besides, why do we have to wait for the hurriyat and pro freedom parties to contact the websites that you mentioned. I am aware of atleast four or five kashmiri pro-freedom organisations overseas. such as teh "kashmiri american council" and the kashmiri canadian council. would all these organisation not be in a better position and ease to contact these websites such as google, facebook and youtube?

    if you let me know whatt is involved and what exactly is your idea about contacting these websites, i am sure we can post it on this site and hopefully the right persons from these organisations can pursue that.

    thanks a million for the detailed postt brother and hope to hear from you again.

  23. Kashmiris i.e people within state of Jammu and kashmir are within their rights to secure implementation of the promise made by the then Maharaja while signing the temporary letter of accession, the said stipulation was also endorsed by late prime minister of india P.t Jawahirlal Nehru in his speech in the parliament, and India like a true democrat, as it claims to be, should not feel shy about conducting plebiscite. Reference is also made to telegram sent by Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru to his counterpart in Pakistan Late Liaqat Ali Khan on november 04 1947, interms whereof Late NehruJi invited the attention of the then Pakistani Prime Minister about the radion broadcast made by Pt Jawahirlal that"WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO IMPOSE OUR WILL ON KASHMIR,BUT TO LEAVE FINAL DECISION TO THE PEOPLE OF KASHMIR' Late Prime Minister of India also made a statement on 5th March 1948 in the constituent assembly that "EVEN AT THE MOMENT OF ACCESSION, WE WENT OUT OF WAY TO MAKE A UNILATERAL DECLERATION THAT WE WOULD ABIDE BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF KASHMIR,AS DECLARED IN A PLEBISCITE OR REFERENDUM"
    In addition Late Nehruji on 16th Jan 1951 addressed a prss conferance at London reteriating the commitment afore said lot of other documentary and other instances can be quoted where India has committed herself in fulfilling the obligations undetaken as afore said.
    I agree with you to take recorse to internet and forward our point of view to garner public support
    regards and goodluck