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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


The way ahead

At this juncture of our movement. It is of upmost importance that we pause and take cognizance of the options that lay before us. We cannot just leap ahead without having full knowledge of the perils that may present themselves. We must not act as naive kids who go for a joy ride after they have found the keys to a car without fully knowing the dangers that are inherent while driving. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kashmiris are no doubt smarter and more knowledgeable at the present time than anytime before. We must not let opportunistic politicians take undue advantage of our sentiments anymore with promises of an overnight disapperance of all our miseries by selling us the idea of either joining Pakistan or India.

The reason why I am mentioning all this is that in my mind there is no doubt that India will succumb to our demands and call for a region wise referendum in Kashmir, where we will be given the three options of remaining Independent, joining Pakistan, or conitunuing to remain with India. I cannot be more certain that India is seriously studying this course of action and is ready to grant this wish to Kashmiris and I see this happening sooner than later.

This is what Kashmiris have all along wished for and we should use this power of steering Kashmir from this quagmire that is 60 years in the making wisely. Not only will this profound decision have immediatte repurcussions, but it will decide the kind of future that we want our future generations to live in. Because we clearly have clear options in front of us about the way we want Kashmir to progress henceforth. We can be part of India or Pakistan, and inherit all their problems; or we can stay aloof from either of the two and maybe develop our own unique set of issues which will be ours own in the making. I would like to analyse the three issues separately and see if my analyses has some weight to it.

First of all let me analyse the issues that we might face should a majority of Kashmiris wish to join Pakistan. Although this scenario is highly implausible considering that only a small minority of Kashmiris in protests actually chant the "Pro-Pakistan" slogans; I have most often witnessed the pro-freedom slogans.

I will not touch on the anti-muslim arguments that hindutva agents mostly use when they try to explain the horrific predicament that Kashmiris will face, were we to become part of Pakistan. They warn us that what lies ahead of us, should Kashmir become a part of Pakistan, is no less than a life of poverty and servitude under the fundamentalist tribal war-lords, who they claim will soon run over Kashmir. This scenario is so far-fetched that it doesnt warrant a careful analysis. I will however talk about the sectarian violence that has plagued Pakistan and which we unforunately might inherit. What I will also touch upon is the land-reforms in Kashmir, whose future might be uncertain should Pakistani laws become applicable here; will we have the same guarantee that article 370 currently provides Kashmiris being a part of India. And finally I will talk about the taboo subject of what happens should the fundamentalist elements in Pakistani politics gain a stronghold in Kashmir.

People might call me biased should I fail to address the fear that minorities in Kashmir have about the prospect of joining Pakistan. Their fears are well warranted and needs a careful examination.

i will continue soon......please check back


  1. Hi Koshur...great work you're doing. This isn't necessarily a comment on the topic above, although I totally agree with your sentiments about azaadi..merging with Pakistan would entail many more problems that Kashmiris may be unwary of, though opening the Jhelum Valley Rd. is absolutely imperative for people and trade. Anyhow, the reason why I'm contacting you is that I was wondering if you would be kind enough to put a link of my blog to yours i.e under the reference..."Other Kashmiri Bloggers" I'm from Sensa, District Kotli and I have my own story to tell which may interest my Kashmiri brethren.


    Regards and Salaams
    Tanveer Ahmed

  2. Thankyou Tanveer.
    Link has been posted.

    Hope to hear from your again.

  3. Dear Koshur,

    From my experience all I have learnt is that "The best way out of a difficulty is through it" and therefore....we should embrace complete independence with open arms and then work towards achieving it. True we will face hardships but if you tell a beautiful bird in a cage that its not safe to release her to the outside world because in her cage she will get food/water and a nice life....The bird would still want to break the shackles and escape from the cage cause Its not about food and water, its not about the potential dangers of living in a forest surrounded by countless dangers at each step and it is definitely not about the likes or dislikes of the birds master.....what it is about though is the ability to forge ones destiny without the master weighing the pros and the cons, the thrill of breathing an air which does not smell of subjugation and slavery, the ability to believe in ones own destiny as a Nation, The honor and privilege of being called a separate entity. A Country called "KASHMIR"

  4. Dear Chinaar,

    This is a most beautiful para you have written...

    "what it is about though is the ability to forge ones destiny without the master weighing the pros and the cons, the thrill of breathing an air which does not smell of subjugation and slavery, the ability to believe in ones own destiny as a Nation, The honor and privilege of being called a separate entity. A Country called "KASHMIR""

    I hope you write more like this on your blog. i just visited your blog but it doesnt have any posts. Please let me know if you will be writing more and then i can liknk your blog here.

    I am still adding more to that topic hopefully tomorrow. Until then

    salaams, duas and khoda hafiz

  5. One suggestion bro....it would indeed be advisable to add posts which talk about Kashmir as a whole and not ones which generalise or talk about personal misfortunes....I mean my grandmother had a brother on the other side and she could never see him because both the Pakistani authorities and Indian authorities refused to issue visas but I don't want to involve or mix issues....I mean there are thousands of my type of families scattered all around India and Pakistan. One of these days I will send you a link to my story that was published by the BBC about my grandmother. Any ways its upto you to decide who you attach to your blog etc...Point is lets discuss how to carry this movement forward and focus less on what happened around partition to individual families.
    We should however work on a topic concerned with what our resources are and how we can prosper as an independent nation by utilizing those resources properly. For starters, we can package cheap potable drinking water that can be sold from India to Singapore and Burma to Thailand.......Its all about how we market Ourselves.

    Yes I will soon embark upon writing on my blog and will let you know when to attach it....

    Thanks a lot once again.

  6. Uploaded! On YouTube... but really lowtechgal that I am, am having trouble with my laptop's cut and paste thing. Please do a search for RockeTalkFun, my ID there- only thing on there are the videos.

    Once again, sorry for the delay.

  7. Playing my tricks one me...
    good to see bloggers joining,

    Great work Koshur.You never told me that your family is in the village, great to see a voice from a village, it takes a lot of guts to come from a remote place and the write so well. YOu have made the rural kashmir proud.
    My best wishes to you family.


  8. I don't think you will ever get a option to vote.as it is, was and will be a part of India.
    Secondly assume you get this option.it will only of Kashmir valley.
    It is best for you(Kashmirs) to join either India and Pakistan as Kashmir dose not have any source of revenue that it can generate for itself to survive.
    The only source is being tourism.

  9. As an Indian, I consider Kashmir as an integral part of India and Kashmiris as my fellow country men.
    It hurts when you refer to yourself as kashmiris and Indians as a separate entity.
    1. Why would you guys want to separate in the first place?
    Is it because of the atrocities committed by Indian army?
    2. Why would you peacefully co-exist as part of India from 1947-1989 and suddenly say start militancy? Because India split Pakistan and Paksitan wanted its revenge so it started sponsoring militants.
    3. Regarding your history of Kashmir, We all learnt history from all parts of the country from south, east, west and north includign Kashmir. I am sure that was what you were taught as well.

    There was no India before 1947, and every culture based on religion and territory has been co-existing much better after India was formed.

    4. And most ridiculous, heartless comment is that the kashmiri pandits left kashmir on their own. No man would leave their home, land, village, a culture they are familiar to live like nomads.
    I have met few of these people even down south and it just breaks your heart to see how these people have to start from scratch!

    After driving these people out(who would even believe the story that mass of Kashmiri pandits decided to leave on their own to a unknown journey? if you want to fabricate stories do it with some logic).

    I think a mark of a tall man/leader is his ability to agree to his mistakes, if you turn blind eye to your mistakes, your atrocities, why should somebody else listen to your cry against atrocities on you? Atleast accept what you did to kashmiri pandits was wrong. you owe it to those people living in refugee camps.
    Spies, it seems, if they did not want an independent kashmir, don't they have right to their opinion?
    Screams of intolerance of difference of opinions.
    5. Loads of muslims live in India, yes there are problems, problems in every country where muslims co-exist with other religion(honestly, I don't want to ever pin-point one religion, religion I feel is an extremely personal matter and that is where it would play its role, not on the public roads). Considering India is a land of many diveresities, it has done very well for its diverse population's rights. Yes, there has been a babri masjid as I said, france wouldn't even allow your Purdah, for the most countries diverse culture means, making them all follow christian culture, India, atleast on that aspect, believes in co-existence rather than making them all follow one rule.

    It makes sense from every angle for you to realize that what it is now i.e kashmir as part of India(minus the army) is good for you and your future generations to come, economically, security-wise & so on.

    And if you guys form your on country, the problem is you will continue to be a headache for india for sure. Pakistan has a much stronger army than democracy and it will def. occupy you(if not for anythign else to have some work, the pak. army will attack you) or you have to have a puppet government of ISI and still cause trouble to India.

    6. Muslims have attacked India all the time, Ghazini mohammed( a muslim ruler) looted the indian temple 17 times, they ruled india by aggression just like every other ruler(irrespective of religion) did before them.

    Islam has it in its quran to discriminate against the idol worshippers, it looks down upon idol worshippers, isn't that intolerance that your religion(& as a consequence you)will look at me as some sort of an idiot/ sometimes even worse an enemy?

    All the religions of the world have its fair share of problems, one has to learn to adapt the religion as per times.

    Hinduism has caste system, it obviously has to be eliminateed.

    so will have to be the faults of islam.


    FOR STARTERS, Kashmir exports hydroelectric power worth more than 32000 crores annually to the Indian Union and gets less than 8 percent in return......Think before you talk Mr.Patil and I haven't even started talking about horticulture/pastoral farming/Dairy farming and products like willow from which all of your cricket bats/hockey sticks are made..its a trillion dollar sports industry from which Kashmir earns less than 2%.

    Don't decide what we are capable of before giving us a chance.

  11. I agree with Chinaar 100%. Mr Patil how can you judge the viability of Kashmir as an independent nation without considering how other small countries in the region have survived under similar circumstances. Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives just to name a few are similar in size to Kashmir and have somewhat similar problems to us. Chinaar rightly mentioned the tremendous potential as a source of hydro-electricity that Kashmir possesses. Let's assume for a moment that India occupied Bhutan or Nepal, and a similae situation presented itself where the people off Nepal or Bhutan were on the threshold of declaring their independence, the same people that are casting doubts about the viability of Kashmir to sustain itself would present the same arguments against Nepal and Bhutan.

    The strongest potential for Kashmir lies in its people and we are an ingenious people who have excelled in arts, handicrafts, horticulture, farming, tourism, entrepreneurship, and there is no doubt in my mind that when the colonial attitude of India has been lifted, and by help from other like-minded nations, we will be able to tap into the untapped resources that Kashmir is capable of. I will be talking about these when I analyse the option of Independence for Kashmir in my current post that is under progress.

    Thankyou for your comments Mr PAtil and Chinaar.

    @anonymous (last post)
    I let your comment pass this time because it had other relevant and informative information; however, next time i may not be that generous. That because I do not want you to spread your ant-muslim hatred and misinformation atleast through my site. Spreading misinformation about ourr holy Quran will not be allowed here unless you provide sufficient sources to back up that claim. As i mentioned, i will not approve comments like this in the future. If you feel strongly about false claims like the one that you just made, I would strongly recommend that you do some research about that on the internet before going ahead and spreading your own version of untruths around the internet.

    thankyou lowtechgal, i visited your blog. and saw some videos there. but looks like the internett speed here leaves much to be desired and it was taking too long to download and was choppy. i still have not figured out how to link them to this site but whenever i do, I will definitely mention that all the credits go to you.
    thanks again.

  12. To anonymous------- You seem to be a Kashmir pundit---- I am saying without any bias towards you, i still consider you to be part of a large Kashmiri family. But denying truth is hypocrisy----I don’t believe that after migrating from here you had to start from a scratch --------you received a massive support from GOI and hinduvta parties -----to the extent that majority from you considered migration from here permanent. They sold every thing from here ----I have grown up in an area—which was once a mixed locality ----all the houses of KPs have been sold at exorbitant prices by your people. I have seen your new life style outside Kashmir.----- We have a regret with some of your leaders ,who for a short time gain made you to loose in a long term.------they made you to become fodder for vote politics. I foretell you something—Your genes will become mixed with other genes within few decades and such a beautiful race may vanish. Come on common terms with your Kashmiri brethren that is the only way out-----Don’t beat about the bush by talking about Mehmood ghazni .The Aryans whose religion you are following had also come from central Asia and had destroyed Great Indus valley civilization and annihilated its people, Go and read modern research of ancient Indian history ---Talk about future.

  13. Oh please, my intention was not to talk about islam. It was only about Kashmir. You could even delete that point, as i said religion is every one's personal choice.

    I am not a Kashmiri pundit. Yes, I do have a close friend(my best friend) who is one and have met several others in my life. You probably felt the outburst was coming from a kashmiri pundit coz of my close association with one.

    Regarding my own religion, i agree with your point, as I mentioned not just ghazini, all the rulers irrespective of religion were heartless anyway all through history. I don't dispute it, that was what i was trying to say anyway. I should have never written the last point, nobody seems to have read through the questions before that, and i am answerless anyway

    Same anon.

  14. Shame on you Kashmiri Muslims.This Guy Namely S.Patil is telling you that your religion Islam Has faults and they shoud be corrected.Instead of giving him a befitting reply you guys stick to Hydro electricity.Hoticulture.sprts Industry.Why dont you tell this this Guy that Our Religion is a true religion of God which is complete As Allah says in Sura
    Al Maida


    He is talking about some history.He knows nothing.We are not Indians but Kashmiris.We have our own history & culture.Let me remind him the words of his own Prime minister Pandit Nehru.

    s from Nehru's Broadcast on 2 November, 1947. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We have decided to accept this accession and to send troops by air, but we made a 'condition that the accession would have to be considered by the people of Kashmir later when peace and order were established. We were anxious not to finalise anything in a moment of crisis, and without the fullest opportunity to the people of Kashmir to have their say. It was for them ultimately to decide. "And here let me make clear that it has been our policy all along that where there is a dispute about the accession of a State to either Dominion, the decision must be made by the people of the State. It was in accordance with this policy that we added a proviso to the Instrument of Accession of Kashmir. "We have declared that the fate of Kashmir is ultimately to be decided by the people. That pledge we have given, and the Maharaja has supported it not only to the people of Kashmir but the world. We will not, and cannot back out of it. We are prepared when peace and law and order have been established to have a referendum held under international auspices like the United Nations. We want it to be a fair and just reference to the people, and we shall accept their verdict. I can imagine no fairer and juster offer."
    We kashmiris dont accept the accession.And tell him that in 1947 there were two options India and Pakistan but there was a special cases clause also under which Hyderabad tried to remain Independent but latter occupied after one year by then communal home minister's(Sardar V.PATEL) police.I'm using Police as it was not army.Pakistan occupied Blauchistan.
    Tell him that we have nothing to do with his idols let him worship any one he wishes as
    Quran says

    If Ossetia abkhazia,Kosovo can be Independent what's the problem with kashmir.We will eat one time food but will Love to see our own paspport,Our own Army,everything own.No one can occupy a soverign county in 21 century.Pakistan is our brother.So are all Muslim countries.
    He is misled by the Kashmiri Pandits propaganda tell him to see my bolg He'll get the answer about these pandits who were always saved bu Muslims only for their betrayal in 1990.These pandits get relief 3000 rs every person with other un counted facaities.They have luxurious villas.There children get admission to M.B.B.S,B.E etc under special couta.They are turn coats.Who were always spongers.

    I strongy advise all readers Kashmiri Muslims ,Muslims non muslims if you want to comment you are welcome but before writting anything about Our religion something bad you should give evidence.
    My blog is http://medved123.blogspot.com/
    Dr,Bilal Sheikh(Al Waleed)

  15. As a Pakistani Punjabi with roots in IOK (Naushera and Rajouri)I think independence for the Kashmir Valley from Pakistan and India is the best choice and wish my Kashmri brothers and sisters all the best.

  16. Hi
    My Kashmiri brothers and Sisters
    First let me congratulate you all for having the courage to come out with a rather challenging subject on post independent Kashmir shall we say?
    A] Pakistan scenario- whatever land has been occupied by Pakistan in Kashmir, has been done so by treachery, deceit and force. This is the same path the Pakistani's chose in Baluchistan and Sind. They chocked the rights of the Bangladeshi's that lead to the creation on Bangladesh. Would our Kashmiri brothers and sisters expect something different from the Pakistani’s?
    B] India- Yes we have problems but these are between brothers and could easily be sorted out only if the hardliners in Kashmiri politics take a saner stand.Kashmiris must rally around Indians to claim back much of their land which is in Pakistani hands, Over 450,000 Pakistani's from Sind, Baluchistan and Punjab have already settled in POK making ethnic Kashmiris minorities in their own land.
    C] Be Neutral and Independent...Could a new country exist with Pakistan having evil designs on Kashmir, Before 1961 Kashmir did have its borders and enjoyed special status in the Indian statehood, look what happened, Pakistani troops in civil clothes ran over 1/3rd of Kashmir, would an independent Kashmir's borders be respected by Pakistan? One only has to look at the history of Baluchistan and Sind in Pakistan
    To think of the consequences of Kashmir being a part of Pakistan.
    I would pray that a day dawns when our Kashmiri brothers and Sisters join hands with their India cousins and reclaim their lands from Pakistan, once that happens massive financial aid from India would quickly make Kashmir a second Switzerland of the world.