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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Kashmiri bloggers are the true voice of Kashmir

I have mentioned earlier about Omar Abdullah's blog and how he has sadly quit blogging. I will be closely following another young politician, Tanvir Sadiq, of the National Conference and his blog http://kashmirleader.blogspot.com/. He happens to head the cyber cell of the National Conference, and is an elected municipal corporator of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. I have had many a heated (but civilized) online arguments with him about the Kashmir issue as well as the dilapidated condition of Srinagar's civic services. We can only improve our conditions here if those incharge are made aware of the shortcomings.

The reason I am posting all these links to Kashmiri blogggers is that this is the only medium to gain international attention to our problems, and we can do so uncensored, unlike the traditional media, who are prohibited from publishing content which can be deemed a threat to the propaganda interest of India. Therefore, the print and other media in Kashmir are very restrained in what they can publish. Atleast us bloggers do not have to worry. That is why I encourage other Kashmiris to start blogging and make their voices hear no matter what their political inclinations are. The more dialogue we have, the better. As long as we gain the attention of the world consciousness, and bring our plight to their attention. Even if that takes time to materialize, but at least we can reach a consensus and make hollow of India's argument that Kashmir is their internal issue or their most absurd claim that Kashmir is an integral part of india; as if the UN resolutions were never passed! or that the UN forces present in Kashmir are here only for an extended vacation.

Therefore I urge Kashmiris of all backgrounds and political views to start writing on the internet. It does not matter what your political views are - everyone wants to know what that view is. No matter if you are pro-India, Pro-Pakistan or Pro-Independence, just make your views heard and send me a link I will be glad to post a link to your blog.

Here is the link to the current roster of Kashmiri bloggers.


  1. The nation which stands against oppression cannot be defeated .I ask all those conscience keepers of india is our blood water ,I will quote in urdu
    Jinhe naaz hai hind par kahan hai
    ki tumhara luhu luhu hai aur hamara luhu pani hain.

  2. The present day india was very well depicted by Steven spielberg in his movie "THE TEMPLE OF DOOM" several decades back, with Amresh Puri representing the current indian leaders.

  3. The use of force against peaceful protestors is an act of cowardice which is condemnable.The indian agencies have been puzzled by the way the kashmiris retaliated against the economic blockade by the hindu fanatics.Insha Allah Kashmiris will soon achieve their goal. The sacrifices of kashmiris will never go waste.

  4. Seeing and reading all this, my heart bleeds how unfortunate are my people! why are we suffering?.It is an eye opener to the nation of kashmir and we have to know who have lead us to this?.The myopic,egoist and bigotted leadership of past is responsible for this mayhem.They could not read the time,they were selfish and self centered.they sold us for nothing. Now is the time to wake up to ask for our rights.

  5. I also appreciate your views that kashmir history is not being taught in schools.I also suggest that kashmir history should be taught in the valley schools so that the new generation of kashmiri muslims would come to know about their glorious past (as claimed by you) like the role of Hamdanis,Sultan Sikander ,Pathans ,Mughals etc.I am sure that after reading this history,the new generation will feel ashamed of their past,will rethink and abandon their religion.I also suggest you to go through the Kashmir history.
    Sayyid Ali Hamdani’s son Mir Mohd.Hamdani came to Kashmir in 1393 alongwith 300 of his disciples and stayed for 22 long years.Like his father,his first target was Sultan Sikander (1389-1413) and other nobles.
    He persuaded the Sultan to Islamize administration,enforce shariah and impose Jazia on the kashmiri pandits.When these coercive measures did not work,the Sultan Sikander alongwith these Hamdanis, let loose a reign of terror on the kashmiri hindus to the point that many of them fled to adjoining states in desperation.Those who could not flee had only been given two choices by the Islamic authorities- DEATH OR CONVERSION.Some poisioned themselves;others got converted by force (whose progeny has at this time spread a mayhem in Kashmir) but a large number was murdered.
    Historians have reported that seven maunds of sacred threads of kashmiri hindus were burnt by Sultan Sikander and all their sacred texts were thrown into the Dal Lake.Simultaneously,not only were the major temples such as Martand,Cakradhara,Tripureshwara,Avantipur and Paraspur felled to ground
    but all the village temples too were demolished.The rich materials from the temples were transported and used for constructing the Jama Masjid in Srinagar and the embankments of the city.This period of forcible conversions marked by unparalled cruelity and violence is really the rich history as claimed by you.
    Abhinav Pandit

  6. In reply to Mr. Abinav pundits comment about forcible conversions in Kashmir in the past .Soon after sultan sikander his son great Bud shah ruled Kashmir for fifty years and you cannot say he was a Islamic zealot. His weakness and tolerance towards kashmiri pandits is well known and is well documented in history even by non Muslim historians. I want to ask you a simple question. Religion is a belief in the subconscious and conscious mind of of person. and these matters are in the control of human being .If any thing which is a belief is forced by pressure. Do you think it will last long? If you go by this logic that people were forced to be converted, no body will accept this belief by heart and whenever they will get a chance they will revert back to old religion.Mr pundit it was new light of brotherhood and equality by which Shah e hamadan was able to convert Hindus of Kashmir to Islam, please read the condition of people in Kashmir before advent of Islam you will know the truth. It were low caste Hindus the lowest in hierarchy of caste system who accepted Islam. This is truth. Regarding second point about demolishing of temples in Kashmir, it has happened and whosoever got a chance and was in power did it. You know the Jamia masjid was turned into a granery in sikh rule for 23 yrs and another masjid the patter masjid till recent times was also a granery.The great masjid of hasanabad was demolished in Dogra/sikh rule and its stones were used to built stairs of a temple in present day basant bagh .
    Conversions by force cannot long last because it involves a invisible thing that is belief.

  7. Mr Pundit don’t remain under this illusion that by reading the history the new generation will revert back to their religion, come out of shell of bigotry. It was not forced conversion but light of Islam which illuminated kashmiris in 14th and 15th century and people changed their religion. Read history you will know the truth. The last Hindu ruler in Kashmir was queen kutarani who was in infight with her own family members and then Ranchan a buddist and from Tibet/ladakh came to Kashmir and occupied it, he married kutarani and wanted to change his religion but the Hindu priests denied his conversion to Hinduism and considered him as an out cast and the famous story goes that he decided to follow the religion the person he will see first next morning .In the next morning he saw the famous Muslim sage Bulbul Shah and he became a Muslim. This has happened many yrs before advent of Great Shah I hamadan and his son in Kashmir.
    Second why are you asking to read only Muslim rule in Kashmir why not Sikh and Dogra rule because you were favored in their rule. Do you know who were court officials of mughal and pathan rulers? Kashmiri pundits is the answer. Ask your elders who were knowing Persian the official language of past in Kashmir? the answer is Kashmiri pundits.I will not deny there was tyranny against Kashmiri pundits during pathan period but it was not also good for Muslims. Then in Sikh/Dogra rule tyranny reached to peaks against Kashmiri Muslims. If any body used to kill a Muslim he was fined 1 anna and for kashmiri padith it was 10 rupees. The forced labor, the forced collection of agriculture produce for decades had broken all records of tyranny in human history. For more then 150 yrs the Muslim peasantry of Kashmir had not tasted the rice. A neutral Englishman Mr W Lawrence the settlement commissioner of Kashmir speaks about this in his book the valley of Kashmir and also read what has been the role of your ancestors in all this mayhem against Muslims. Truth is bitter but I suggest lets forget past and see the future we are in 21st century the claims and counter claims will lead us nowhere and also this is from history books written by non Muslims.

  8. Kashmiriyat is about brotherhood, respect for other religions and it belongs to every Kashmiri whether he is Muslim, Hindu or Sikh. What has Pakistan got to do with Kashmiriyat? Since our childhood we have seen Kashmiri muslims rejoicing victories of Pakistan and treating anything Indian with disdain and disrespect. The decision of Jammu and Kashmir was done in 1947 when popular Kashmiri leader opted to go with India, becuase he knew that only secular India can assure preservation of Kashmiriyat. Therefore, to ask for a division of the state purely on the basis of religion can never be accepted.

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  10. What kashmiriyat! a dogma of ruling class and exploiters. It was used to subjugate the majority of kashmiris.In pre 1947 kashmiris were known as zulm parast( worshippers of tyranny).They were send to begaar (forced labor ) and were told dont raise the voice because kashmir is a Sufi and reshi land .The sufferings will bring you happiness. What was the role of other religious groups then? They were also part of kashmiryat. they not only maintained criminal silence but became part of tyrants. Then in 1947 in the name of kashmiriyat we were made to fight our own coreligionists and we are now paying a huge price for this folly. Where is kashmiriyat now when thousands of innocent Kashmiri Muslims were killed in the land of Reshis and Sufis. People cannot be fooled always

  11. Salaam,
    Just wanted you to add me there as

  12. I agree with the comment above. Isn't it the people who really matter? Hindu, Muslim, Sikh... that is all so superfluous. At the end of the day, the citizens deserve peace, happiness and basic facilities and their basic human rights.

    What we need is a leader who is compassionate, a leader who is a healer and not someone who can look out for the wellbeing of the people and think about the future.

  13. Ajaz ahmad Kashmiri sahib, yi hasa chu soruy dunya paraan. sarney thi rozni yim cheez wanun jaan. ess cha wyan yimni hind peth banun?

    eltemase dua

  14. kashmirviews already posted the links. thnkyou for starting the blogs.

  15. Mr Abinav Pandit Do you know why some kashmiri pundits surnames are Durani,Jawansher,Razdaan etc?
    Because they were close and worked with afgans during their rule.All these names originated from afgan ruling class names.So dont generalize that they created havoc for kashmiri pandit.

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  17. Kashmiri muslims have developed a bone for accepting rumours spread by Jihadi's. First of all take the case of Kashmiri Hindus - "They left due to conspiracy of Jagmohan". It is one of the most ludicrous rumors I have heard.

    Perhaps kashmiri muslims like to be called moderates when in fact their actions are extreme and communal. Islamic societies have a tendency to deny rights to minorities and commit attrocities on minorities. But the same people when they go into other communities use the liberal and democratic attitudes of these societies to demand religious freedom. Hypocrisy at its worst.

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  19. I don't know why we still keep digging the age old history. Don't forget that it will always be history. All we can is to make the present better and that can happen only when we stop quoting texts from the time of Mughals. Guys leave the history part.
    I am a Kashmiri and I was seriously disappointed by the way the people of kashmir voted in the recent elections.

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