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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


The Beginning of the End

I personally think that the current phase of the protests are the beginning of the end of the most tumultuos period of Kashmir's history. I hope I am correct; because if not, then the worse has yet to come.

As with every colonial power, India tried to deprive Kashmiris of learning about their past, to Indianize us. I guess they took lessons from colonial powers and their former masters, the British, about how to colonize and integrate a hostile occupied nation into their cultural fold. That is why you hear about the lost languages and cultural heritage of the native Americans or native Canadians or even native Australians who were forcibly integrated into the Colonizers way of life. They succeeded this by imposing the language and culture of the colonizers and depriving the natives of learning about their own history and roots. Looks like the Hindutva hawks in the Indian administration had taken early lessons from their British masters and were using the same techniques on Kashmiris.

We are not taught Kashmiri history in schools. I am not exaggerating; there is absolutely no mention of our rich history in our primary schools. A 10th class student in Kashmir is well versed in Indian history and could be well aware of the history of other states such as Shivaji of Maharashtra, or some kings who ruled India at different times. Howeverr, there is only one problem; and that is that these Indian kings never ruled Kashmir! We have our own rich history which parallels the historical events south of the Banihal tunnel.

A Kashmiri student never gets to learn about the golden age of Kashmir under King Badshsah. Or the part of the events that shaped our own culture, such as the arrival of Shahi Hamdan and his teachings, or the arrival of artisans from central and west asia who brought with them the trades for which Kashmir is so famous for. These events of grave cultural significance should be taught in Kashmir schools; and most certainly would have been, had the colonial masters in Delhi permitted it to be taught. But does anyone still doubt that they wanted every last shred of evidence that Kashmir has been an independent nation for much of its past history erased from the memory of Kashmiris?

The same secondary school student will also be aware of the Indian freedom movement against the British Raj in India. How peculiar is the fact that about the same time from 1931 to 1947, there was an important freedom movement led by Sheikh Abdullah against the Dogra despotic rule taking place in Kashmir. Which one is of more importance for the Kashmiri student to learn? I guess the answer is quite evident depending on whether you are a Kashmiri or a Hinutva agent.

The reason why this is the beginning of the end is that India has failed miserably in their own attempt at colonizing and assimilating us into Indian society. Kashmiris are smarter and more resilient than what the hindutva agents would like us to be.

The Indians have failed at capitalizing the sympathy of persons like myself who have a soft corner for India and yet are turned away now because of the barbarity they have shown time and again. Kashmir, Pakistan, and India could have been role models for the world to emulate by our mutual respect of one another and cooperating for each other's benefits. But time can be a good witness that a colonial attitude by an aggressive nation does not solve any problems.

It is for this reason I brought up just one instance of India's colonial attitude in Kashmir by them propogating their own historical education at the cost of Kashmir's. The reason this tactic has failed is that in Kashmir we have a strong sense of preserving our cultural heritage. Subsequent occupation and mistreatment has made us a resilient people who will never be subjugated or run over by another culture.


  1. This is difference between jummu and kashmir, between oppresser and oppressed, time has come for us to do are die. For 60 yrs nehru/gandhi family was sinnging us songs of secularism,thanks to sangh parivar for arousing us from slumber, they are proving jinnah was right.But every body should note its 21 century no nation can be held hostage and slave, The propaganda against kashmiri muslims for being communal is negated by the fact that not a single yatri was harmed, even now when their are killings everywhere in kashmir Yatra proccesion reached peacefully to pahalgam.We kashmiris Curse the souls of Abdullahs, Bakshis,Sherwanis and Muftis we have nothing against common hindus.and also abusing us in comments does not bother us because it speaks of sickness of mind.

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  2. Why are you blaming for what you and all other kashmiris are not taught in their schools?
    you can always read history by purchasing books form the market!
    is it more importnat to know about history or about our religion ISALM, that is not taught? does that mean we can't and don't know about Islam, yes we know because we read and learn QURAN and HADDIS........so what are you upto?

  3. Knowing about the culture history of Kashmir and considering that it is a propaganda of the GOI and its other agencies is all absurd. FYI in Jammu and Kashmir we have JKBOSE that decides for the subject matter to be taken up in all the schools who follow the JKBOSE and from the onformation i have JKBOSE has most of the administration from the common people of Jammu and Kashmir mostly kashmiris and people from Jammu and i guess the onus lies in them to look for change for a better change.
    Whatever has been happening in Kashmir over the past few months is nothing but a politically motivated agenda. Dirty politics has played in and a common man is suffering. Think about it what are we as kashmiris deprieved of...we desperately claim that we are muslims are muslims allowed to follow the hardline idelogy when they have the freedom. Who brought the indian forces in Kahsmir..the answer is we ourself. Seperatists for their personal gains are playing on the common man. This is the time for all of us to wake up from the idelogy we have been blindly following. We need think about a prosperous Kashmir, a Kashmir that can reflect as a symbol of brotherhood and developement on the global arena. We need to stop blindly following our leaders because it has been proved time and again that are playing games with us. I am a common man from kashmir and i a with India because i need to put my tomorrow right i need a prosperous Kashmir and i think being with India can be more fruitile then anything else. People wake up and fight against this dirty political agenda which our own people have started against us, just for their personal gains.

  4. Ravinder P Singh (Bangalore)August 13, 2008 10:25 PM

    I beg to differ in some respect here. It is true that Kashmiriyat remained elusive to Kashmir students and no where in schools or colleges, there is any effort to teach this. However I would like to stress that Kashmiriyat is not about Islam, it is about all Kashmiris. Kashmir has been symbolic for Unity in Diversity. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Itihad has always remained the mantra. But in last 15 years, the definition of Kashmiriyat has been hijacked and translated to be Islamiyat. How come otherwise you justify the slogans like "Yahan kya chalega, Nizame Mustafa". If the struggle of Kashmir was really taken as the struggle of Kashmiris, it would have much more successful. However the so called leaders chose to make this the battle for Islam rather by alienating Hindu (Pandit) and Sikh communities. This solely is one main reason that in spite of all efforts, the revolution has not been successful. If it was a Kashmiri struggle, it should have been more wider and acceptable.

  5. Dear R P singh/
    I ask you simple question who pushed us to the wall. There is no doubt about this that the majority of Kashmiri muslims were secular, ask any sane and non bigoted kashmiri pundit ,he will answer you this. The truth is it was Indian political system which failed in Kashmir .The elections held here were never free, the leadership was imposed from above ,the kashmiris were held in ransom by those leaders who used to tell power brokers of Delhi that if they will be removed the Pakistani genie will come out in Kashmir .The crooks and corrupt were encouraged ,common people were ignored. Do you know the Kashmir has capacity of highest hydroelectric power generation in south Asia and yet we live in power cutoffs for days? Then every action has equal and opposite reaction you see in 1947 some kashmiri leadership thought better to remain with secular India but is it so? The constant threats of Hinduvta forces against muslims changed the thinking of new generation. The erosion of article 370. Communal riots, demolition of Babri mosque. Gujarat massacre all these things added up to the alienation .Mr. Singh do you believe the Muslims and Hindus in Kashmir used to share common courtyards, festivals ,sorrow and happiness together .Who brought this division you can search the answer by knowing the truth.

  6. Mr Ravinder P Singh, you are misltaken by saying that sikh and kashmiri padit were alienated which is juts a mere myth and propaganda.
    Pandits still liv ein valley and we celebrate thier marriage slike we did before 1989 when they chose to leave the valley.
    Regarding the word kashmirriyat, it i still intac in our minds but pandits especially 'panun kashmir' and 'roots in kashmir' in jammu should realise it.

    The problem is not in the valley-but in jammu. we still caryy 6 lakh piligrims everyyear on our backs to te cave--only to be killed by tripends on the highway.

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  8. Mr singh you are blaming kashmiris for using muslim slogans ,What about Mahatma gandhi talking about Ram rajya ,Every govt function in secular India is started with Hindu religious rituals,The army,the various national sport teams invoke hindu Gods for victory.Isn't it hypocrisy?

  9. When fresh blood is spilling every dawn and dusk.. by the hands of SECULARISM sponsored terrorists in uniform & when we are subjugated to the worst; no prosperity, no development is acceptable unless we are freed from occupation and this genocide ends. It is a plague costing us every day & since decades.
    Why the voice of common Kashmiris goes unheard to the people of India, Indian media & politicians, I smell communalism in every institute. Today there is no GUN MEN demanding freedom on the street of Srinagar it is the PEOPLE of Kashmir.
    Indian forces have left nothing undone toady I am not safe in my home; those who are proud to be Indian and singing democracy should pay a visit to Kashmir, where a merry season of marriage has turned to mourning.

  10. 'Kashmir for kashmiris' turned into Kashmir for Muslims.... This is where everything went wrong.

    Pandits and Dogras are Kashmiris too, with every right live in Kashmir to practice their religion.

  11. Sir I had posted a comment earlier suggesting a trifurcaton based solution, which you found logical......but I dont think any change is really going to take place.
    I think 20 years from now, the Hurriyat will still be there, maybe the PDP will be part of it...The NC will still be a pro-India party....there will still be elections, in which 10% will vote, 10% will be coerced into voting, and 10% will just be added equaling 30%.....and averaging to around 45% when added to the Jammu votes......Nothing will change, except for some more violence, protests and deaths! Neither will the Hindus of Jammu get their long cherished state, nor will the Muslims of the Valley get their Azadi/annexation to Pakistan nor will the Ladhaki's have a UT and the Pandits will still be in Jammu/Delhi.
    What do you think??

  12. Dear Friends, kashmiris pundits became informers, spies and worked towards helping Indian forces to arrest or murder the freedom fighters of Kashmir. Remember that gun was taken up by secular Kashmiris and not by religious bodies. Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front was from secualirsts. But what did we get from Pundits. They left the valley, instead of supporting the struggle, they became spies and informers. They should have bore the pain along with Muslims. Muslims also got killed. But we stood against injustice and helped each other. Pundits showed the signs of traitor and fled to Jammu and India.It is shameful for them to make fould cries of "Panun Kashmir" or "Roots in Kashmir" while as they ditched Kashmir.Even if they did not want to support the freedom struggle, they should not have become the agents of Kashmir. They have lost all the respect. Na ghar ke na ghatki.

  13. I also appreciate your views that kashmir history is not being taught in schools.I also suggest that kashmir history should be taught in the valley schools so that the new generation of kashmiri muslims would come to know about their glorious past (as claimed by you) like the role of Hamdanis,Sultan Sikander ,Pathans ,Mughals etc.I am sure that after reading this history,the new generation will feel ashamed of their past,will rethink and abandon their religion.I also suggest you to go through the Kashmir history.
    Sayyid Ali Hamdani’s son Mir Mohd.Hamdani came to Kashmir in 1393 alongwith 300 of his disciples and stayed for 22 long years.Like his father,his first target was Sultan Sikander (1389-1413) and other nobles.
    He persuaded the Sultan to Islamize administration,enforce shariah and impose Jazia on the kashmiri pandits.When these coercive measures did not work,the Sultan Sikander alongwith these Hamdanis, let loose a reign of terror on the kashmiri hindus to the point that many of them fled to adjoining states in desperation.Those who could not flee had only been given two choices by the Islamic authorities- DEATH OR CONVERSION.Some poisioned themselves;others got converted by force (whose progeny has at this time spread a mayhem in Kashmir) but a large number was murdered.
    Historians have reported that seven maunds of sacred threads of kashmiri hindus were burnt by Sultan Sikander and all their sacred texts were thrown into the Dal Lake.Simultaneously,not only were the major temples such as Martand,Cakradhara,Tripureshwara,Avantipur and Paraspur felled to ground
    but all the village temples too were demolished.The rich materials from the temples were transported and used for constructing the Jama Masjid in Srinagar and the embankments of the city.This period of forcible conversions marked by unparalled cruelity and violence is really the rich history as claimed by you.
    Abhinav Pandit

  14. This is specially for Abhinav pandit.You Pandits never miss an oppertunity to pour venom against Kashmiri Muslims.There is no need today to go and open the pages of History which is all re written by Hindu fanatics.I am a Muslim and let me tell you that it hardly matters for a Who he was before accepting Islamic Monotheisim.Your slander against Mir Syed ali hamodony,Sikander But shikan is base less.Islam has never been spreaded by sword or atrocities.Our Prophet(A.S) has not teached us that and no one can deny this fact that He(A.S)while taking Mecca back from the Idol worshippers he gave general amnesty to those who had persecuted killed muslims and even He(A.S) was not spared.He forgave those non Muslims who Killed His Daughter while she was leaving for Madina on a camel and was pregnant.They terrified her camel so much that she fell and died of Internal bleeding.He(A.S) forgave those who Killed His uncle Hamza(R.A) whose corpse opened and his liver chewed and blood drinked.Nose and ears chopped of to make necklaces.The whole Mecca accepted this religion when they themselves saw the generiosity and kindness of the Prophet(A.S).We are a people of peace and followers of such a religion.It is advisable that you should first try to understand Islam yourself then only talk or comment.Even when Quran clearly asks Says In Surat Al Maida Ayat N0 45

    أنَّ النَّفسَ بالنَّفسِ والعينَ بالعينِ والأنفَ بالأنفِ والأُذُنَ بالأُذُنِ والسِّنَّ بالسِّنِّ والجروحَ قصاصٌ فمن تَصدَّقَ به فهو كفَّارةٌ له ومن لم يحْكُم بما أنزَلَ الله فأولئك هم الظَّالمون
    " And We ordained therein for them"Life for Life,Eye for eye,Nose for nose,Ear for ear,Tooth for tooth,and wounds equal for equal." But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity,It shall be for him an explanation.And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed,Such are the Zalimun(wrong doers,Polytheists)
    He forgave them.He could have easliy ordered to kill all men women children or order to accept Islam.Islam dosent accept forced conversion as the person is not accepting it by heart and will not be a Muslim and will be a harm to believers.A Muslim is that person who accepts Islamic Monotheisim accepts Mohammad(A.S) as a messenger of Allah.Who without any let or hindrence implements the Law of Islam on himself.If he does not He is a Hyppocrite and Hyppocrites cannot deceive Allah but only themselves.
    Now about Kashmiri Muslims .May be you may have forgotten but let me remind you the aftermath of Oct 26 1947.Who saved Pandits in Kashmir from the Adventure of Tribals who reached up to Shalateng and Rambagh.If we would have hated you and wanted you guys to be wiped off then we would have joined the tribals.We were Kashmiri Muslims and fighted back our own Muslims who were gone astray at that time and wanted to kill Pandits.While in Jammu in mere 3 days Indian army jana sang and the Sikhs with the help of patiala forces matyred 300.000 Muslim mem women and children.We could have easily responded.But its the greatness of our religion and our Kashmiri roots which always lie in between.In 1990 it were you who were lured by India and puppet governor Jagmohan to leave valley so that he'll clean it from Muslims as he cleaned the muslim houses near Turkman gate in Delhi when he was Lt.Governor there.What was wrong when a spy of India is killed wether it was a pandit or Muslim.Spy has to be neutralised and it is done every where.Obviously You guys were more in such agencies so it had to happen.Muslim spys also were killed without any discrimination .Take the case of Tehsin Billa he was blown off by Al umar.What was wrong when JKLF killed Neel kanth Ganjoo who being a Judge ordered Maqbool bhat to be Hanged in a fake case.Sikh spyes also were targeted but they never left the valley why? because they had no dubious intentions and they very well know the real face of Indian Democracy.It were the Hindus who since Kashmir was Sold were opressing Kashmiri Muslims.We are the people who dont opress and dont allow others to opress us thats why you see Muslims struggling nowadays in many parts of the world.We have clear guidelines from God.Live with peace and Harmony but if someone Hurts you give him a befitting respose.
    You Batas every now and then tell people that you left property in Kashmir.Isn't it a fact that puppet Govt of j&K has made a law that all migrant property first will be assessed by the govt.and then only sold.You people sold it by your consent and the Govt.is witness to it so why you people lie.You say Your Temples were burt.Show me one.Every temple has been occupied by The Occupational Forces of India.I once entered a temple in Channapora locality which was abondened by forces & inside they had made it just as a cattle shed.Go and see that temple on the bank of Kita Kol on bypass at chanapora.We never occupied your houses by force.whereas in Jammu Mosques were made shelter for cattle.Houses of muslims were given to migrants from Sialkot and mirpur.We are not cheap as your people are.We are proud Muslims of kashmiri ethnicity.Even today if you guys will come we'll be happy to live together with you but without any more betrayals and mischeif.Also dont cry that your community was targeted.DGP of police(jJ&K) told in a press confrence,Who himself is a Pandit,Said 250 KP's and 100.000 were killed since the insurgency against indian illegal occupation started in 1989.Believe me I had so many pandit friends who also left valley.I studied in a schoool whose Name is Hindu High School.You people should realise your betrayal and denounce Indian atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims.We'll take you bak on our shoulders as we are one blood.Inspite of slanders against Kashmiris we Love you.

  15. This is absurd. Blaming each other and Blamming union called India. Who is India? Delhi? Chennai? Mumbai? Do you think tamilians dont have issues or Marathis or punjabis? Everyone blames that India , the center has to be blamed for some true or fictional problem..but who is this center..who is this India? Even Marathis is Mumbai think that "others" are undermining their culture, that marathi is not taught in schools, so does it mean that Marathis should start fighting for azad Maharashtra?

    Why do Kashmiris want separate country when they know that stying with Union is more beneftial!! Is it got to do with Islam? if not that why do Hurriyat leader say that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan because we are united by islaam. Nepalis dont say that they want to be part of India because they are hindus. So why Kashmir? And if indeed, Kashmir gains so called independence, have they thought what would happen to 20 million muslims in India? Doesnt it show that Muslims where they are in majority, they cant live in peace with others?

  16. i think that this angry young panditji is having no knowledge about islam.even we share the fault becoz we forgot to talk to our hindu brothers in here and copied their traditions.we really didnt show them any difference in aqeedah so they could know what they are doing,"polytheism" which will surely cost them a lot.InshaAllah.

  17. Hi

    I fully agree with taha_nishat and medved. Being a Sikh and having roots in Kashmir, I have seen and heard many such incidents where Kashmiri Muslims have provided every possible support and cooperation to thier Sikh and Pandit brothers. I clearly remember in 1984 when Golden Temple was attacked and sikhs in Srinagar came out protesting, 4 muslim youths also were killed alonhwith 13 sikhs (coincidentally the peaceful protest was fired upon by the then SP Srinagar, M L Ganjoo).

    In 1991, I have seen myself how 3 muslim college students of A S College closed a door locking the lone Pandit Professor there to sdave his life from a fanatic mob outside. There were 50plus shouting students who wanted to beat the professor but these 3 youth kept requesting and pleading for this life.

    The biggest example can be this fact that till today, in last 60 years since 1947, no communal riots have taken place in Kashmir despite the fact that there are more than 80% muslims. Perhaps Kashmir is the only place in India where no religous riots have taken place in spite of all militancy and issues.

    We must give credit to our Kashmir Muslim brothers who have been part and parcel of our daily lives - in spite of religous beliefs differences, I have seen muslim guys and girls attending all weddings, dancing to Bhangra tunes, serving food and being involved in every activity. This is one of the best examples of Religous Tolerance and we should be proud of it.

  18. Thankyou for the touching post Ravinder. It is this harmony, brotherhood, and respect that I see in Kashmir but see lacking in other cultures, that sets us apart from others here.

    Please keep enlightening us. These kinds of views are very inspiring and rekindle the hope that our Kashmiriyat is still salvagebale.

  19. Hey Ravinder, Your comment is an innocent killer. Even i remember my dad asking a pandit family to live in our house till the mood gets right. It was in early 90's.

    Rightly mentioned that despite 62 years in conflict, Kashmir never ever witnessed any communal riots.

    I wish if you could write more on what exaclty happend those days, since i was a toddler and hear most of the stories from my grandma and dad.

    thanks for this wonderful post.

  20. Tasha

    We know islam fully period.

  21. Ravinder,

    It does not matter if few muslims were kind. The fact that the extremists were successful itself speaks to your comment. Don't be duluded.

  22. This is for Mr.Ravinder,Koshur and KashmirViews.Dear Ravinder you have mentioned about the A.S.college episode where three muslim students saved the life of lone kashmiri pandit professor and you were a witness to the incident.you have mentioned that 50plus students were hell bent upon to beat the pandit professor,so it is clear that the majority of kashnmiri muslims are fanatic and fanatic people are always uncivilised.The number of civilised people in kashmir is very less and the ratio as per your statement is 3:50 or 6:100.The three students who saved the life of the pandit professor are really great but i think that they should have been silenced by the majority fanatic population ruling the roost in the valley.In every nook and corner of the valley,these 50 people are present and they killed and threatened the minority community and made them to flee the valley.This is the biggest tragedy in the history of secular democratic India.They pasted threatning pamplets on our doors in the valley.They threatned Kashmiri Pandits through newspapers,read "Alsafa"dated 13-4-1990.The paper carried front page news threatning kashmiri pandits to leave the valley or face death.It is irony that in India where they are in minority,they press for secularism and in Kashmir part of India where they are in majority they plead for NizamiMustafa.They could not even tolerate the presence of 1 percent of kashmiri pandits.In countries like Afganistan,pakistan and bangladesh,see the condition of hindus and sikhs.Just go through TaslimaNasrin's book "LAJJA".In Pakistan,hindus and sikhs have no voting rights.In all these countries, muslims are in majority and you can feel the difference.India is secular because hindus are in majority.

  23. This is for Mr. Ravinder and is in continuation to my earlier comments. Your assessment of “no communal riots in Kashmir since 1947”is totally wrong. May I remind you that in 1986 these fanatic Muslim fundamentalists burnt our houses and temples in Ananthnag dist. during the regime of G.M.Shah. After 1990 more than 90 percent of our houses have been burnt or destroyed by these fanatic people. You can yourself visit those localities inhabited by Kashmir pandits. They first looted the goods from our houses and sold some of them in Sunday markets of Srinagar for two years. The rest they kept for them selves. I have photographs of three hundred temples that have either been burnt or blasted during these years of turmoil. I have visited these temples my self along with some Muslim friends who were just like those three Muslim students of A.S Collage you have mentioned in your comments.
    In 1990 a Kashmir pandit lady teacher named Sarla Bhat was on way to her home back in the evening from school near Trehgam . In the evening she could not get a lift to her home back. A muslim lady teacher who was also accompanying Sarla Bhat told her to stay back at her place because it was getting late .Sarla Bhat readily agreed without knowing what would befall on her. In the evening some fanatic muslim local goons raided the house and kidnapped the helpless Kashmiri pandit lady teacher. She was first raped by all of them. Then she was taken to a bend saw and was sawed in to two halves from head to toe. Then the two divided pieces of Sarla Bhat were thrown on the road and announcement was made from the local mosque telling the muslims to come out and spit on the body of “Kafir lady”(as they call every non muslim by that name). This is not the lone gruesome incident. There are hundreds of tragedies these uncivilized people have inflicted upon our community. Better ask your elders.
    This is one of the biggest religious intolerance of these fanatic uncivilized people.
    Abhinav pandit.