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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Azaadi does not translate to merger with Pakistan

First of all I would like apologise to everyone for my short absence. I had certain chores on my list, such as joining the protest marches, and visiting family in my village after days of curfew. These chores were higher on the priority list than updating my blog. I am thankful to my dear friend and fellow of administrator of the Kashmir Frorum who agreed to publish your comments during my absence.

I am very perplexed with the statements of Mr Geelani about Kashmiris wanting to merge with Pakistan. This statement should alarm everyone who has fought hard all this long for the right of Kashmiris to decide their own future. Last time I checked the Urdu-English dictionary, the word Azaadi meant Independence and not merger with Pakistan. This is another ploy that politicians with a vested interests have always played with Kashmiris. I doubt it will work this time as Kashmiris have wisened up to these tricks.


  1. If kashmir becomes independent and not a part of Pakistan, that will be an upfront and a violation to the very idea of Pakistan. So they will not let it happen so easily. (and they won't be willing to part with their territory "azad kashmir" so easily).

    Apart from the Pakistani government, Kashmir should also be alarmed of the situation in NWFP and Swat valley of
    Pakistan. These regions are extremely close to Kashmir geographically. There are several terrorist elements which are not under the control of Pakistani army, and which can easily find their way into Kashmir. (This has hapened earlier..)

    The Indian mood currently is of complete vexation. Majority of Indians are ashamed of the killings and curfews being forced onto Kashmir, and the opinion will soon tilt to the idea of India without kashmir. That will also save India a lot of money that it is pumping into subsidies and maintenance of the army in the region. But again, letting go of Kashmir will destroy the very idea of India as a nation, and put a question mark on the nationality of millions of Muslims who live in India. There will be tensions, but I hope they will not go bloody. Most Indians are tired of all the violence and terrorism.

  2. Ray as always a very thoughtful post and correctly describes the mood currently prevailing in India.

    However, there is one little detail that is not quite accurate. Kashmir, being a princely state, did not only have the option of acceeding to India or Pakistan, it also had the option of remaining independent. Which the Maharaja at the time was contemplating. However, his decision to acceede to India was hastened when Pakistan invaded. This is one of the arguments that pro-freedom activists use against the accession by the Maharaja, that a unilateral decision made under duress cannot be held against the entire population of a nation.

    We are quite aware of the intentions of Pakistan, and their desire to annex Kashmir as their own territory; however, given sufficient internation assurances, there is no reason why Kashmir cannot sustain itself without fear of invasion by any of our neighbours.

    What always puzzles me is that why dont all three claimants, the people of Kashmir, the government of Pakistan and the Indian government take this claim to the ICJ (International court of Justice) and make their decision binding.

    I have not doubt in my mind that the people of Kashmir have such a fool-proof case that any court of law will uphold our right to live as an independent country.

    I am quite aware of the inherent dangers that terrorists and fugitives might make kashmir a safe-haven; however, that is not a good argument to make for the same reason that are they not operating in KAshmir now? every country in the region has those problems: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sinkiang in China. Certain regions in Kashmir are a no-enter areas for the mighty Indian army, so does that mean the governemtn in Kashmir is not functioning?

    These problems will always be there, however, to hold this argument against Kashmiris to be a viable country is being too harsh on us when all the countries in the region are facing exactly the same problems.

    I'll try to update yesterdays post, let me know what you think.

  3. I want to raise a point here.

    True - what we saw was the right and the best method to protest - peaceful and strong. No doubt that after so many years of Gun culture, the fight is back to basics and everyone realise this is THE way. However one noticeable thing which makes one to think is the objective change.

    All these years, everybody right from Hurriyat till POK based organisations, were chanting the Azadi mantra. Though local Hindus were already alienated in the early years, there was still lot of support from other communities and groups visible. However last few days, the whole agenda seems to be changing from "Azadi" to "Pakistan" - from "Kashmiriyat" to "Islam". Does this mean that people are asking for an Islamic country with no Hindu/Sikhs/Budhists. Sorry, if this is the case, then again this wont go anywhere. I dont think it can be successful by alienating other communities and groups.

  4. Unfortunately for Kashmiries we have some leaders that propegate Indian and some Pakistan .We need leaders that stand for Kashmiries .I hope our leader at this present jucture rise above their personal egoistic solutions to Kashmir problem and let people for once have a say so we for look forward to buliding our Nation the way Kashmiries want it

  5. Pakistanis have no objection at all to Kashmir's independence. It was shocking for us to first realize that Kashmiris wanted independence and not to join us in Islamic Pakistan, but >90% of Pakistanis have accepted now that it is the Kashmiri's right to decide the future of their own country.

  6. Sure, Kashmiries have every right to decide what they want. Pakistan will not put any pressure on kashmiries.

    And Just a quick comment. An independent kashmir has been living at the cost of pakistan establishment and government. Iam really shocked to see how kashmiries have forgotten all the help and favour being provided to them by pakistan. Now once for all kashmiries are ignoring all that and falling for indian propaganda that pakistan want kashmir for itself. If this was true then from last 62 years an independent kashmir wudnt be existing.

    Please take a leap at the history and try to realize what pakistan has done for kashmiries before putting forward any blames. As far as I checked it was india who was forcefully trying to occupy kashmir and not pakistan.

    Anyways, Pakistanis support the kashmiries freedom fight and independence. We dont want nothing from kashmiries except friendship. But its upto kashmiries to decide sides. If they think india would be better then pakistan sure they have a right to choose whatever they like for themselves. Atleast dont accuse pakistan of anything.....we have been nothing but supportive for kashmiries.