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Tough Solution for Dal Lake

Dal Lake and other lakes keep falling into the presipice of a dark future. A future where all the beautiful lakes and rivers will turn into a swamp and maybe be filled later on to be built upon for cosntructing concrete buildings.
In my opinion, the only solution to this problem is as follows:

The actual boundaries of these lakes should be indentified. This should be an easy task for our scientists using satellite imagery and figuring out the extent of flooding during peak rainy seasons. After identifiying the boundaries, those areas falling within this boundary should be absolutely a 'no-construction' zone. I beleive this is done to some extent by the LAWDA at the present time with some enforcements taking place.

An ideal solution would be if this whole lake area is somehow de-populated and then enclosed using a non-penetrable fence with a few entry gates for getting in and out of the lake areas.

I believe this solution is workable if there is a good incentive for the residents of this area to relocate from their ancestral homes and lands. What would be a better incentive for some resident of Jogilankar, Gurpur, or Bahrar to relocate from an area that borders the Dal or Nagin Lakes to another area. The incentive would be if the area of relocation is in a better neighbourhood.

I would ask the readers to identify any government owned lands within the Srinagar city limits which the government could re-acquire that they could offer these residents of Dal or other areas bordering these Lakes?

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