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Indo-US Nuclear Deal and the Muslim Identity

I dont think I'll be able to convince people who have wrongly made up their minds, through misinformation, that anyone who talks about a muslim identity would be a hot-headed 'Islamic rage boy'. These people also are usually of the belief that there is no such thing as a muslim identity. But inspite of these stereotypes I'll give it a shot and put forth my few points:

They claim that much of the muslim world would be againts itself because many muslim countries cooperate militarily with the US. How many of these countries are democracies? Qatar, Saudi Arabia(which continues to have US bases), Jordan, Egypt, the gulf sheikhdoms and their ilk are all dictatorships or monarchies imposed by the West. If you were to ask the suppressed muslim populace of these countries about cooperating with the US or Israel I am sure you would get an answer not very far from that of the percieved 'muslim identity'.

As far as India benfeting from this deal economically and therefore the views of the majority of its muslim poulace takes second place, I would like to respectfully note that Indians are underestimating the genius of thier scientists and engineers who wuold sooner than later be able to manufacture the nuclear fuel indiginously. India would sooner or later be able to produce the yellow cake and maybe even be able tp export it to other countries. Indians are unknowingly thwarting their own progress by purchasing the nuclear fuel instead of using all resources to manufacture it in India.

If muslims are respected as equal citizens of India, cooperation with US over the nuclear deal should be reconsidered, and at the same time research for the indigineous production of Uranium should be bolstered. This should be done in solidarity with Iran and in ojection to the double standards that the US is exercising whilst dealing with other muslim countries; for instance the US unconditional support of Israel and its apartheid policies. Has anyone ever heard of US objecting to the 300 nuclear warheads that Israel posseses and yet is the recipient of over 300 billion dollar US aid most of which Israel spends on military hardware to sustain a country that has been the reason of war and suffering in the muslim world ever since it was imposed upon the middle-east.

If proponents of the Indo-US nuclear deal are unable to see the double standards that the US and its accomplices are proposing, then nothing will ever convince them. US is on the verge of militarily striking Iran for suspision of having a secret nuclear weapons program, and therefore Iran is prohibited by the US and its henchmen from pursuing a peaceful nuclear program for generating electricity. India already has nuclear weapons and yet is helped with the civilian nuclear program. Does anyone see the doublle standard?. Is it because Iran and Syria are muslim countries and not buddies with the terrorist state of Israel? I suspect that is the main reason.

If you still want muslims to support this deal, you have to assume that we are brain-dead sheep who follow any solgan of the "poor, downtrodden, helpless muslims of India" who would somehow overnight come out of this misrey by the US-India nuclear deal.


  1. Omar,
    The other day, you made a great speech in the Parliament during the trust-vote. It was fabulous and straight from the heart. What was fabulous about the speech was your honesty as a politician. I was also happy to see a young leader bursting into the national politics.

    That speech has propelled you to the center-stage of national politics. I would like you to take a proactive role as a politician and aspire for the post of Prime Minister in future. The fact that you are Muslim and belong to Kashmir does not have any effect on me. In fact, these are the reasons why I would like you to become the PM of India and lead India to the world stage.

    Hope you won't disappoint the People of India.

  2. India is rich in Thorium which is the next generation fuel of nuclear reactors, and may very well be the future hope of mankind.

    Most of this Thorium is on the sandy beaches of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, accounting for 30% of world's reserves. These reserves are sufficient for India's future energy needs for 100,0000 years.

    Indian scientists have made enormous strides in using Thorium, but the reactors they developed are still untested and expensive by today's standards.

    To use Thorium, we need to kick-start the process by Plutonium which can be generated only by conventional nuclear reactors using Uranium. We don't have sufficient Uranium reserves in India, so we need to import them.

    The US-India nuclear deal is a historic necessity for our future energy program, and its effects will start to materialize in 30 years. One shouldn't look at this from the narrow prism of US vs Muslim opinion.

  3. Why muslims are treated as different entities. They are as any other citizens . aren't they part of mankind. think in the prism of mankind ; rather than as different entity. then only things will change

  4. To the author of this passage.

    Please do not make comments on scientific issues like the one here, until you are qualified enough to comment.

    I am not sure what is Ray's qualification, but he has given an informed answer.

    So again, back to the author of this passage;since you are no way concerned with India, you hold no right to comment on India's foreign policies.

    Does the nucelar deal affect Kashmir? So don't bother.