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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Mission Accomplished

I decided to save this ribbon on a separate post of its own to remind us of the victory of July 01, 2008. On this day, the people of Kashmir were able to stand united and got the decision to transfer land at Baltal, and Dhumail, Pahalgam to the SASB reversed.

This is a momentous day in the history of Kashmir, and just shows that if we stand united for a cause no obstacle is unsurmountable.

May the five Kashmiris who lost their lives rest in peace and may Allah bless them and grant them heaven.


  1. BEYOND THE LENS_You Can Only Understand It If You’re Kashmiri Or Have Lived There;"When political isolation and economic deprivation ruled supreme. The
    common Kashmiri,s were reduced to the state of being a superfluous
    part of the struggle, without any guiding star on the horizon.. In
    such crucial moments,the land transfer bill kindled the torch of
    egohood;Thousands of people take to the streets of the City of
    Srinagar protesting against the unholy transfer of land to non state
    subjects- a dream of any ideologue of freedom struggle accomplished a
    popular spontaneous mass uprising-"KGN message; a revival of a
    demoralized struggle;will you believe those experienced
    administrator's who were Governing this state for some time and then
    facilitate this transfer, were totally unaware of this
    spontaneous response which it evoked, or were taken by surprise by the
    mass protests .unbelievable and hard to swallow----wait and see
    whether this unholy event, which many Kashmiris hope would be a step
    toward their cherished goal of Azadi and actually unlock Kashmir from its present stalemate or push it to more tragedies.Before you talk about right and wrong, please take a moment and pray for all the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris who want peaceful solution in this bloody war.You Can Only Understand It If You are Kashmiri Or Have Lived There.Unfortunately, the voice of the ordinary Kashmiri is lost in the din of propaganda war between global powers.

  2. this uprising shall be remembered as a red letter day in the history of kashmir, which have awakened a common kashmiri about the ill intensions of the indian's.

  3. today i came to see ur heart out for the happiness you have shown for the result of the struggle of kashmiri people..but it is start as we people have scarified alot and the day is not faraway from us when we succeed in weed out those who had exploited us till date...inshaAllah

  4. How can the Muslims in the Valley complain about India wanting to change the demographics of Kashmir when they have already changed the demographics? Do the Muslims remember how they gave the Kashmiri Pandits three options: convert, leave, or die? Where are the Hindus in the Valley? Why don't the Muslims ever bring up that change in demographics?