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Of Ultimate Sacrifices and Ugly Statistics

I haven't once heard any member of the government sincerely feel moved by the tragic loss of five lives since the current protests about the land-grab by SASB started. It seems that Azad does not really care about the circumstances in which the youths were murdered, and doesnt even feel it is necessary to call for an inquiry into the circumstances in which these killings of protestors took place. He seems content that these youths would just be part of the "bloody" statistics of deaths in Kashmir.

It seems incomrehensible that these youth were alive and well one day and became part of the statistics the very next day. I am talking about the statistics according to which the Kashmir conflict has "approximately" claimed 200,000 deaths of Kashmiris. What makes me even more worried is that the government has not kept an accurate record of the deaths and therefore these numbers are just "approximate". It is understood that these numbers could be +/- 1000 lives, maybe even +/- 10,000 lives; there just is no way of confirming that to be certain because the government did not feel it necessary to be bothered about keeping accurate records of this trivial detail of the conflict. It is for the same reason that we are discovering unmarked graves in all parts of the valley. As if we are talking about sheep, plants or even potatoes and not about real people with loved ones crying over them and missing their loss every single moment!

It is as if calling for an impartial inquiry into the deaths of these protestors would open a can of worms that the government is unwilling to open at this time. We saw on TV how the police were themselves vandalising someone's new car! Is it really out of the question that these protestors were killed in cold-blood? How can we be certain that a CRPF personnell did not murder any of these protestors in rage and anger after they were hit by a stone. Is this scenario really implausible?

If the Azad government is really sincere and wants even a shred of legitimacy to his government or even if he has an iota of humanity, he would call for an impartial inquiry into all deaths of protestors.

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