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SASB Mission: Change the Demography of Kashmir

What would the purpose be for the SASB to aquire 1000 Kanals of prime land in one of the most picturisque valleys of muslim majority Kashmir? Anyone with a shred of intelligence can figure that their intentions are far from cordial. Why would the Yatris need permanent dwellings when the yatra itself lasts a month and is performed in one day is beyond my understanding.

The current PDP minister Mr. Qazi Muhammad Afzal who allocated the thousand kanals of forest land to the SASB should be investigated by the vigilance for corruption because such a huge land transfer can only take place beacause of a huge kickback or that he is simply a SASB stooge in disguise along with his accomplices such as Mufti and Mehbooba as well as Azad who presided the cabinet meeting where this land transfer was approved.

This land transfer is just one of the many avenues the enemies of Kashmir are utilizing to change the demography of Kashmir. Consider this: a thousand Kanals could house atleast a 100,000 non-Kashmiris permanently and Kashmiris cannot do a thing about it because it will be on SASB property and the SASB will simply claim that they are yatris and volunteers to maintian the Amarnath Shrine. However, in reality, given enough time, these non-Kashmiris will marry gullible Kashmiri girls and their progeny will not only be non-muslims but they will also have a legally obtained State Subject certificate and spread to the rest of muslim majority Kashmir and within a generation Kashmiris will soon be an insignificant minority. If this scenario seems implausible then consider what Israel has been doing in Palestine. It seems that the hard-line Indian bureaucrats have copied the Israeli tactis in Palesine word-for-word and their cooperation is not just limited to India being a dumping ground for Israeli manufactured cheap arms that are used to fight Kashmiri militants.


  1. Hi Koshur

    Great blog, went through it for the first time today, and have marked it to revisit again next year.
    Every one has their own points of view, and all of us have a right to one. I have been to Kashmir a couple of times(once for the Amarnath Yatra itself as late as last year), and have many friends from there- both Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits. Love the place, and read lots about it, and that is what forms my opinion about this issue- so apologies for any oversight on the issue, you may get me the correct picture:)
    One reason why India as a whole, and Kashmir in particular has done badly over the last 60 years is the people who have governed us and the govt machinery which has been manipulated by all and sundry. From what i know from many people involved is SASB arrangements is that a lot of money changes hands for giving out tenders for erection of camps during the Amarnath Yatra, and then again for maintenance and decamping. Only selected people are allowed to go through this tender process, all local kashmiri businessmen trying to make quick money for personal gains, the illicit bribes goto people in SASB and Local municipal bodies from Srinagar, baltal, pahalgam, and sonmarg- yet again all kashmiris....corruption has no religion worldwide, in fact it betrays all religions. Now think of the permanent setups....probably that would reduce the moneygrab that occurs every year, and this money hopefully would flow into the welfare of ordinary people.
    As far as changing the demographies is concerned, I may hate article 370, yet that is something we all live with, I can not be a kashmiri subject, can not settle down there, and can not buy land or house there. So the settling down issue should not arise. Israel may have made palestinians aliens in their own land, and closer home, tibet has more han chinese than native tibetans(saw it myself during my visit there a couple of years back, and also the treatment meted out to the tibetans)- India may have seen every single law being played around with, but article 370 remains sacrosanct, and would always be. IN fact the issue only highlights what i said in the begining, the wonderful turncoat that politicians do...PDP minister signed the entire matter, with the consent of their leaders the sayyed family, and now they shout at the top of their voice to repeal it....

    think about it, would wait for your cross-comments

    All the best, dude!!!! keep blogging and i ll keep coming back for more

  2. Hi Suchi, I tried clicking on your name to visit your blog but it mentions that "profile not available".

    Thankyou very much for your comments and I will try to write my response later tonight as time permits. (In Kashmir we still have power shut-downs and loadshedding so that only gives me approx 3 minutes before the electricity goes off)


  3. Hi Suchi,

    I agree with you that most leaders of India as well as Kashmir have let their people down time and again. My next blog post that I am currently working on will infact be the treachory of the cabinet members of Sheikh Abdullah and how they betrayed him when Mr Abdullah was arrested in 1953. Please make sure you read that post as it will give you a glimpse into the troubled history of Kashmir.

    What most people in India seem to forget is that Kashmir is quite unlike other states of Kashmir and legally speaking no action of any political party in India can get rid of article 370. This is because all other Indian laws except for defence, foreign affairs and communications are applicable to Kashmir because of article 370. (I could go on and on but that should be a subject for another post)

    My stand has always been that Kashmir should always be part of the union of India albeit with the maximum possible autonomy short of independence. Infact, all states of India should follow suit. We should model our federation on the European Union. It should be upto the member states that make up a federation about how to manage their local affairs. I have no qualms about other states restricting the employment of KAshmiris entering those states if those states seem it benefeting them.

    Regarding the SASB, I feel that the issue was, as always, handled poorly by successive governments. There is absolutely no need to involve non-kashmiris in the handling of the yatra; especially the governor. Kashmiris are quite capable of handling this now as they have been arranging this for almost a century. Not just pandits, but muslims have been making sure that the yatra is performed smoothly until now.

    I feel the best solution is that the Shrine board should be abolished and the handling of the Yatra should be handed over to an elected board. The members should be elected from within the community of Pahalgam, with a few members of the Kashmiri Pandit community as well as dogras from Jammu.

    The question of permanent structures does not arise at all, since we are talking about forest land and no one with an iota of environmental awareness would accept that.

    Every year not less than 2 million muslims perform haj and have to visit various places in Mecca and Medina. Not one place has permanent structures and Hajis have to stay in tents.

    Looking forward to more comments from you.

    Regards :)

  4. Hi Koshur
    Thanks for the prompt response.
    I do agree that some things are done the best by locals, and that the amarnath yatra could never be managed without the co-operatrion of the locals all across the yatra. In fact, not sure if you know that even the free food stalls across the yatra route are managed not by the SASB but the donations of various city volunteer groups, SASB only gives out the licenses. And then SASB runs an annual budget of close to 300 crores!!! what do they do with it, the pilgrims spend their own money for everything. This is the money that the permanent structure would dry up.
    Even I found Baltal a pure bliss and green area, and environmentally i am against having silly concrete structures coming up there, however the politic rhetoric of kashmiris becoming a minority really puts me off. I agree that the politicos have done us no good, but i was surprised at the same rhetoric like that being mentioned in a logical-headed blog like yours.
    All i said was that the permanent structures would dry up the money going into the coffers of the corrupt people. It really hurts!!

    I appreciate your ideas about federations, yet you need to know that even european union is currently divided across midline, the powers to be are shit scared of people from eastern europe and the erstwhile USSR countries flooding their labor markets, My take is that the best strategy would be to allow free flow of people across the country, to allow people to understand everyone's point of view. I have been in Delhi all my life, and everyone including our CM has at times blabbered about immigrants, there is no way you could stop it. Imagine people actually herded around in storage containers, trying to sneak in illegally into Europe. Bangladeshis are pouring into India, all over. No boundaries are watertight.

    You could always argue that i can pass such statements living away from the action in srinagar, without the feelings of the ordinary kashmiri; i am only trying to give a potentially unbiased view based on my interactions with a lot of people on all sides of the conflict.

    Anyways, i m glad to present a counterpoint, and as i said earlier, its my perception:)

  5. and lest i forgot to mention, the capital of india has powercuts too....in fact when i shifted my house recently, the first three things to do was to get a power connection, water connection and an inverter:))

    SO much for the idea of oneness and equality:)

  6. Hi Suchi, I like your humour about equating Delhi and Kashmir as far as power cuts are concerned :) I forget what that hindi word is, the one that they play on doordarshan (about india being one ..its a song created by the indian government)

    Anyways back to the real story and looks like the Kashmir government has finally come to its senses and relieved the Shrine board of being responsible for the yatra. I htink they should do the right thing and hand it back to the locals as well now.

    Too bad the protests in India being organised by the VHP and Shiv sena are of a communal nature. In Kashmir, the protests are mainly about the land transfer to non-kashmiris more than anything else.

    Did you know that Kashmiris are providig the stranded yatris with free food and supplies. Funny the mainstream media in India is not reporting that.

  7. Hi Koshur,
    Pardon me but there is something that really disturbs me and i seek your help on that -how do we bring to light the Powerful who have encroached all that beautiful forestland around Dal Lake and those who have encroached half of the Dal Lake ...do you want a Kashmiri Pandit or a Dogra to be part of the Analysis Team .....
    If Muslim brothers are feeding their Hindu Brothers there ,it maybe a surprise for you ....not for us who have seen such things happen everywhere across India ...
    please for Gods sake do not stoop so low and talking about National Media ,they eat more out of the hands of your so called leaders than anyone else .
    Every kg of food that we eat in kashmir is subsidised my Friend but i will be a fool to expect the Government to publicise that .
    You can be my guest for as long as you like and believe me i will try to cook that for you myself because you come from the same place that i breathed the air from some 30 years ago -by that logic we are brothers.

  8. BEYOND THE LENS_You Can Only Understand It If You’re Kashmiri Or Have Lived There;AND SUFFERED.

    Debate-Will you believe those experienced administrator's who were Governing this state for some time and then facilitate this transfer, were totally unaware of this spontaneous response which it evoked, or were taken totally by surprise ,the mass protests seen on streets of valley.unbelievable.
    "When political isolation and economic deprivation ruled supreme. The
    common Kashmiri,s were reduced to the state of being a superfluous
    part of the struggle, without any guiding star on the horizon.. In
    such crucial moments,the land transfer bill kindled the torch of
    egohood;Thousands of people take to the streets of the City of
    Srinagar protesting against the unholy transfer of land to non state
    subjects- a dream of any ideologue of freedom struggle accomplished a
    popular spontaneous mass uprising-"KGN message; a revival of a
    demoralized struggle;will you believe those experienced
    administrator's who were Governing this state for some time and then
    facilitate this transfer, were totally unaware of this
    spontaneous response which it evoked, or were taken by surprise by the
    mass protests .unbelievable and hard to swallow----wait and see
    whether this unholy event, which many Kashmiris hope would be a step
    toward their cherished goal of Azadi and actually unlock Kashmir from its present stalemate or push it to more tragedies.Before you talk about right and wrong, please take a moment and pray for all the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris who want peaceful solution in this bloody war.You Can Only Understand It If You are Kashmiri Or Have Lived There.Unfortunately, the voice of the ordinary Kashmiri is lost in the din of propaganda war between global powers

  9. Let the land not be given to the Amarnath Shrine Board. And let us close all Haj houses in all cities, close the Haj terminal at International Airports and remove the subsidy on air travel to Haj by which our Muslim brethren conduct the pilgrimage on taxpayers money.

  10. The basic issue is that either you go by the law or by the rule of mob. Governor Vohra has gone by the rule of mob and the basic legal questions are not answered, by the Governor Vohra and neither by the respected Mr. Dua.
    Mr. Governor you have to answer certain questions? Why is that a body SASB that has been constituted by the members of the assembly and the land was allotted to it, it has been withdrawn because the separatists raised hue and cry. Omar Abdullah is mad when he says that he will die and will not part with land, is it his fathers land, is it the Muslims land? The question is if everything was done by law and even high court had directed on May 15, 2008 why it was revoked? Because Muslims did not want it? Why? If there is Hajj and Auquaf which own thousands of properties in Jammu why that is allowed and SASB is disallowed to own land? What message you have given by your actions to the secular people. Even in Times of India (7/8/08) toady Mohd Salem pundit has quoted the people to say that govt has buckled to the pressure of the anti-national forces? Who is responsible? Question is if it was done by the process of law why was it revoked? If sheikh Abdullah constructed Hazratbal shrine in 1979 and declared holiday when it was to be opened to public and used all the Govt land why is Sinha a communal and Sheikh Abdullah the secular? Why that ecology argument is is not taken into consideration when you are constructing the Mughul Road how many acres of land of forest is used for it? It is no problem as Muslim parts are to be connected to srinagar? why is it that land is allotted to university in Jammu and it is not communal? When Geelani say that demographic change will happen to valley by allocating land to SASB, how many Hindus pilgrims in last 100 years settled in amarnath to change the demographic pattern of valley? The point is that how many Hindus did complain that the offerings that they made were going to malik family? The same was the case with the Vasno Devi shrine there were also traditional priests who would take all the offerings but when they were removed and yatra was made under a board that is working very very nicely? It has got a university and a state of art cancer hospital by the donation money? Those who say that yatra was communalized when the Muslims were not given the share in donations? Who takes the economic benefit when 5 lakh tourists valley? Why that is not counted? What is the size of the land plot it is not greater than the railway station of Jammu, who when Kashmiri Muslims use? did Hindus say that it has changed the demographic pattern of the Jammu region. The problem is that it was communalized by Geelani & Co to give their militant agenda and MR Governor you played into their hand without even telling the agitating people the legal issues involved. You have helped the Separatists and defeated the Nationalist forces?

  11. With Israel on India's side you people don't even have the slightest idea about what awaits. Let the elections be over, McCain shall win and then you're in for a surprise. You'd not even know what hit you.

  12. How can the Muslims in the Valley complain about India wanting to change the demographics of Kashmir when they have already changed the demographics? Do the Muslims remember how they gave the Kashmiri Pandits three options: convert, leave, or die? WHERE ARE THE HINDUS IN THE VALLEY NOW? (They are refugees in their own country - in Jammu or elsewhere in India) Why don't the Muslims ever bring up that change in demographics?

  13. Manan Sir, with all due respect, you are lying. The only reason Pandits left Kashmir was because Jagmohan the butcher made them leave. Kashmiri muslims should not be blamed for this tragedy. If thousands of Bihari hindus can come and live in Kashmir then there is no reason why kashmiri muslims would not want their pandit bretheren to live among them.

  14. Anonymous - at least say your name! What are you trying to hide?

    Why would Jagmohan want Hindus to leave?? You're statements are the lies. The Hindu Pandits were forced to leave the Valley in the 1990's during the height of the Islamic militancy. Islamic extremists forced them to leave.

    Even if you don't agree with the cause, what are the Muslims in the Valley doing now to allow the Pandits to return to their homes and feel same?

    Again, why don't the Kashmiri Muslims ever bring up the change in demegraphics caused by the forced removal of the Hindu Pandits (whatever the cause)?

    When will the Hindu Pandits be able to safely return to their homes?

    And a related question - how do you think the Hindus in Pakistan are treated? They are treated much worse than any Muslim in India! but Muslims never bring up how badly they mistreat non-Muslims in their countries.

  15. Mr Manan,

    Thankyou for the comment. May I invite you to discuss your views on the Kashmiri Forum http://kashmir.forumakers.com/ The link of which is on the top of this blog. Same is the invitation to the 'anonymous' poster.


  16. Hi Anonymous

    Pandits did not leave the valley due to Jagmohan, they did it because of the tactics being followed...by kashmiri muslims, when people hanged kashmiri pandits by the trees way back in 88-89 to make statements, jagmohan was not even there....when their houses were ransacked in karan nagar in srinagar, jagmohan was not there.....
    learn to admit where you did wrongs, may be you did not do it, but you supported those who did it, at that time it was supposed to be the manifestation against the dominance of pundits in the kashmiri elite society......that was because they invested in education, today the same manifestation if from the jammu people against the dominance of kashmiris in the overall state politics and resources, why are you feeling let down now....its your tactics, you raised the ruckus for 5 days in july, against the "land grab", as the blog says, the most strong impromptu uprising against indian govt, the sam eis there in jammu today......it was ur show of strength to defy the curfew, they do the same and its bad.....there is a saying, as you sow, so you reap....

    IT is unfortunate what is happening in J&K today, because for the mis-preaching of the politicos, the common man is suffering on both sides of the banihal....think on what you can do on your own, you want to sell your produce at mujjafarabd, so be it, why don't you simply go and settle down there, just like ur fellow mirpuris, who have no representation in pak parliament, or even better the northern areas, who for all practical purpose do not even exist for pakistan, except for the karakoram highway, where the indigenous kashmiris can have nice tea stalls, there only way of living...... PLease do that sir, and let us live peacefully on this side.....
    BIharis coming into kashmir is not ur generousity, it is economy at work, these guys labour cheaply and so u need them, just like the others moving to punjab and mumbai, and just as some of the kashmiris coming to delhi to sell their wares, just like you threatening to go to mujaffarabad, economy, dear watson, money!!! the people who hire these bihari muslims could have given the same jobs to kashmiri people, but they too want to save a buck....tab kahan jaati hai tumhari kashmiri kaum ki baatein, when its money, everyone is welcome.....in your own words if thousands of "bihari hindus" can not change the demographies of kashmir, how could transfer of 100 acrres of land change the demographies, aakhir us 100 acre mein thousands of "bihari hindus" se jyada log to nahi aa payenge....
    learn to respect others, anonymous....do bhaiyon ke jhagde mein bahar waale hamesha aag lagate hi hain, you want to trust your own people, or the others, you need to take a call and then stand by it....and would like you to ask Ms. Mehbooba and the ex-home minister of india, woh hain kahan ke, apni beti ko to bacha nahi paaye they, apni beti ko to dhoond nahi paye.....tum sab logon ke mustakbil bane baithe hain......unhe to goliyaan nahi lagti, aam kashmiri ko goli lagti hai, aam aadmi ko dawai nahi milti, khana nahi milta....un ke bache to nahi padhte kashmir ki university mein , jahan jab dekho sine die closure ho jata hai....there kids are happily getting education in some nice foreign locale in US/europe...aap sadak pe utare jaate ho, aap goli khate ho.....aur political rotiyaan senkte hain aap ke neta log......

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