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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Jagmohan: The War Criminal

I witnessed the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits during the 90's have a strong conviction that their exodus was machinated by the war-mongering Jagmohan and not, as alleged by some, that Kashmiri muslims are to be blamed. This account is absolutely untrue because I have lived through all this and know for sure that this is an absolute figment of imagination to blame muslims for this tragedy. It seems that even respectable Kashmiri muslims have succumbed to the propaganda and are beleiving the manufactured lie that muslims used their mosque loudspeakers to order the Pandits to leave.

It seems that the Kashmiri muslims are facing a double whammy for the darkest period in Kashmir during the 90's. Not only did they have to face the unspeakable tyranny of the genocidal maniac Jagmohan, now they are even being accused of a crime of which only Jagmohan is guilty of, and that is of making the Pandits leave Kashmir.

Jagmohan cunnivingly encouraged the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and in addition is also responsible for thousands of deaths of muslims during and after the exodus; infact in my opinion Jagmohan should be tried in a war-crimes tribunal in Geneva just as Milosovic, Ratko Mladic, Radovan Karadzic and others were tried for similar crimes in Bosnia. If he were to be tried, then and only then can the truth about the massacre of peaceful demonstrators as well as the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits be known.


  1. This conspiracy suits kashmiri muslims. They want to blame their actions on Jagmohan. Truth is they were overtook by islamic fascism. Just like many other things they like to spread rumors to cover their tracks. They are befooling themselves and noone else.

  2. Why do u think like that, how did pundits all along the valley knew that they had to leave on a single date,all around there was curfew, and no communication at all, it was supported by jagmohan intelligence, so no illusion in the indian murderer's gun whom to kill because of same skin and adornments of a kashmiri pundit or muslim,,when pundits left who was left in the valley only muslims,got IT!!!

  3. It was all jagmohan a BJP and RSS activist.Who is a communal person. His past is also similar.He bulldozed Muslim houses near turkman gate Delhi.
    He hatched conspiracy against Kashmiri Muslims taking into confidence Kashmiri Hindus.His plan was to decimate the Muslim population and then bring back Hindus from all over India along with hindus of Kashmir to change the demography of Kashmir permanantly. He ordered mass massacres of Muslims BASANT BAGH massacre,for example. He ordered burning of Muslim houses along with immates Sopore massacre, Kangan bus massacre.These fugitive Kashmiri Hindus who were saved by Kashmiri Muslims from getting Killed by tribals and non regulars from Muzzaffarabad in 1947 payed us back by their betrayal in 1990. This puppet govornor Jagmohan imposed a strict curfew in Kashmir and no one was allowed to leave their houses except Kashmiri Hindus.Army trucks accomodated and transported them out of valley and still they spew venous against us.These Kashmiri hindus are traitors and mischeif mongers and nothing else.

  4. Mr. Waheed I want to bring in your Kind Notice that you are trying to manuplate the things in a wrong manner .I will tell you as I have seen things through my eyes.
    From the first day Muslims started the sloganhs kashmir chodo warna maare jaoga"they started the mass killing of Pandits.Then only cerfew was imposed in Kashmir to protect unarmed pandits and give them way to leave.
    My relative was killed by his neighbour,who were staying together from years and it is not his story but the story of whole community.
    We are the actual residents of Kashmir you all are migrants and converted muslims from pandits and you deprived us from our land on gun point.
    after so much atrocites pandits are much more prosprous.

  5. Unfortunately there is one full new generation of Muslims in Kashmir that is not aware of past and has been fed by limited and selected history. Waleed(Dr?!) and all of them have been trained to believe that it was Jagmohan and he alone! We know there were posters everywhere asking KPs to leave in 48 hrs or else face the consequence. Shameless fanatists (not all Kashmiris) came out on street chanting - We want kashmir without battas and with batnis.
    In his heart, older generation Kashmiri Muslim felt closer to his KP neighbour than a muslim from Arab, and knew that most of the Muslims were forced converts. And that KP was first among equals! KPs ran away to save their lives and honour and their faith. They were getting killed everyday, and like dogs. And likes of Waleed would have wanted them to wait till the last one would have got killed. And he would have then danced over the dead bodies of unarmed and most humane amongst the humans.

    1. Did you visit every place and noticed those posters . How & Who informed all pandits to leave on same day. Why sikhs didn't leave? How some pandits stayed back? Who arranged transportation for you on the same day? all crap. I was living among pandits & truth is you were bit cowards.You didn't even inform your close muslim friends. you were not ready to support freedom of kashmir which obviously was threat for freedom fighter & threat plus support from Govt to leave this place was best option for you becuz jag mohan promised you that ,we will get you back here in valley after crushing whole militancy but jagmohan failed. He was war criminal which is very much evident.

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  7. Is this the unity of our community ?Still no more than 5-6 people ready to come. C'mon everyone, Make something out of this initiative, we are not telling you to fight, just a formal gathering. I'm sure if we get atleast 40-50 people to gather at the place, 50% of our job is done, So please i again request all those who are in delhi .. We are meeting on sunday 17 th aug central parkcp.... Inbox me urphone nos n names... ..it will be a first step for the revolution.. No more facebook aggression.. Time for action.. Time 12noon...Please make this initiative count, Share this as much as possible, wonders will happen.

  8. I too am witness of this. When i saw my pandith friends leaving Kashmir , I asked them why you are leaving ? you know what was the answer, We will be back with 5-6 months. If you will see history about kashmir,All the communities have lived under same roof without any problem for decades.I still meet them and they never blamed me. WEll, it is all shit politics.

  9. Very true and i have experieced all the days with them even with out them. this jag mohan has planned this whole.

  10. Wondering why Kashmiri Muslims are blamed for this when I see still some pandit's & all Sikhs live in valley without any problem

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