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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Goodbye, My Beloved Mother-Tongue

Two small stories in today's GK just underscores what I have been pondering about for a while, but thought it was just my opinionated view and not really an issue. However, these stories reinforce my belief that there are other patriotic Kashmiris who feel that our beloved Kashmiri mother-tongue is under threat of extinction.

I am further convinced that it is not just a coincidence that all our other cultural and ethnic differences with India, including our language, are subliminally being eroded by enemies of Kashmir for various nefarious reasons.

Read this document on Scribd: Kashmir language

The first article in the GK makes hollow of the argument against teaching the Kashmiri language at the elementary school level. The government's argument is that there just arent enough teachers to teach the Kashmiri language in primary schools. However, Mr. Mudassir Ali writes in the GK that there are about 7000 post-graduates who specialzed in the Kashmiri language from the university of Kashmir; ironically they are all unemployed. If this is not a concerted effort to undermine our rich language then what is it?

In the second article in today's GK Ms Neda Rafiq Sheikh correctly observes that, "... students aged 4-8 proudly know two words of Kashmiri, and if by some weird reason they were to learn more than two words, their mothers would not be able to face todays modern society.."

Is this not a conspiracy to rob us of our unique heritage by making us ashamed of speaking in Kashmiri? Why otherwise would there be regular instructions in our reputed schools such as Burn Hall, Presentation Convent and Tyndale Biscoe (and now even the epitome of cultural aggression, the Army School and the Delhi Public School) to forbid students from conversing in Kashmiri even during their lunch breaks. This mass cultural aggression is so conspicuos that finding young kids speaking among themselves in our mother-tongue is a rarity these days even in villages.


  1. This is so sad but true. I truly mourn the decline of your beautiful language.

    Here's a great site that you might find helpful in perpetuating the Kashmiri language:

    कश्मीरी - كشميري wiki browser

  2. Kashmiri can never die as long as we love it and do not feel inferior in speaking it. Let's make it a point to speak only in pure kashmiri language at our homes, within our friend circles, at offices etc.The love for this language also demands that we learn to read it and write it and do not wait for it to become a part of our school curriculum. It is not a big deal to learn reading and writing Kashmiri. Every Urdu knowing guy can easily learn Kashmiri. Let us just visit "Kitab Ghar" and buy "Acchhar Zaan" for Rs.15. It is a matter of Just 15 days, but only if we love to act than to speak.