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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Ironic Punishment by Almighty

There is a common phrase being used in Kashmir these days that because of the "sin" of being silent and not opposing the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the early 90's, Kashmiri muslims are being punished by the Almighty in an ironic way with the influx of millions of non-local labourers. The irony is that not all these non-Kashmiris are hard-working masons, carpenters, and labourers; a majority of them are beggers, thieves, drug dealers and human traffickers.

I have written about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in a different post. This post, however, is going to be about the influx of non-Kashmiris and the subsequent degradation of Kashmiri society and associated increase in crime as a result of incompetency of the current government which has failed to devise a strategy to deal with this unprecedented invasion of criminal elements from other states. What alarms a majority of Kashmiris is that what we are witnessing is just a taste of things yet to come, which is going to be a million times more worse when the railway project is completed and there is a windfall of Biharis arriving in these trains.

Many also see this alarming trend as a conspiracy of nationalist Hindutva parties and their sypmatisers in the Indian bureaucracy who have made it their life-long goal to abrograte article 370, and subsequently change the demography of Kashmir.

I would like to make it clear that I am not opposed to hard-working skilled workers arriving from other states including Bihar to make an honest living in Kashmir for feeding themselves and their families. I am sure even these hard-working Biharis would be in favour of some sort of regulation that would keep the criminal elements in their home-states from following them into Kashmir. A good solution would be that these workers are made to register with the nearest police station and receive a non-tamperable identity card with their profession mentioned on it. Beggers, squatters, and unemployed Biharis should be promptly sent back and a method devised to deter their re-entry into Kashmir. This solution can only be implemented by a real government and not puppets like Azad and Mufti who only make loud noises with no substance and when it is questionable where their loyalties really lie.


  1. Well if you follow the Indian Media, your words draw a parallel to the "great hindu" thackreys of Mumbai/Maharashtra.

    Well, that's united thoughts of India:)

    On a more serious note....what would be your take on the kashmiris coming to the "Indian" cities for education/work/business, Should the same treatment be meted out to them? and well, the railways should stop operating since biharis could use them to reach all far corners of the country and degrade those areas? registration with police sounds a little communist idea, I agree there are both the good and bad elements in every place(including bihar) and it would be difficult if not next to impossible to distinguish between these two, any ideas would be welcome:)

  2. I agree my views seem quite right-wing and hardline, and even similar to the rhetoric that Mr Thackeray regurgitates regularly.

    However, those views are quite suited to the current state of affairs in Kashmir where everything seems to have gone haywire and anarchy is a more accurate description of the level of governance here.

  3. Dear Koshur ,
    Why do you need Biharis to come to Kashmir in the first place ,is it not chamging your demography as you have posted elsewhere in your blog -and dont you have thieves in Kashmir who are looting public money and sending their kids for better opportunities outside Kashmir-those are Real thieves ...
    pardon me but when one lives in a Heaven like Kashmir one starts hallucinating ..and it is normal .
    Let me ask a simple question -do you produce enough apples to support all that which is imported into kashmir after heavy subsidsation...Wake up my friend ..when you become a head of a family ,or a community ,or a state ,or a nation ,there is only one thing that matters ...Fucking ECONOMICS.
    Wish you good thinking.
    By the way i want to complement you on your Creative writing -you have done your teachers proud.