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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


An Alert Kashmir Citizenry

I have mentioned in many of my previous posts that it is in the best interests of Kashmir to be part of India as a completely autonomous state. Many Kashmiris including myself are aware of the economic impact of completely disassociating ourselves from India. It is for this same reason that Sheikh Abdullah wanted assurances from both India as well as Pakistan that they would not resort to an economic blockade out of spite should Kashmir seek to remain independent instead of opting to accede with either India or Pakistan. Needless to say, he never got such assurances and instead was jailed for eleven years for reminding Nehru about his promise to give the people of Kashmir the right to decide their own fate. As we have figured the hard way by now - Nehru was just kidding!

Having a pro-autonomy (viewed as pro-India stance in these neck of the woods) does not make me blind to the excesses that the paramilitary forces are committing in Kashmir. It also does not make me look the other way when I feel that the Hindutva parties have always sought to undermine the Kashmir identity and when it is no secret that their intentions are to ultimately completely merge Kashmir with India, thus reneging on their promise when Kashmir acceded to India. It is a also common knowledge that many in the Indian bureaucracy are sympathetic to the hindutva cause and will assist these parties to achieve their goals.

It is for this reason that we need an alert Kashmir citizenry that will brain-storm all possible avenues that these Hindutva parties could use against Kashmir. Changing the demography of Kashmir is just one of those instances.


  1. u want kashmmir remain with india as autonomous state, because you think we deppend on india for many resaon like food and other daily important stuff , my friend get some ground reality we have less population with huge agriculture land , we have damn good resources in power sector . if kashmir as independent state take care of hydel power porjects and other resources to generate power we can survive without any external help--- today kashmiri youth is lazy to work in agriculture feild thats sad .

  2. Mutzir,
    thankyou for your comment. I agree we could (and are) self-sufficient in terms of our agricultural requirements, and could very well sustain ourselves as an independent nation, if only India and Pakistan do not impose economic blockades. It will be next to impossible to sustain an independent coutry if India or Pakistan decide to impose unrealistic tariffs for goods entering or leaving Kashmir.

  3. How can the Muslims in the Valley complain about India wanting to change the demographics of Kashmir when they have already changed the demographics? Do the Muslims remember how they gave the Kashmiri Pandits three options: convert, leave, or die? Where are the Hindus in the Valley? Why don't the Muslims ever bring up that change in demographics?