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User fees

With the oncoming tourist season there will be hundreds of thousands of yatris descending on Kashmir. They will be utilizing our civic services such as sewage, garbage, water and roads in Kashmir. Would it not be fair to charge a nominal fee per head when they enter Kashmir so we can atleast recover the cost of cleaning up behind them?


  1. Wouldnt it be unfair as they would be anyway providing money for boarding lodging etc.

  2. Thankyou for your comment. I don't think it will be unfair because the state government does not tax the hotels based on how many guests they serve. Now that you mentioned it, I think that is a better way to recover the cost. The nominal fee should be included in the hotel/lodge/camp fee. So for instance, if the yatris are paying 100 Rupees per day. The tax could be 5 Rupees per day (so the rent would infact be 105 Rupees per day but the 5 Rs would go to the government.

    Thankyou for the idea.

  3. I think it is Great idea .You pay fee anytime you enter a National Park here in Canada It can be a one day pass or a yearly pass .Money could be used to off set the ecological damage done

  4. Hi Koshur,

    Indeed it's a great idea. Would it be fair if Rajasthan, UP, Delhi and other states starts charning this nominal fee for who ever that enters the state (for any purpose).

    Think about it. By enforcing this fees you are indirectly alienating the tourists to your valley. These are the folks who are trying to indirectly boost up your state economy..