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Omar Abdullah has quit his blog since August 2008. The most probable reason for him quitting is that he was afraid of being cornered in an argument by people raising genuine concerns, and that he did not want to respond to them. Also, he quit right at the peak of the Amarnath agitations. This timing is very suspicious. It is thus with this information that I conclude that Omar Abdullah showed cowardice by quitting his blog. I will remove this severe judgement should Omar Abdullah restart his blog. 

In the meanwhile you may post your thoughts here and I am certain Omar will be taking a peek here every now and then.

Many people have been posting comments here thinking it's Omar Abdullah's blog. After discouraging it for some time, I changed my mind and thought it will be a good idea to allow them to be posted here so that Omar can see what people have to say about him.

As usual, I will not censor comments but will not allow abusive or obscene posts.


  1. THis comment is for Omar Abdullah. You have a balck ribbon to sybolize your protest against the land grab at Amarnath. Mr. Omar did your party not facilitate the setting up of the trust to which the land has been alloted now. I really feel amazed when I see you on TV acting like a Kashmiri. I have seen you in the pre 2002 era when you were all set to become the CM of J & K. I rememebre the sattire and acidic commnets you used to use against senior separatist leaders. All of a sudden friend of Modi is now talking about Kashmir. Aligning with BJP is tantmount to blasphemy in Kashmir. You actually were a minister in the BJP cabinet. How can you be so double faced.

  2. Omar's speach in parliment was great, thouh he looked very emotional and could only say few points. If Omar has to become a popular leader ( which I suppose he may become one day) he will have to keep his wits up and must know the pulse of Kashmiry people. His grandfather was a Hero who spent around 22 years of his precious life in Jail. Have gave his precious life for a "Cause" which probably was unknown to Masses, but the scenario is different know, and they cannot trust any one now is because of onw going Violance, Omear cannot become hero unless he doesn't speak like this, he cannot become popular unless he is willing to dedicated as his grandfather was. since I a student of Journalism i keep trck of " political developments in J&K. NC has a great opportunity to come back in Power and Omar will be hopefully next CM. the only way out will be to address the Issue of "unemployment" and build trust among people.

  3. Omar's speach in parliment was great, thouh he looked very emotional and could only say few points. If Omar has to become a popular leader ( which I suppose he may become one day) he will have to keep his wits up and must know the pulse of Kashmiry people. His grandfather was a Hero who spent around 22 years of his precious life in Jail. Have gave his precious life for a "Cause" which probably was unknown to Masses, but the scenario is different know, and they cannot trust any one now is because of onw going Violance, Omear cannot become hero unless he doesn't speak like this, he cannot become popular unless he is willing to dedicated as his grandfather was. since I a student of Journalism i keep trck of " political developments in J&K. NC has a great opportunity to come back in Power and Omar will be hopefully next CM. the only way out will be to address the Issue of "unemployment" and build trust among people.

  4. Open Letter to Mr. Omar Abdullah, M. P.

    from http://www.pragoti.org/node/1704

    Dear Mr. Omar Abdullah,

    Now that the sound of the cheers and the applause following your speech in the Lok Sabha on the occasion of the trust vote a few days ago must have stopped ringing in your ears, I would like to draw your attention to some questions regarding our practice of secularism and the conduct of our foreign policy.

    Your staunch defense of the nuclear deal ``as an Indian and a Muslim'' has undoubtedly endeared you to our pro-nuclear deal media. It is undoubtedly correct that we must all conceive of our foreign policy as ``Indians'' and not as part of any particular religious or other identity that we may have. However, when the conduct of the nation's foreign policy itself bears the clear stamp of the weakening commitment to secularism in important sections of our political class, bureaucracy and civil society then it becomes unclear to many ordinary citizens, such as myself, whether your stirring speech was indeed appropriate for the occasion.

    However, as you most manfully confessed in Parliament, even at the height of the Gujarat riots the subtlety of the link between these riots and the politics of the leading party of the then ruling coalition seems to have escaped your watchful commitment to secularism. So this other connection between our weakening commitment to secularism and our foreign policy must undoubtedly be even more surprising to you and deserves to be explained briefly.

    You will undoubtedly recall that the BJP-led NDA alliance began its rule in 1998 with the Pokhran nuclear tests. The tests were promptly followed by considerable sabre-rattling vis-a-vis Pakistan exemplified by Shri Advani's comment that Pakistan should now be conscious of the changed geo-political realities of the situation. In that remarkable statement of May 18, 1998, Shri Advani linked the tests to the Kashmir issue and claimed that the ``decisive step to become a nuclear weapons state has brought about a qualitatively new stage in Indo-Pak relations, particularly in finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir problem.'' Regrettably Pakistan refused to take the hint and continued on to its own nuclear tests shortly thereafter. The slippery slope on to which Indo-Pak relations were thrust by these tests culminated in the Kargil conflict of 1999, showing how hollow was Shri Vajpayee's claim that nuclear weapons were ``weapons of peace.'' Nuclear threats continued to be exchanged with Pakistan during and after the Kargil conflict through the years of NDA rule. You will undoubtedly appreciate that these threats also boded little good for Kashmir as a prospective theater of nuclear war.

    Simultaneously after the tests the VHP/RSS combine took to the streets hailing the tests as the arrival of a new and resurgent India, taking as a cue Shri Vajpayee's claim that the ``tests had given ...India shakti.'' The VHP toured the country with handfuls of the dirt from the soil of Pokhran to celebrate the tests. The RSS mouthpiece Organiser hailed the tests in a special May 17, 1998 issue with a collection of hawkish and virulently anti-China and anti-Pakistan articles that the bomb had to be made to ``tame Pakistan'' and teach China a lesson.

    That these remarks were not simply those of an extremist fringe was made clear by Prime Minister Vajpayee's letter to Bill Clinton, then President of the United States, claiming that the tests were necessary to deal with a ``deteriorating security environment'' due to an ``overt nuclear weapons state on our borders''. Further the letter speaks of the ``atmosphere of distrust'' with this state that ``persists mainly due to an unresolved border problem''. And further linking Pakistan to this obvious reference to China, the letter adds, ``that country has materially helped another neighbour of ours to become a covert nuclear weapons state.''

    If this ill-timed letter were not alone enough evidence, the long record of negotiations between Shri Jaswant Singh and the U. S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott made it clear that the tests were less about India's nuclear independence and more, much more, about aligning at the earliest with the world's foremost superpower.

    I am sure you would agree that this was not the common variety of anti-Pakistan or anti-China sentiment with which we are all familiar but had a special character to it from the fact that it was promoted by the BJP.

    We may also remind ourselves that these moves in foreign policy went hand-in-hand with a virulent communal agenda in domestic politics. The tirade against conversion was directly responsible for the tragic death of Staines and his sons in Orissa, the high-point of a series of attacks on Christian communities and their places of worship. The communal agenda was thrust everywhere from our children's textbooks to the world of art and letters. Gujarat was merely the high-point of a broad communal campaign.

    The other dramatic turn in India's foreign policy was a new opening to Israel, setting aside the long-standing ties between our country and the people of Palestine and West Asia. Israel today is the arch-exemplar of a fundamentalist state in its unremitting pursuit of its Zionist aims. Shri Brajesh Mishra, one of the key figures of the BJP's foreign policy, was feted by Jewish/Zionist groups in the United States as the architect of this new policy. This turn undoubtedly also pleased the political establishment in the United States no end, since secular, non-aligned India's opposition to Zionism had long been a thorn in the side of their foreign policy.

    The brand-new new foreign policy that began to emerge in the years of BJP-rule would be inexplicable if we did not recall the writings of the late Guru Golwalkar . In a 1965 essay titled ``Welcome bigger war'' in his book, ``Bunch of Thoughts'' the Guru characterised China as ``the one common menace to entire humanity'' and looked forward to a superpower and global alliance, including India, the United States (and even the then Soviet Union) to destroy it. For Golwalkar the building of a nuclear bomb was an essential requirement for the conduct of India's foreign and defence policy. This campaign for the nuclear bomb and a corresponding shift in India's foreign policy has long been an ardent desire of the RSS/Jan Sangh combine, articulated at every turn and subsequently carried over to the policy of the newly-formed BJP. If the new foreign policy attracted many non-communal elements too in our nation's corridors of power, I would humbly submit that it points not to the secular nature of the new policy but the extent to which our establishment was willing to sacrifice secularism for this new pursuit of aligning with the United States to become its gendarme in South Asia.

    The Islamophobic campaign launched by President George W. Bush after 9/11 clearly came as a welcome relief to the NDA government that had made little headway in its negotiations with Bill Clinton. Bush's call for a `` War on Terror,'' that has repeatedly and indiscriminately targeted the innocent (predominantly of the Islamic faith) and killed far more innocents than the few terrorists it has managed to seize or kill, fell on receptive ears in our country's leadership. The violence of Gujarat drew little condemnation from the United States that has been quick to condemn any perceived violation of the democratic rights of the poor millions of the Third World (including that of the followers of Islam in Kosovo).

    It is this foreign and nuclear policy that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's regime inherited. But despite its protestations of secularism, this regime has consistently refused to recognize the anti-secular roots of its inheritance and has maintained a continuity of policy with the former regime. Dr. Manmohan Singh said it all with his cry `` I have completed what you had begun'' as he greeted Shri Vajpayee at the briefing given to the former Prime Minister on the 123 agreement last year.

    I would respectfully submit to you that this connection has not been lost on the Muslim masses in our country. They are not so naïve as to think that the deal per se is anti-Muslim. Nor are they naive enough not to know that solving the problems food, health and livelihood are the key to ending the poverty of all, Muslim or non-Muslim. But the large numbers of Muslims who turned out for the protest rallies on the occasion of the Bush visit in 2006, demonstrated unmistakably that they percieved the anti-secular roots of the UPA's foreign policy when it came to India's relations with the United States and the nuclear deal.

    In the event, your renewed commitment to secularism may perhaps be of some value. You could begin by campaigning against the judgement of the Gujarat court that has refused to return the young boy to his parents, who were separated from him at the height of one of worst incidents in the infamous Gujarat riots. Many would be thankful if you would use your new-found influence with the UPA government to persuade them to greater action on the recommendations of the Srikrishna Commission so that they may prosecute at least some of your erstwhile NDA colleagues with the same enthusiasm that has been shown on the Mumbai blasts case. It would be of value if you and your party were to firmly take a stance against the demand for the trifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir on religious lines that has emerged once more in the wake of the Amarnath land agitation.

    In the meanwhile, the drama of the nuclear deal will continue to play itself out. I am also sure you will have the opportunity to see the claims of nuclear power providing electricity every rural household tested against reality just as the claims regarding power supply for Maharashtra from the Dabhol power project were tested within a very short time.

    I would be grateful if you would see it fit to forward this letter to Shri Sachin Pilot, Shri Manavendra Singh, Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia and others, all young leaders with a strong political lineage, which as our media has made clear is the indispensable proof of competence, indeed excellence, in the political arena. They too in similar fashion might have misunderstood the millions who protested against George Bush two years ago and still harbour the same sentiments. Who knows, all of you together might even confess, a few years hence, that you made a grave mistake today, just as you personally had made one in the years of NDA rule.

    T. Jayaraman,
    Professor, Centre for Science, Technology and Society,
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences,
    Email: tjayaraman@gmail.com

  5. Mr. Jayaraman.......I, a Kashmiri muslim, salute you for your thoughtfull comments. You have captured everything honestly.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You said, "I am a Muslim and an Indian" and not the other way round. I am an Indian, period!
    Please read what Pratap Bhanu Mehta says in the Indian Express of 6 Aug.:
    "...The idea that locating a conflict’s source in nationalism does not make it communal is a form of self-delusion we should shed. Both nationalism and communalism are also integrally linked to the politics of territoriality. Omar Abdullah’s ridiculously feted speech exemplifies this perfectly. When he made the claim that opposing the land transfer was a case of fighting for one’s land, he made the link between communalism and territoriality. Implicit were two explosive links: first, that only one particular community has any claim to land in Kashmir. Even granting Kashmir’s special status, the acceptance of this foundational principle is a massive concession to communalism. Second, he lent credence to all those who exaggeratedly believe that a mere 40 acres is a prelude to colonisation by some “alien”. Of course Muslims have for centuries facilitated the yatra. But that deep cultural fact is then used as a shield to elevate a minor matter to gigantic political proportions; a hard-won cultural interface sacrificed on the altar of that innocent sounding phrase, nationalism..."
    Are you doing a favour to the pilgrims by 'allowing' them to visit Amarnath? Are they being subsidised by the Indian govt?

  8. I have come to expect academics in social science departments to twist facts and propound their delusions to push their 'secular' agendas. Mr.Jayaraman doesnt disappoint.

    1. The USA condemned the Gujrat riots. That is a fact. Modi still cannot get a Visa to vist the USA. Now the more important question is - why do certain sections of the media, NGOs and academia call upon a foreign power to condemn a democratically elected Indian CM?
    Gujrat seems to have returned to normalcy and made good progress on the development front. Modi has been reelected in a fair election. Perhaps it is time to stop fanning the flames of hatred by bringing up the Gujrat riots. Ah I understand, Mr.Jayaraman needs this issue to keep publishing his fancy research.

    2. The USA or the Bush administration is not anti Islam. They are just pro USA. As Jayaraman himself pointed the Bush administration took the side of the Muslim extremists in Kosovo. Saudi Arabia the most fanatic Islamic nation is a staunch ally of the USA. Pakistan too has been an American ally for decades. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is for American interests and not particularly an anti Islamic war.

    3.Jayaraman gives us a lame theory to explain that the pursuit of nuclear weapons in India was somehow against the secular nature of the country. Ho hum. China and the USSR both communist dictatorships built huge arsenals of nuclear weapons. Is Jayaraman accusing them of being religious fundamentalists? That would be funny. I dont know what Golwalkar said about China, but China is certainly a threat to India. For years it has been providing missile and nuclear technology to Pakistan. It has constantly pursued it aggressive territorial ambitions against India. We even lost a war against China. Yet, Jayaraman thinks it is wrong to be guarded against nuclear armed China. Not just wrong, but that it is unsecular. Jayaraman goes to any length to push his 'secular' theories. Perhaps it is time for him to retire.

    4. According to Jayaraman, Omar Abdullah made a simple error of judgment in supporting the NDA government. Omar can and will be forgiven by him, but not the NDA government or its policies. Pure double standards.

    5. If the VHP and RSS cheered the bomb, it is because they are the only ones who seem to cheer and want a strong India. Nuclear weapons may not solve any security problems, but then the argument against them should be framed in terms of security, military and foreign policy issues not in terms of secular and non secular agendas.
    China has a huge nuclear arsenal and Pakistan does not want to commit to a no-first use policy. Pakistan was a de facto nuclear power anyway as evidenced by the fact that they could conduct a nuclear test on a few days notice. Under these circumstances India had and has no options other than pursuing nuclear weapons either openly or clandestinely. Jayaraman has a tendency to ignore these serious issues and frame the debate in terms of a rabid Hindu nationalism vs a secular India. Intellectual dishonesty.

  9. T Jayaraman needs a break now. A poor old man, thinking way back in 60s when Indo China relation were on rise and Nehru was giving India Panchsheel etc etc. Later we know what happened to Nehru and how China raped his so called panchsheel. May be Jayaraman is/was very impressed by Maoism and still day dreaming about flourishing of Chinese communism in India. These so called budhijeevi warg of India talks like shit that anybody listening to them cannot understand, how a scientist at TATA institute can talk like this. I mean we are not blind and I don't want to comment over other shit what he has written but its clearly his time to take rest and stop thinking shity things as youth in India understands very well the foreign policy and direction to which it is heading for.


  10. Hi
    You as a young leader of J & K should be bold enough to accept the sentiments of jammuites to have a region of thier own if not a state at least a council on the lines of LAHDC.At least they can satisfy their cravings for their age old desire not to be ruled by a kashmiri CM and get rid of the Darbar move when for every small thing they have to come to kashmir sectt.Thier sense of deprivation shall be addressed to some extent.Let the main stream polity be brave enough to admit that jammu wants to brekaway from kashmir and let them go.It Poonch Rajouri Doda wants to continue with the present system OK But let this age old phrase of jammuites of being deprived be removed for ever Even sepratists have understood their plight and accepted their two and half district demand.

  11. Mr. UMAR,

    Neither i am intrested in you nor ur father and their demands.
    I have one small question to you and your father after whatever happen in last few days in Kashmir...

    Are you with India or not?Or u are with Pakistan,,,if you are with India then y dont u come in front of people(Like Gilani) who want freedom from India

    Its your wish wheather you want to give reply and hopefully you will not...

  12. Goldiji,

    Thankyou for the comment. However there are more chances of Omar reading your comment if you wrote him an open letter on the Kashmir Forum http://kashmir.forumakers.com/index.htm


  13. Mr Abdullah. I m an Indian from Bangalore currently living in New York city. Your speech in parlinent was outstanding. And i want to thank you for the passion u have showed, in parliment. I however disagree with you on certain issues, I m a college student and i probably would vote for the BJP (keep in mind i m a Jain, and i hate the communal bs the BJP involves itself in), and in my personal view Narendra Modi should die, however, he has brought about amazing progress to the state of GUjrat. He really lifted the state up from a dormant irrelevant one to an industrial state. the BJP in karnataka where i call home has done the same thing, and i believe the BJP when it was in the central gov did a lot to improve the quality of infrastructure of the country as a whole as well, from the Nuclear deal, to the golden quadrilateral etc. keep in mind i am as secular as 1 can be, but let me tell u the difference i find in the UPA and the BJP. the BJP does not even try to have a secular image, where as the congress is the other extreeme, goes out of the way to show it self as secular party but really is not, and in the process, appeases certain sections of society, and divides the country by using the word "Muslim" in every single speech. Is "Muslim" different from "Indian"? says who? The definition of the word secular in my vview is not diffrentiating between ppl of different religons. But that is exactly what the congress is doing, by appointing ministers just bassed on the fact that they r a Muslim is not secular. Its called divide and rule the same policy the British used. The congress also goes ahead and appoints central minister s based on religon, caste etc with no value given to competancy ot the skills or capibilty of the candidate. I mean how can u have a law minister who does not know anything about the law. Its a shame. As an Indian, I urge u Sir to come in to the national stage, and being a bridge betweeen the NDA and the UPA. cause both the parties u must admit have a lot of good in them. I was dissapointed however when i saw your interview on walk the talk and u said that u would never allign with the BJP ever because there is no meeting of minds. I ask you, putting aside the Hindu Muslim communalisim aside for a second, what dont you agree on. What policies in particular? there commitment to much wanted infrastructure? their comitment to spreading the use of internet, and knowlege/awarness? I mean the main problem is u guys only look at your differences without even once consider your simmilarities.
    think about it sir. And you have my word, if u run for Prime Minister, I will assure u every single educated person under the age of 30(50% of our country) would vote for you. If a dirty SOB Jerk off like Deve Gowda became the pm believe me u can too. We r sick of these "Budhaas" running the show, in such a disgustin way.
    do email me at freakicool@yahoo.com incase u want to respond. i must warn u i dont check this email that often as its a secondary email, and thats probably why i m posting it publically.

  14. Dear Omar,
    I am first time writing here and hope that you will go through what I am writing.
    Freedom of expression is the right that both of us have in this civilised society.
    You are free to write what you feel and have your opinions expressed here or any other medium.

    I was young when your father used to come in public and ask for votes and in one of the public meeting in down town during 1987 eclections I heard him saying ( Oh people of valley I have a news for you. Guests from across the border are coming and we have to welcome them as they are going to lead us to new horizons.) What I understood after that rigged election was that Farook Abdullah was referring to Mujahideen comomg from across the border.
    This showed the character of this idiot and his party. They can cheat and make fool of people in any way for votes.
    Now when people of kashmir are all out to demand freedom from India he and his party is terming them as terrorists and insane.


    Please do some introspection and come clean to us.
    When India disfavours you...you cry for Kashmiri sentiments and when your lords in Delhi give you chair to govern.. you side with them and call kasmiri sentiments as insane feelings.

    Have mercy on kashmiri slaves please.

    A common Kashmir

  15. mr omar....
    no just omer becoz u dont deserve a salutation.....
    well i dont wanna say anything but i want to ask u few question becoz u shameless guys these days begging for votes by asking for forgiveness for whatever u did in the past....now questions...
    1. u ever thought what u have done to the self respect of kashmiris...
    2. we r not ur slaves in fact u r slaves of every kashmiri....
    3. asking forgiveness for POTA which booked innoced people
    4. or for STF which killed kashmirirs like rats
    5. u made that shrine board thats fine when land alooted to that its not fine... do u have anything in ur upper story or its empty...
    i dont want to put salt on the wounds that ur dynastical govt gave us so i will stop here otherwise u have done so much wrong that it is countless but i do have an advice for u stay at home fing some business for u becoz u r not worth our votes

  16. Wish You success and NC absolute majority.

    Indian Balance
    God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining his subordinates … “Look everything should be in balance. For every 10 deer there should be a lion.
    Look here my fellow angels,here is the country of the united states. I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension….
    And hereis Africa.I have given them beautiful nature.But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes….
    And here is south America. I have given them lots of forests. But at the same time , I have given them lesser land so that they would have to cut off the forests…
    So you see fellows, everything should be in balance”.
    One of the angels asked…”God, what is this beautiful country here?”
    God said “Ahah…that is the crown piece of all…. INDIA. My most precious creation. They have understanding and friendly people. Sparkling streams,serene mountains. A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live. Technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold.”
    The angel was quite surprised “But god you said everything should be in balance.”
    God replied “Look at the neighbors I gave them” !!

    Amarjeet Singh Dutt
    Sainik Colony,Jammu

  17. Congratulations on your brilliant success.. Jammu and kashmir needs a young and dynamic leaader like u. Hope you live upto the expectations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir

  18. Mr Omar
    congratulations on ur victory . its good to know that u and not ur father is the canditate for the CM from NC. The youth really is looking forward for u to becum the nxt CM and m sure that vl lend full support to u . Its high time for u and ur party to prove your truthfullness, sicerity and dedication towards Kashmir an Kashmiris..
    we all are here to see what you come out to be....a much-awaited and much-needed leader or just another selfish hypocritic polititian?
    best of luck

  19. Dear Mr. Omar, I really liked your address that you would beh CM of all the people of J& K, not only the party yous stand for. I hope that with your presence as the next CM , the main prolbem in J&K would come to an end and the state would become prosperous ...trasmitting prosperity down to the common man of the state.

    I wish you success,


    Dr. Rakesh Belwal ,
    Associate Professor,
    Department of Management , Sohar University, Oman.

  20. By saying that he is a 'Muslim first' on the floor of the Lok Sabha, Hon'ble Omarji Abdullahji has no face to say that he is the CM of the whole of J& K. At best, he would be the CM of all Muslims of J&K and not even of those who believe in Sufism.
    Unless he retracts his earlier statement in Lok Sabha, he would never go beyond being a mediocre CM of a state, which is an integral part of India. He has reached his limit.

  21. dear omar,first of all let me congratulate you on the remarkable victory in recently concluded elections.dr abdullah also deserves ample credit for such commendable electoral performance.i have been keenly watching the developments in j&k since the times of your grand father sheikh sahab,sher-e-kashmir.i would not like to go into the details of political/other complexities of j&k at this very crucial juncture.what i can say for sure is- you are the fittest leader in the whole j&k scenario who can be able to fulfil the aspirations of kashmiris and expectations of people of other states of the country.you are youthful, energetic, dynamic, intellectually and ideologically strong person of clear vision and honest approach.if you demonstrate adequate courage and determination while marching ahead to provide clean,judicious and pro-people governance in the state, you will,beyond any doubt, prove to be the most successful and admired leader of j&k.don't think that there will not be criticism of your intention and style of governance.please listen to critics, evaluate their views and suggestions but for heaven's sake never allow your mission to get diluted or damaged due to the pressure/compulsions of power politics.i wish you all success in your pious mission of leading kashmir towards peace,harmony,progress and happiness....!!!!!! chandra pal singh.

  22. Dear 3rd Abdulla
    God bless you.
    Congratulation for your sucess in recent state elections. You are deserving to lead this state at this time. we the people of district Poonch & Rajouri hope a lot from your govt. especially from you.
    The people of this region are discriminated a lot while alloting funds, sharing powers, making projects like road, buildings, colleges and last but not the least tourism.
    We also hope you will induct some NC leaders in your cabinet who will represent NC from this region
    especially from Poonch for the welfare of the people of this area.
    The person like Mushtaq Bukhari and Reshpal Singh who are having clean record shuld be inducted in the cabinet. They will also represent Phari people of the state.
    We the people of this region also hope for a hill dev.concil for Rajouri Poonch.
    We wish you sucess in all walks of life.
    "Phanke hain gull oroon ke taraf balke samar be"
    "Ae khana bar andaz e chaman kuch to edher be"
    Sheikh _________.

  23. Amjed ali baber
    I am still not satisfied with the latest performence of NC, because i except more from you, hope you are able to understand the current potice and welfare fo this state... we cannot ignore the excellent work of farmar Chief ministerGhulam Nabi Azad, but i have to suggest you try to achive the real leader ship and save the state from the corruption and other... wish you all the best...

  24. Mr. O. Abdullah, You have said in your interview with DNA that you would ensure transparency. J&K RTI Act is an anachronism. Could you put it on par with the GoI RTI Act, 2005 on top priority. If you do so, we would believe in your words. Otherwise, it would be rhetoric as usual.

  25. RAM KRISHAN SHARMAJanuary 06, 2009 4:10 AM

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!...Omar Saahab...It waz ur determination and resolve and undying spirit...which has made u to achieve the ultimate..3 months back...noone could think of ds recepyion n enthussism in jammu...but hats off to u...ur personaa..n ur charissma...has done it..NOW plz don disappoint jammuties..its d time to capitalize..jammuties r d people u can bank upon..juss..don hurt dm ..dey..will not ditch u...juss b...bit diplomat n ..refrain from..uttering controvercial.statmnts..especially..religious..GOD B WITH U....


  27. Dear Omar sahib

    Bravo:You have been true to your words.I am sure you will consult J&K Civil society before the new RTI bill is introduced in upcoming session of assembly.If the law is for common people then you must for a Govt plus Civil Society consultative group for drafting new RTI legislation for J&K.I am sure you will do it.I request you to bring a new and strong Panchayati Raj bill in the assembly.E Governance must be initiated.All offiers must make their emails public,all must be trained about using internet and it should be made compulsary.Police reforms must be implimented in state.Village Development Councils should be set up till Panchayat elections are held.
    Yours Sincerely
    Dr Muzaffar Bhat
    Social Activist

  28. Dear Omar Sahib
    Bravo for being true to you commentment about having a strong RTI legislation for J&K.I am sure before the new RTI bill is introduced in assembly you will formulate a Govt + Civil Society consultative group who will study the bill.Moreso i suggest that Police Reforms must be implimented in state.J&K is the only state which has not taken any steps with regard to police reforms.We need to have a strong and new Panchayati Raj Act in state plz work on it.All Govt top officials must make their emails public.You must stress on them to use internet and redress greviances via net.They have to learn computer as of now only 20% officers are familiar with computers and internet.
    Dr Muzaffar Bhat
    Social Activist

  29. Dear Umer,
    If you really are serous in nailing down corruption in the state, then you must bring whose people in accountability commission who are sincere and honest people who are not corrupt people no one can point figure upon, really very hard to find such people in to days world . i know one Justice Malik, a person with class, sincerity , loyalty and less expensive. First ever justice from state who served in delhi high court for about a decade, during your fathers time when he was CM Justice Malik heeded consumers commission of state taking some historic decisions which later became amended law, first and only justice who lived without security throughout his service period and after, lives in a small house in small town of sopore drives his small maruti 800cc car, the best person available in state for a person of your class. when i read in news paper about your surprise visit to LD hospital, First time in my life i feel some good is going to happen to this state,i believe that it is not easy for you to make such surprise visits again and again cause of obvious security cover, but you can assign people like justice malik for this job. Who can drive in without security unnoticed. since you are heading my state i believe i have every right to express my feelings to you , please give a little thought

  30. Dear 3rd Abdullah
    God bless u.
    We the people of Rajouri Poonch are still looking to your hands.Perphas u have forgetten us but we want to recall u that in 2002 when Nc was out of power it was only Distt poonch who gives u three out of three assembly seats but now when NC is in power its ur duty to accomodate we people aspecially the people
    of Disteict Poonch.The people of this area are demorlised due to discrimination with them. Please don't forget that PDP has secured more then one lack votes for the first time from these two Distt.
    I request u to take following steps to keep ur party alive in this region.
    1 Insured timely compleation of Mughal road.
    2. RBA to the phari people of this area which u can give till ST status is granted by the centre.
    3.Induct some senior NC lesder in ur cabniet who are having clean record and are infulantial in this area.
    4.Hill Dev. Consil for this region.
    5. Good admistration.
    we hope that being grand son of Sheikh Mohd Abdullah who was realy our wellwisher u will not take only these steps but many more for overall dev. of this region.

  31. T Shah , SrinagarJanuary 11, 2009 10:26 AM

    Hie Mr. Omer
    First let me congratulate u on assuming the CM Chair in this state....
    Few points to ask you....
    1. Can you please clear your stand that why did you select Gurupurab as the day of your oath... when being muslim you know that you should'nt do any thing new or start a fresh venture in 10 days of Muharram ?

    2. Its a news in political arena that Congress has nodded to support ur party without ur chief patron in the chair as CM... If this is ur dedication towards your party chief what can we expect from you, doing any better to kashmiries ?

    3. Again comming thru political arena, its said NC had only 2 seats in Srinagar Sonwar and Khanyar. Batamaloo to PDP, Amira Kadal, Zadibal and Eid Gha to ANC, Habbakadal to Sanjay Saraf and Hazratbal was a tough ground to win bet PDP and Save Srinagar,,,, How did u manage to get these seats.. I mean what did strike final deal with center and its quite evident that the deal agreed upon has to go by law and nature against kashmiries. ?

    Hope to c u answer soon as an responsible and an accountable CM of J&K

  32. mushtaq khan
    2nd year

    dear omar abdullah
    i congratulate u only being sworn as cm oe our state.i hope and pray ,that may u achieve more heights in your life.sir the start u made in your rule cis creditable.sir i reuest being a voter,resident of this state that people expect a lot of u.sir plz never fall prey to any temptations,pressure.hope u continue the way u started.may almighty give u the power to overcome all hinders.


  33. Dear Omar,

    I used to comment on your real blog, but if you read this I would like to suggest the following:

    1. Get rid of stray dogs
    2. Clean up srinagar city - it has turned into a huge garbage dump
    3. cleanup Dal lake
    4. Get rid of CRP bunkers in city. 800 militants do not require bunkers on every corner
    5. set up promised Truth reconcilliation committe and punish guilty security forces/

  34. This is for Mr. Omar Abdullah, I just want to ask that why is it taking so long for the expansion of the Cabinet of Ministers and if it is goin to take time then how much? Media is saying that it is going to take as much long as 15th Feb may be more is it correct or is it going to be delayed further.

  35. Dear Omar,

    I dont know whether u will really read this. I was watching obama on TV and felt you are the similar person in Kashmir because we have hope in you.

    Do not let people down. I was reading that you will sell rajya sabha seat to kingfisher owner malviya. when people cannot buy property in kashmir how can they represent kashmiris?

    i am sure these are just rumours from people trying to damage your reputation.

    please always do the right thing we have had enough corruption.

    god bless you.

  36. Dear Omer
    It seems that ur going through the most difficult time of ur political life. I can understand the compulsions of collision Govt. and ur party has not good experiance in connection with the allaince with congress.I sugest u to thake some majour steps by which a coman man feel that u have done some thing for them. If u will waste ur time with ur allaince partner it will demage ur emmage.
    I will also recommed u to keep ur senior leader
    with u so that the ancident wich occour with ur
    father in 1984 can be avoided. Representation should be given to all section and area of the state as per the papulation by ur party. Some people should be adjected in the party and some in the govt.
    I think becoming a youngest CM is much problematic then a aged person because senior and old age leaders of the party cannot digest a youngester.
    God is with u and we always pray for ur sucess
    don't be embrassed and go ahead Inshalla u will succeed.

  37. TO

    Respected Omar sahab,

    well sir i've to congratulate you in being elected the Cm or our state...
    Sir with due respect i want u to consider our problem.We r doctors by proffesion
    and have worked as interns in the govt. medical college sgr for a period of nine months.
    Sir when we asked the administration about our stipend the refused straight away,inspite
    of the fact that the same had been released for the other students some of whom had done
    their degrees outside the country.

    Sir i also told them about the MCI guidelines..which says 'no internship without stipend'.
    meanwhile sir we went to the court for the same and the order as passed in our favour,
    directing the respondents to release the due amount.order no--

    SPW no 1078/2008

    CMP no 1973/2008

    Sir it has been more than six months since the judgement and the r not paying us our legitimate
    due salary, a meger amount of Rs/4800 pm-

    SIr irony is that some blue eyed people who r our juniours..and still doin internship r getting the salary without any delays...
    when we contacted the administration of the college,they say higher athorities have to forward the case... but sir we went to the
    higher athorities also unfortunately they say the file is lost..

    Sir with due respect if ur good self will look in to the matter and direct them to release ous stipend for the work rendered a year back,
    we will be highly obliged and thankfull..sir we r from middle class families and ths money means a lot to us...


    thanking u

    1. Dr Omar Bachh 2.Dr Nitish Bhan
    s/o Y.J Buchh s/o A.k Bhan
    R/o bagimehtab r/o sanatnagar

  38. dear Omer Abdullah
    Cogratulation for a good start.
    1. Removing forces from Srinagar city and deploying JKP but this shuld be done in allover the state.
    2. Barriers on the Jammu Srinagar highway and Jammu Poonch highway shuld also be lifted as they don't checke the vechiles but only creates hurdles.
    3.Thanks for giving PG hoatels for Pahari students but this is not enough, some reservation should be given this comunity which is in competency of your goodself.
    4. Mushtaq Bukhari who is a symbol and real leaders of pahari comunity should be inducted in the cabinet with social welfare deptt. so that he can project the long pending demand of this comunity for grant of ST status.
    5.Jammu Poonch road be repaired on perioraty bases.
    6. Speed up the work on Mughal road.

    S.Surjeet Singh
    Rtd.Inspector JKP
    Ex Police Welfare League
    District Poonch.

  39. Dear Omar,

    I congragulate on you becoming the chief minister of J&K.

    I would like to Introduce myself as Sunil Valluri, worked in ITC Agro Tech in Hyderabad. If you recollect, I have spent a whole day with you in going around in Hyderabad market to when you were with ITC Global. We have visited various super markets and retail shops and also we had lunch at Yatrinivas hotel near Paradise in Hyderabad. I am proud to have your visiting card when you were working for ITC. I remember you said you are from Kashmir but never told me that you are son of Great Mr. Farooq Abdullah. I was watching NDTV Show and very happy to see you taking and giving awards.

    Sunil Valluri

  40. Mr. CM,
    You had said, "I am a Muslim first and I am an Indian and I see no difference in the two. ..In the case of the Amarrath Shrine Board land lease, it was thequestion of our land and and we will will not part with our land".
    You have succeeded in giving away a large part of 'your' land belonging to Hindus. What is time table for completing the process?

  41. For those who want to send wishes, give suggestions or comment, logon to facebook for Omar Abdullah's profile.

  42. @anonymous above
    what's wrong with posting here?

  43. Mr. Omar Abdullah, You simply Rock!

    I'm an Indian, never been to Kashmir, yet a friend of many many Kashmiris ( both Hindus & Muslims ).... I'm very happy to see Kashmir prosper in your CMship.... And with the energy and enthusiasm that reflect from your media coverage.... I'm sure Kashmir's prosperity is not very far if you can deliver even half of what you claim!... Especially, your latest boost for projecting Kashmir for winter tourism sounds gr8... If there are enough jobs and opportunities in Kashmir, I've little doubts as to why would terrorism not vanish. Best of luck!

    Siddharth, New York

  44. Hon'ble Chief Minister (J&K),

    J&K’s e-governance project hanged

    State yet to submit Rs 8 Cr Funds Utilization Report to Delhi
    Salaries of 270 employees withheld since February
    Ishfaq Mir
    Srinagar, Feb 02: Failure of State government to submit Funds Utilization Report of more than Rs 8 crore to the Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India has not only halted the long dream of e-governance in Jammu Kashmir but also ‘endangered’ the economic security of 270 families.

    While both New Delhi and State government boast of making J&K hub of IT literacy, e-governance and e-learning especially for the residents of rural areas by launching Community Information Center Project, people associated with implementation of this scheme have been left in lurch as they allege ‘callous’ attitude of State government toward this massive project and the highly qualified IT professionals associated with it.
    Taking cue from the successful implementation of the CIC Project in northeastern states, MCIT, Government of India, decided to extend it to other parts of the country. The first state in north India where the project was implemented was J&K.
    With an outlay of Rs 40.67 crore, the CIC Project was established in 135 blocks of J&K in March 2004. Two operators cum managers were appointed in each CIC.
    To provide manpower CIC operators were appointed under reference: ITD-01-2003 dated 17 June 2004 of MCIT Government of India, which states that only ‘highly qualified’ technocrats including engineers and those having minimum masters degree in IT and computer science can be deemed suitable for the service.
    The project presently funded by MCIT, Government of India is at the verge of completion of its stipulated five year period and is being handed over to the State government from February 2009 but ‘ironically’ the State government is yet to formulate an appropriate policy.
    The operators are without salaries since February 2008 giving a ‘jolt’ to the dream of e-governance in the State.
    According to sources, the salaries and functioning of the CICs has got affected due to ‘withholding’ of funds by MCIT since district administration within J&K has ‘failed’ to submit certificates regarding the utilization of funds including site preparation funds, annual revolving funds and salary funds received from the commissioners by the higher authorities.
    “The failure of the district administration to account for proper consumption of funds is a question mark on its transparency. There has been a widespread bungling and embezzlement of funds at district headquarters,” the sources said.
    The 270 CIC employees are paid consolidated monthly salary of Rs 5500. Going by this the annual salary of employees would mount to Rs 1.79 crore.
    This amounts to over Rs 7.13 crore excluding the establishment charges and the setup equipment.
    Sameer Malik (name changed) a CIC operator cum manger said: “CIC was supposed to be used as a platform for e-governance after completing the basic tenure of five years. As the first phase is likely to end in March 2009, the CICs are yet to be turned into centers of e-governance and e-learning as per the plans. Though the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Information and Technology and Communications, Government of India has completed all formalities of handing over the same project to Department of Information Technology nothing seems to be translated into reality.”
    “To ensure conversion of CIC centers into e-governance and e-learning platforms, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the State and New Delhi but the State government doesn’t seem in a mood to end the bureaucratic hurdles as e-governance makes the governance hassle free,” he added.
    Another CIC operator Saima Gul said: “Our future is in danger. This is the condition of CICs when New Delhi is funding the project. What can we expect when the project is handed over to the State government.”
    The IT professionals are suffering for the past one year. They feel let down by officials at the helm of affairs but the recent statement of young Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of elevating the IT sector in Kashmir has infused hopes for a better future among them.
    A spokesman of the J&K CIC Operators Association said: “Though the CM has time and again given statements of making IT an important sector in the State, people associated with IT see no vibrancy in his statements. We are without wages for the past one year. It is not a matter of just about 270 employees but of their families as well.”
    Meanwhile CIC Employees Association met Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and informed him about their problems.
    “The Chief Minister gave us a patient hearing and promised immediate redress of our grievances,” said a spokesperson of CIC Employees Association.

  45. First of all I congratulate u for becoming the CM of J&K.I am happy that young blood is catching up with Indian politics. You know what these old fogies are doing, making politics a dirty and a shameful arena.
    A suggestion
    Now that it is winters and the 'durbar' is in Jammu, I would suggest that you to take a surprise drive without any obvious security[the usual India style,a mere legacy of the British enjoyed by these old worthless leaders]and preferable drive your self from Jammu to Lakhanpur.
    You guys fly to Delhi that is why you dont know thw pathetic conditions of the roads and the difficulties that a commuter faces.
    There are certain works that I think started years back[may be your fathers time] are still incomplete. Potholes are a common site and many. Lakhanpur is a scene of worst traffic disorder[mainly the trucks]parked most disorderly causing causing acute inconvenience to the cars.
    One pays R.70. whilw entering the state and another Rs.70 while leaving. It costs one Rs.140.to visit Jammu and that without any smooth and tension free driving. Samba is another bottleneck spot.
    I write this because only recently I visted Jammu and it was no better than when I visted about two years back. it is really shameful as to what a common man has to face. For VIPS roads are repaired traffic is cleared and a common man has to suffer again because he has to wait till the leader or the VIP's motorcade has passed. This happened during the RAJ days but now with a free country it is even worst.
    The white 'Sahibgiri' has changed to brown 'Sahibgiri' the only difference.
    I know when I write this nothing is going to happen as usual because you guys dont have the time to read a commonmans complaints, it is different when you are seeking vote.
    Best wishes and happy governance.

  46. Respected Hon'ble e-Chief Minister (J&K)

    As everybody is familiar that your good self is very much interested in putting e-Governance in the Govt. offices which is in fact the need of hour. As we know the Govt. of J & K is not having proper infrastructure for the implementation of e- Governance in the state at an earliest. We have only CIC's and that too is still under the control of Govt. of India. These centers can be made hubs for the implementation of e- Governance in the state Govt.
    It is requested that concrete steps at an earliest regarding the same may be taken to safe guard the future of IT in the Jammu & Kashmir State.
    The persons already working in the CIC's may be regularized so that the job security tension which sparks on there faces will come to an end and they can work with dedication and in reverse our IT sector will flourish.
    A fast and bold step is expected from your side regarding the IT initiative.

  47. respected sir
    asalam alikum
    congratulation to you for becoming the youngist chief minister of jammu and kashmir. with humble respect we draw your kind attention towords the future of 270 employees working in diffrent cic's and are with out pay from last 12 months.sir we are suffering badly with out pay so please pay your kind attention towords our salarey and our future.and make us your that we canot suffer any more and absorb our project in JKeGS so that our future can be safe.
    thanking you sir
    CIC Oprators

  48. http://www.civilsocietyonline.com/feb09/feb094.asp

    see this article

  49. Jenab Omar Abdullah Sahib,
    We community information centre operators of J&K would like bring into your kind notice our genuine demands. As you are aware that the Community Information Centre (CIC) Project under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) was launched in May, 2004 for extending ICT (Information & Communication Technology) services to the rural people of the country. There are 135 No's of CICs in J&K. Regularization of job of the CIC Operators:-
    In this project altogether 270 persons have been employed in Jammu and Kashmir and all are working very hard to provide quality service to the rural masses. We have been employed on a contractual basis for 5 (Five) years. This makes our future and the project very uncertain. We would appeal to you in the greater interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir that CICs serve to adopt a long term view of the project and accord it a permanent status. We would also request you to use your good office to regularize the job of all the CIC operators by the Jammu and Kashmir Government .
    Although the CICs have been made operational on whole time basis but no regular staff created. In order to make the CICs functional and to run day-to-day affairs the services of 2 CICOs on contractual basis with consolidated salary of Rs. 5500/- p.m were provided who are highly qualified, majority of them are MCA’s and B.E’s. Most of the CICOs have crossed the age limit set by the recruiting agencies of the state. In the remote and militancy effected areas, these highly qualified professionals are performing their duties with zeal and zeth.
    Since our engagement from the year 2004-05 we are performing our duties regularly even in odd conditions when the salary for the months together is not even released during the course of a financial year.

    Since the CICs are directly under the control of Information Technology Department Jammu and Kashmir Government there is a need to strengthen the department by creating suitable regular posts for CICOs with supervisory staff in higher status and rank at the district level as well as state level for effectively implementation of e-governance in the state with the state Information Technology Department as supervisory /Nodal department.
    Moreover Sir, we are without Salary for last 1 Year.
    Plz, have some pity on our miserable plight. It is, therefore, once again humbly requested to consider regularization of CICOs by creating permanent posts in the CICs, which will go a long way in realizing the vision of e - governance in the state of a young and energetic Chief Minister as your good self.

  50. Dear 3rd Abdullah
    The dicesion of handing over Srinagar city to JKP is a historical step. It will rebulid the trust among the people of the state on your party and govt. It should be done in allover the state particularly in rural districts of Jammu and Valley.Kindly take some more dicesions to bring the people of the state out of depression.

  51. Dear Omar Sahib
    Why are you not calling for a public consultation before tabelling the new Right to Information bill in state assembly.You must ensure that all bills must be made public via internet and media before they go to assembly.This is what happens in robust democracies of the world.Obama has decided to put all the draft bills on white house webpage before they go to US Congress.If the laws are made for public why not consult them.This is an example of Participatory democracy otherwise we will still be under this impression that we have only an electoral democracy in vogue in J&K.
    Dr Muzaffar Bhat

  52. Dear Omar Sahib
    Why are you not calling for a public consultation before tabelling the new Right to Information bill in state assembly.You must ensure that all bills must be made public via internet and media before they go to assembly.This is what happens in robust democracies of the world.Obama has decided to put all the draft bills on white house webpage before they go to US Congress.If the laws are made for public why not consult them.This is an example of Participatory democracy otherwise we will still be under this impression that we have only an electoral democracy in vogue in J&K.
    Dr Muzaffar

  53. respected sir
    asalam alikum
    becoming the youngist chief minister of jammu and kashmir, congratulation.As everyone is familiar that your esteemed self is very much interested to develop the state properly as constructions,electricity,education,employeement opportunity etc. is concerned. with humble submission that we people of 87-Haveli poonch draw your kind attention towords some construction works of official school's biulding of distt. Poonch under Distt. Plan 2005-06 i.e 14 official school's building, and amount for construction of such building has been paid by education deptt. to Assistant commissioner development Poonch (R&B)during 2005-06 i.e 5.2lacs for each and more amount has been paid during 2006-07 & 2007-8 respectively.
    No construction of said official school's building has completed till now. one of them is an official building of Govt.Primary school Katha malhan Zone Surankote block surankote which construction was commenced in Feb 2006 but yet not completed. on number of repeated remainder construction concern authority is avioding the matter with this statement that the grant is yet not released, although education deptt has paid in Advance this huge amount form said constructions.
    during this long period i.e 4 years construction concern deptt has failed to complete the said constructions no concerned higher authority has been initiated any action /check towards the compleletion of said construction works.
    if education deptt has paid huge amount 7500000 (seventy five lacs) in advance for 14 schools building than where, these such amount has gone, why these constructions are still incomplete. concerned BDO's has been showing in his review book that the construction work has final but physically some building are plinth level, some building are lanter level, some are waiting for foundation stone some are waiting for completion although in paper work these building have been finalised during 2007-08.
    why this authority cheating with education deptt./ cheating with pupils of said schools who has neither place for sitting, reading nor playing & other co-curricular activities properly.
    only your goodself may take a strong action against this construction concern authrity of distt. Poonch.
    why said authourity has not completed the above cited constructions so far.

    What will be the future of those people who are cheating with education.
    if u want to become a powerful personality in J&K, u must be remember the every cornor of J&K and cornor holder's genuine demands one of them is cited above.
    if a neccessary action regarding this matter has been initiated by u than some more matter has been putup shortly.

  54. Hello CM,

    I am not sure if I will get a reply but still I would put forward this query. Do you have any plans to put Jammu and Kashmir on Information Technology map of India. If you have then what is being done in this direction, do you have any deadline set to complete this task.
    Please don't give a diplomatic answer. I am a professional and would love it if you put it straight as it is. Will bug you with more stuff if I get to know that you do reply

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  55. Mr.Omar,I am not satisfied with the performance of the National confrence after the death of late Sheikh Abdullah.But now I feel you will lead the people of kashmir like him with some modifications .You should correct the errors that your partymen has created and the people of Kashmir have suffered because of that.I hope U will make this kashmiri nation a corruption free and legitimate nation.There are many things to be reparied and corrected and it will take you long to do the corrections.Our economy is very poor and the sector which can boost our economy is tourism sector.But,unfrtunately what is going on here in the name of tourism revival is pathetic.The administration is not paying attentions to basic needs and the superficial gloss is given to every part of this sector which ends with no results.If we have to make the tourism of state a success,we have work at the grassroot level.Where is the trained manpower for tourism sector.We lack many things and nobody is considering those basic elements of Success.Take example of a Hotel management institute.Its foundation stone was laid in 1983 and it remained occupied with armed forces after completion for 17 years.After renovation which took around 1 and half year waht are the results.Lack of interest from administartion ahs improved nothing but a bigger building.The outsiders are controlling the ins and they are not interested to take it to success.The requirement of good and trained stff is there but the candidates with very less experience or no experince are working on contractual basis.It is a self dependent ins but no consideration is given to the staff recruitment.There are hardly two craft couses which are offered.It is the performance of the lone IHM in J&k ,a state which is known for tourism.A state like Punjab which is very poor in tourism industry is having 3 IHms(2 in Chandigarh and 1 in Gurdaspur)and all are better than IHM Srinagar.The fourth ihm is under construction in Bhatinda,There are Two food craft Institutes 1 in hoshairpur and another in chg, many private hotel managent colleges.Do you think we should have more than that in J&k.

  56. HELO SIR,

  57. Mr Abdullah
    Congratulation for sucess in RS Poll.
    We also pray for ur party's sucess in comming LC election but we also hope u will not forget the people of Distt Poonch this time.May God give ur party/our party sucess.
    God bless u.

    S Surjeet Singh
    Rtd Insp.JKP

  58. Mr Abdullah,

    Congrats for ur party's success.Pls bring in some changes in ERA management.Its getting crippled.

  59. First and foremost, I salute your contribution towards emancipation of the people like me in Jammu and Kashmir. What used to look like major challenges, are no longer inapproachable. The significant contributions of the government cannot be ignored. Congratulations Mr. Abdullah !

    I would like to share some insights on the issue of Drug abuse, HIV/AIDS in our state.

    1. Injecting Drug Use (IDU) / Addictions is a major issues that requires intervention. It may be noted that there’s no concrete work done on these injecting drug users. What is done is mere distribution of random information materials... which add to the pile of waste papers.

    2. The Jammu and Kashmir State AIDS Control Society (J&KSACS) has not been able to do justice to the grants received from the centre for ensuring programs with respect to HIV/AIDS in the state. There are enough funds, but no plans... no vision!

    3. What’s interesting is that the SACS has the same project director since last 8 years. One doesn’t know whether this is a reward to his services or another NEXUS.

    4. Amidst all of this, the immediate issues are not addressed. For example, injecting drug use among youngsters is really high but not a single sentinel surveillance site exists, which means we don’t know how big the problem is.

    5. Just to bring to your notice, there are no targeted interventions for IDU’s, MSM and FSW in the state. Those that were initiated by the SACS are not operational anymore.

    I hope the government can address these issues too...please don’t forget that its youngsters like me who face the brunt of it all.


  60. Mr CM the blog has no value if the actons and interactions will not take place.If we r just wasting our time please let us know.so that we won't look forward for something to happen.I write u many times but till date donot found any small action or reaction from ur side.Why?

  61. mr omer abdullah just now i was watching the vedeo of yuor parliement speach on 22 july 2008
    and iam very proud of you. we must need the leadership like you, and we consider u are the real leader of future india and world, may god bless you.

  62. Dear Omer

    Na sawal-e wasl na arze gam na haqaitain na shaqaitain.
    Tere had main dil-e zar ke sabi ikhteyar chlae gaye.
    (Mirza Ghalib)

    Your well wisher

  63. Mr CM I heard u are going to open a new IHM in srinagar as the older one is not functioning well and u r not interested to get that right and recruit some people there.Instead u r going to recruit the experienced talent in new IHm.That is a good move,But I think U should also consider the older one and get it right.It is a property of Kashmir and u should not treat it like that and just hand it over to non kashmiris to spoil the institute as per their wishes.There also should be people who are fairly recruited on the basis of experience and talent and u should it with new courses and extensions.Back door entries have always spoiled the nation especially kashmiris n that was mostly done in the time of National confrence.I hope U will not let any department to repeat the same and also will not follow the footsteps of your N.C Leaders

  64. Dear CM,
    We the residents of sainik colony want to tell you that here in sainik colony we have sanitation,water,light,road problem and many more problems from last so many years.
    Kindly instruct the concerned authorties to look into this matter.Its our humble request to you as your young & dynamic leader and we know that you will solve our problem
    Warm regards:
    Residents Sainik colony

  65. **** off whomsoever u r
    v kashmiris dont give a damn be it a fraud election win or a parliamient speech in ENGLISH

  66. GMC, STUDENTS, SRINAGAR.March 04, 2009 5:55 AM

    PLEASE SAVE THE DEPTT. OF PHYSIOLOGY,GMC, SRINAGAR.Despite repeated requests nobody is bothered about the deptt. which is left with only a single lecturer as faculty.Plz give extension to the HOD who retired few days back till any alternate arrangement is made.The reccommendation made by the Principal ,GMC, lies with the commisioner health but no action has been taken so far.PLZ TAKE PERSONAL INTEREST AND LOOK INTO THE MATTER AND SAVE THE DEPTT. FROM COLLAPSING,PLZZZZ SIR.

  67. dear omer sahib.
    aap bhuhut achay leader honay k sath sath aik achay insaan b ho.main handwara main rehta hoon aur national confrence ka hamee b.aap ke taqreerain b sunee hain aap nay bhuhut baar khaha ke main charge hoonai k liya handwara aata hoon.handwara nai aap ko bhuhut izzat b di.aap nai vodhpora aur kandi k jalsoon main kha ki disst.kupwara kay sab maslay chowdry sahib daikheain gay lakin jab aap nai minster banaya tu un logoon ko bana ya jo 400 ya 500 votoon say jeet ker aa gayai jaisay srinagar ki baat jin logoon khair ager likhon ga tu yeh baat awam kay samnai jaie gee.umer sahib chowdry hammara shera hai baqi haira phaira hai.aap ko yaad hai jab sara kashmir amer nath shrine board kay maslay per jal raha tha aur election hona mushkil lag raha tha aur aap kai aik mojooda minster jis ka taluq srinagar say hai nay farooq sahib say kaha tha ki election nahein ladain gay tu farooq sahib nai wapass kha tha ki hurriyat confrence kai darwazzay khlay hain aap wahaan jayain aur is kay baraqas handwara nai phala jalsa kiya mano tu national confrence ko zindz rakha us ke aap nai be izzati ke bhahut afsoos hai ager aap nai abhi b apni galti nahein sudari tu bahut afsoos hoga aur shayad kuch sochna b paday ga.bay shak aap chowdry sahib k leader hain mager hammaray leader chowdry sahib hain.

  68. Mr. Omar Abdullah, I just wanted to know your opinion on the recent comments of Mr. Musharraf at India Today Conclave, 2009.

    Also I want to know whether you look at your self as a Indian or just a Kashmiri. Dont mind. Just wanted to know. I am from Andhra Pradesh, but I feel, am a INDIAN First and then a Andhra. Do you feel the same?

  69. Omar sahib,

    Please respond to the public in your blog


  70. Koshur
    Please tell them, Omar is nobody to redress their greivences. They are wasting their energies. Anyways, its so funny to read comments here. He is a puppet and puppets are blind, dumb and deaf.

  71. dear sir,
    i am citizen of your state and i want to know your view about the west pakistani refugees living in our state since partition of the india and pakistan.these peoples don't have PRC and citizenship right in your state and as a result of that their 3rd generation at the verge of playing the role of sleeping modules of terrorism and anti nationtional activities. please try to understand their sentiments and basic requirments for living otherwise these 3rd generation youth may create kashmir like situation even in jammu.

  72. Go through this
    isnt it shame for you
    If you could not do any thing then you should leave the chair for some one who could.I also wrote before about this institute but i think you are not responding your blog

    Srinagar, Mar 29: The non-local students in their pursuit for a career in hotel management landed in Srinagar’s prestigious institute only to find themselves surrounded by troopers in their campus.
    Finding the presence of Central Reserve Police Force troopers irksome, the non-local students have even gone to the extent of threatening to leave the Institute halfway.
    Worried faculty members say that they had approached the home ministry in 2007 and sought removal of the CRPF’s 21 battalion camp in Rajbagh.
    “We had received a letter from the home ministry in 2007 regarding the vacation of troopers, but they continue to occupy the buildings here. Some officials, including former divisional commissioner, Basharat Ahmad Dhar and director Tourism Farooq Ahmad Shah even visited this place for inspection,” said a lecturer.
    The entire left side of the campus is occupied by the troopers of 21 battalion.
    The troopers are occupying one hostel building, adjacent to that of girls’ hostel.
    Besides, the ground surrounding the building also remains occupied by CRPF vehicles, bunkers, barricades and urinals, which the students say is causing trouble to them.
    Vehicles of the troopers remain parked in the parking area of the institute namely M T Park.
    With troopers putting up in the building next to girls’ hostel, the girl students, all of whom are non-locals, say they felt insecure.
    “We feel insecure in the hostel and remain psychologically disturbed. The troopers are inebriated in the evening, due to which we feel more scared,” said Shivani Renot, a B. Sc second year student from Chandigarh.
    She said since troopers could see them clearly through the windows, they keep the curtains spread every time. “We never open windows from their side, which causes problems to us during summers,” she said.
    The hotel management institute was established in 1982 at Nehru Park in the buildings of J&K Tourism Department. The institute was shifted to Rajbagh in 2007.
    All six hostel buildings were occupied by the troopers in 1989-90, of which five were vacated later on, some blocks of which are under renovation, whereas one building is still occupied by 21 BN CRPF.
    “Since troopers keep on wandering in the campus lawn, we don’t dare to move out in the evening. Besides we hear them talking loudly in the morning that also makes us scared,” said Neeti Pathak, a second year student from Delhi.
    Archana, another student from Delhi said, “Earlier we used go to a water pump in the campus for drinking water. But since CRPF men would be hooting at us, we stopped passing from that side,” adding that they had even complained to the administration regarding the same.
    The girls said their parents would also remain worried for their security.
    “Sometimes they feel it was better for us to get admission at our native places,” they said.
    The faculty members are having equal concerned as students do. They said CRPF men take bath in open and the urinals were also a matter of concern for the students.
    “If troops will continue to occupy this building, students, especially girls, will hesitate from joining this institute. It would be difficult for us to find students in next session,” said a senior lecturer wishing anonymity.
    “We are apprehensive that if some untoward situation will take place, things would be worse. We can not remain at ease under such circumstances,” he added.
    Apart from girls’ woes on the presence of troopers, boys too complain that they feel disturbed on campus encroachment by CRPF.
    “The CRPF men often ask us for the identity cards, thus giving unnecessary trouble to the students,” said Kuldeep Kumar, B. Sc first year student from Uttar Pradesh.
    “The early morning, when students usually study, is the PT exercise time of the troopers, by which we feel very disturbed and are not able to concentrate on our studies,” said another student, Ganesh Dutt, from Jammu.
    Lavjeet Singh, a first year student from Punjab said, earlier they would play volleyball in the campus grounds, but then “troopers did not allow us to play.”
    The students unanimously said the troopers should be vacated from the campus, “so that we can have a proper environment over here.”
    Another lecturer said because of the troopers they could not keep their library open after college hours, “since it is not safe for students to enter hostel late.”
    “Then we cannot have sports activities over here. The administration had developed a volleyball-cum-badminton court for the students, which was also occupied by the troopers,” he said.
    He said out of fear students maintained a pin-drop silence all the time, “even during lunch and tea breaks.”
    “Our culture is entirely different from that of troops. How can we justify students staying in such an environment?” he asked.
    The construction of the main building of the institute was started 2003 onwards. With pace of the work being slow, the building was completed in 5 years. The academic and admission processes in the new campus were started in 2008.
    In 1983, the institute started 1-year diploma course in Hotel Management, which was increased to 3 years 1984 onwards. Right now the institute offers one long-term course, viz B. Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Management for 3 years, and four short-term diploma courses, viz Food and Beverage Service, Hotel Housekeeping, Front office and Food Production, each of 1 year.
    “We have struggled a lot in establishing this institute over here. We were just pressuring the ministry towards the government of India to resume the work here, and ultimately we succeeded after a gap of over one decade. In the first year only, we got 108 students including girls,” they said.

  73. i had somehow developed high hopes about the third generation of the abdullah family.i thought the grandfather had ditched us,the father hadnt acred about us now maybe just maybe this young man may lead kashmir & its youth to peace,development & prosperity.with his election campaighn & the stance of his party on the land transfer i was seing in him promises of a grand future for J & K.his promise of giving a regular amount to unemployed was one such promise.but it seems promises are made to be broken ..

    all i want to say is that it pains me to see kashmir on the brink of collapse.its useless blaming india,when our own people have ditched us time & again for power.omar has been unable to be a La Rajiv Ghandhi for Kashmir.

    Nabi tulip was far more useful to Kashmir than any mufti or abdullah..may sense come soon to the government before the people drill some into them

  74. I may be any were, i am muslim first,then i am nationalist.
    ummar abdullah is a muslim first then an indian. why people make issues out of this.
    advani is hindu first then an indian.
    am i right

  75. To all above arguing on 'first' Muslim and then Indian.....Omar never used 'first' as a prefix b4 muslim.
    Can't I be a Hindu , an Indian and a capitalist at the same time? All these describe different aspects of your persona - religious belief, nationality, economic belief.... So, as rightly pointed out by Abdullah junior, good governance is what is needed.

    @ Rohit Shah: As far as "not meeting of minds with the BJP in spite of good developmental work done by NDA governments" is concerned, its regrettable that Indian democracy is yet to mature to s stage where issue based politics rather than party based politics is concerned. Perhaps, some day when i vote for BJP then it would be a vote for the candidate and the development done by the government-in-power and not my 'certification' of the Gujarat mis-deeds of the Modi govt

  76. http://mtviggy.com/kashmir

    As part of MTV Iggy’s Change initiative, Change:Kashmir is a comprehensive multimedia survey of the unfolding agonies in Kashmir, the controversial region bordering northern India, Pakistan and China…a region once considered a “Paradise on Earth”.

    Multi-layered in scope, Change:Kashmir features on-the-ground glimpses into the lives of everyday Kashmiris, photojournalism, profiles, and conversations with a range of politically involved contributors including Booker Prize winner, Arundhati Roy, writer William Dalrymple, and journalist Tarun Tejpal, among many others. 

    Open a discussion by sharing and posting this content to online communities, blogs, and social networking sites, raising awareness to seek a solution.

    Please contact us to post this content, to initiate partnerships, and for more information. 

  77. Hello sir its my pleasure & honour to post a comment on ur blog sir my name is Yasir & i am a resident of J&K i am a great fan of yours sir i am very keen to join your party i am a student of ARTS i really admire you SIR i wish a very best of luck to YOU SIR please SIR make our state as one of the properous states of INDIA your well wiher YASIR ...

  78. I am writing here to highlight the issue of injecting drug use among youngsters, which is really high in J&K. But you will be amazed that not a single sentinel surveillance site exists, which means we don’t know how big the problem is. These huge numbers of Injecting Drug Users in J&K are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

    What is more disturbing is the lack of political will of the government. There can be no programme implemented successfully without the governments support. Definitely, things will be expedited if the political leadership pursues the cause.

    The J&K government has been avoiding this issue for quite some time. National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and J&K State AIDS Control Society (JKSACS) can not continue ignoring having a strategy to address issues of Injecting Drug Use in J&K!

    If we do not develop strategies to address the situation then the state will go the North East way, as we have the states of Manipur and Nagaland, where the Injecting Drug Use is not a problem for drug users only but also poses great threat to their spouses and children, who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.


    Best regards,


  79. @Zubina

    As far as I am concerned, the last thing the government should do is show any sympathy toward the drug users!

    Let them kill themselves why should anyone be concerned? They made the wrong choice in life when they started doing drugs, now if they contract aids and what not, they should suffer the consequences. We could care less!

  80. Biggest challange for our CM is to win heart of all kashmiris and then initiate purposeful dialogue with central government.Our younge CM has vision and courage to save kashmir from further exploitation by both India and Pakistan.

  81. sir what r u doing for islamic university

  82. Well it seems everybody has started to pitch in thier business stalls for this season. Be it main stream parties or sepratist all have started their business with the onset of tourist season. Here it is not only the tourist season only but i am refering to other activities also be it construction, marriages and so on. It is only from April to September that business can transact in Kashmir due to climatic restrictions as do not belong to the club of developed nations where climate is not a restriction. Now everybody has to earn a living for the present and the winter during this time only besides any developmental work on the form of construction etc has to be carried out during this time only.
    Dear Omar Sahib, if you go by the facts of past many years, the period of year(April - Sep) callled the season in Kashmir is destroyed by the people who have to run their "Dukan" fuelled by blood, hunger and misery of the common people. Here i am particularly refering to people like Geelani and Mirwaiz.
    Geelani for the tough winter months was away in Delhi-his spokesperson Ayaaz Akbar saying"He is creating awareness among the masses in Delhi regarding the situation in Kashmir" and our Mirwaiz at the so called crucial stage of anti election time went to Delhi for getting his slip disc rectified.
    Jenab Omar Sahib, the point i am trying to make here is that when a person like me who is even not remotely asoociated with any political ideology apart from seeing a ray of hope in you can gauage these basic things, doesn't the government know this or the government does not want to know. I remember how much hardship everybody had to face during summer month of 2008 in Srinagar because these people blowed an issue out of proportion which could have been setteled in the court of law(if need would have been) very effectively and in a far beeter way without loss of precious lives and property. No value ed to any life lost and the loss of property amounted to crores of rupees.
    Why does government give any kind of importance at all to these people. Just invoke NSA aganist these people and the whole population will be saved from these blood thirsty demons. I remember during the last year's agitation, a truck driver from Pantha Chowk was killed in Pathankot by the people. There was a photograph of ASIYA ANDRABI sitting in a tent of mourners holding the two small kids of that unfortunate human being close to her, but you know i read an article in one of the local english dalies with regards to the widow and orphans of that truck driver and it was a shame on all of us. They are living a life of utter poverty, i don't know how they are surviving.
    It is very humble request, for the sake of the humanity, remove his malignancy that has plagued our beautiful Kashmir, so that people live in peace and my view is that it can only be done cutting it off. There will be a wound for sometime, but time is a big healer.
    May Allah Bless you.



  83. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT. You passed the judgement on the Shopain rape case even before the police finished its enquiry. Even FIR was not registered on complaint of deceased's father and brother. May I remind you so called Mr.CM,here two women were brutally raped with one of them being a minor. This can happen only in Kashmir under the National conference government. You are one step ahead of your father in HR voliations.

  84. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT. You passed the judgement on the Shopain rape case even before the police finished its enquiry. Even FIR was not registered on complaint of deceased's father and brother. May I remind you so called Mr.CM,here two women were brutally raped with one of them being a minor. This can happen only in Kashmir under the National conference government. You are one step ahead of your father in HR voliations.


  86. Ur xelency,
    i jst want to know y the chemical engineering proffessions are ignored by J&K govt.as the major economic potential is in it.
    so can't we a part of the development kashmir oursels rather the foreign.......
    hope for ur response...

  87. Hello were the world is and where we are,think.seeing is beleiving.god knows when there will be peace in this world and make this world beter place for us and for our coming genrations and our kasmir paradise on earth.by the way actions speak better than words.i think you are good(lasy)cm.god bless you.yours abc.

  88. what about my comment yours abc

  89. Adil said... congrats on being cm.sir the pace of your progess work is slow.may i remind you it took six months for your father to build the shed for the budshah fly over where as pdp buit the fly over in 9 months .mufti did good job so i sugest the same.seeing is believing,actions speak beter than words.so much to do so little is done,hurry up yours abc

  90. what about comment yours abc

  91. what about adil said

  92. is Chemical engineering the only soloution of Dal lake?

  93. dear sir
    i am so much impressed on your decision when you say that you try your level best to increase the hajj quota this year if you do that step that every one who applied for hajj this year should be allowed, this changes the mind and heart of people towards your government.
    i pray to almighty that you get everything what u want thanks

  94. It was awfully disappointing to perceive that no action have been taken by the state government yet on the issue of Drug usage in J&K. There was no function held on the international Drugs day, 26 June in the entire region of Jammu & Kashmir. When at the same time in Delhi the massive/colossal programme was organized by the NISD (National Institute of Social Defence), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment with Union Minister & other ministers as chief of Guest.

    I hope that State government of Jammu & Kashmir pays some more serious attention to the usage of Drugs in the state, till date we does not even have an authentic data on drugs usage. The measures to prevent can begin with a survey study. The population of J&K is completely unaware of the problem of drugs that is rapidly paralyzing the young generation.


  95. @zubina

    I have a unique solution for drug use: if anyone is found in the possession of any drugs, automatically sentence them to 15 years in jail. deterence is the best solution.

  96. nice to c some feedbacks on drug abuse prevention , i personally think that there are a very few people who have a concence to fight this social taboo.
    if any of the concern needs data regarding drug abuse in kashmir , i think i can help him out , as i have worked in this feild for 12 years exclisively in kashmir ,
    i have worked in partnership with MSJ&E, NISD, NACO, UNODC, ec
    but still i believe that nothing has been done ,,
    i have aproached to the highest levels of the nation like Prisident of India , Prime Minister of india , to seek help for the drug abusers in the valley , but there is no such positive responce .

    hope the young CM understands the problem of drug addiction and substance abuse.

    i have come across school going kids who abuse volitive solvents . had even intracted with kashmire kid at the age of 11 years who had started abusing heroin(brown-shugar)at the age of 8 years .

    dear Omar , i am sure u will take up this issue and help us to fight this menace together ,
    e-mail shafatnabi@yahoo.com

  97. If we want a corrruption free state then there should be a law that that anyone found taking bribe,immidately that person should be dismissed from service.no case file register no hearing.......................one day we will get our state free from corruption

  98. you should not have resigned. you probably got provoked by utterances of muzaffar beig. ask beig to see his past. allegations of corruption of all sorts were raised agains him from time to time.
    people believe that his allegation against you is totally wrong and politically motivated. the PDP wants to create trouble in Kashmir and rake up one or the other frivlous issue to keep the pot boiling. Unfortunately, Mehbooba Mufti seems to be hand in glove with Pakistan and terrorists.

  99. Dear omer
    i was were disheartened when i read in a portal about your resignation i wish the news is wrong and if you have considered this option then you must reconsider it for hundreds and thousands of kasmiris living all over the world who have all there hopes in you that you will make j&k a better place to live .we all know Mr mufti and his daughter and there intentions of dividing the people of j&k .we have had enogh of them and that is it ,please dont the state go in wrong hands

  100. Daer Omer,You should know the person who levelled allegations againt you.Whole kashmir knows that he is of the least stature.Please arrange for employent for JK youth for gulf.Let recruiters come to JK.i have seen labours from all walks of India,why not JK.same is the case for students who want to study abroad.

  101. omar sahib resignation will not solve the problem, problems lies within you. You make infuriated speech in parliamant, that i will resign if single inch of kashmir is taken, then i will quite minister in 2008 if single kishniri is being kill but your never kept those promises and this time you submitted conditional resignation, to make your self conscience hero, but this is all drama with your people.

  102. Dear Mr. Omar ,
    I want to convey my hearty support to you at this tough hours of ur life. I am really happy to know that India sill produce people like you who are really honest and firm enough to squeeze the difference between words and deed. It is a fortune of our country that we have people like you who are having high moral grounds.

    at last i want to say


  103. eshan
    Jul 29th, 2009
    Dear omar i think this is what these crocodiles wanted they dont want to see this state to be run by a clean honest dynamic and bold leader like you.I have a very strong belive coming deep inside from my heart that a person/politicain like you is a god’s gift to kashmir which kashmiris are not able to understand. Sir,it may be very strange to know that even i belong to a opposition political family but sir i dont have so much of regard to any one as compared to you and its because of your clean personality truthness. Dear friend omar i suggest you one thing instead of giving resignation on a baseless allegation you should have given a press conference and told tese crocodiles that i am ready for any enquiry as they “crocodiles want ” this could have made their faces black. Be strong dont get emotional and take hasty decisions this will lead to problems befor taking any hasty decisions consult your most reliable friends family members and above all refer to “Almighty ALLAH ” i promise you he will guide you to the right path with this i once againg request you not to take hasty decisions like this for the sake of Jammu and KAshmir
    with lots of love and regards from
    Eshan Ahad

  104. Mr abdulla why you got emotional if alegations are false,you know and you must know about yourself.If you are not involved then why you resign.It is all drama-from your resination to governers rejection.''The man who can't believe in him self can't believe in any thing else''.
    I am sure that no allegations shall be proved against you because you are CM,CM is CM.


  106. praveen agarwalJuly 29, 2009 2:40 AM

    Dear omar keep it up your high moral ground will set a high standard among the old generation politicians,you are the hope of the country

  107. Dear Mr. Omar ,
    I want to convey my hearty support to you at this momemt. I believe that his allegation against you is totally wrong and politically motivated. i am sure u will take up this issue Dear Omar bayei Be strong dont get emotional Allah is with u in every aspect. my prays always with u. Dear u cant image how much hapy when u sit in the chair of CM position realy my famiy was hapy. but fram last 2 day we r vy upset. please please please take your resignation back. you r our One of the young CM in this world. be strong my al wishes with u by core of my heart. bye dear take God Beless u.

    Syed Mubee


  109. DEAR C.M,
    We all are with you because we kashmiris want to be with truth as always no doubt materialism has wiped away al our morals and ethics from our society but we want to be back on the track of truth and humanity.Very soon the day will come when your people will rise up and say,"Enough! we had our fill of such a life." then the unsubstantial power of those who are strong only in their own greed will crumble, the earth will slip from under their feet and they will be left with nothing to cling to.

  110. Fanoos bn k jiske hifazt khuda kre, woh shamah kya buje jske Hifzat ande khud kre.
    Tere bekasure nahe mohtaj-i-ravadare hai, tere pasbane justaju-i-kamrani hai.Hai yakeen hme ap ka kerdar-i-asmane pe.Tu jo ho to hai walvala-i-jabaze ka,tere dmse hai zinda jazba jawansawlu ka....
    I wholly extend my deep/ regal/moral support to our young / energestic/ god fearing and dynamic leader of the this sub continent.we really expect different from u.
    Allah bless u.

    From: m. salim

  111. salam dear omer.
    I m vry much thankfull to ur system admister.
    who was accept my comment. take care
    Syed mubee (syeedmubeenshah@gmail.com)

  112. Hello Omar Bhai,
    This country needs leaders like you- honest, hardworking and upright. There r people who are anti-national, downright corrupt and power-hungry. Of course, they wont like to see your success and would try to pull you down. The only way you can defeat them is by remaining within the system, exposing their lies and making people reject them. I hv heard a lot about ur goodness during my ITC days and I am one of those Indians who hv high hopes from leaders like you. Please remember, QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT. You enjoy trust of a majority of Indians and Inshaallah you will turn around situation in J&K. Be God be always with you to make you succeed in your endeavours. Cheers

  113. MASARAT ZARGAR MATTOOAugust 03, 2009 2:28 AM

    Dear c.m

  114. v love to call u by the name of Amar singh,
    as Obdullah means slave of Allah which u surely are not u r the slave of payals,pilots,chanakyas,modis,advanis and god knows how many others.
    how can one forget that u sat in your chair with utmost calm when women and children, young and old..... all innocents were brutally massacred by the forces of whom u yr a part.
    lets not talk of Shopian alone, there have been many Shopians happening in the valley. as you have rightly said that u r an Indian, this is enough to make Kashmiris understand who is ruling whom?

  115. Mr umer..... salaaam...
    God has given you an oppertunity, which not many people get in their lives, you are young but not new to politics.. you know the past, nd i m sure you must be disturbed by what has happened in the past with kashmiris. lets be honest in our approach.. KASHMIR for all practical purposes is a DISPUTE and it needs settlement.. what has happened in the past is that those who have been your predecessors, they have not conveyed the real aspiration of kashmiris to the rest of the world.. Let me also be very honest.., your grandfather was not alone when he gave us to India... those who supported him are equally responsible for what he did.. But now the same people(their progenies) consider this as a dispute. i know you have a very good understanding of the issues, and believe me i consider the fact that u are a representative of a good section of people, irrespective of the fact that very few people in srinagar vote 4 you.. also i know there is a lot of mistrust and for that common Kashmiri is not to be blamed..Let us ponder on following few points:
    1)Why was your Grand Father arrested..
    2)Who made BAKhsi a hero..
    3)who brought indian constitution and supreme court jurisdiction to jk..
    4)Who changed saderay riyasat and waziray azam titles..
    5)Who participated in 1972 elections.. when no other kashmiri party did so..
    6) why was'nt INdira Abdullah accord implemented..
    6)Who brought down your fathers legitimate govt.in 1984.
    7)Who rigged 1987 elections...
    Honestly tell me do you see the role of a common kashmiri anywhere in all this... Don't you feel that its somebody doing it and then blaming Kasmiris.. What do you expect from a kashmiri now? He cant go to his home, he cant move in his own land, his orchards are under occupation.., he is killed for simply nothing.., he is seen as a suspicious entity in his own place.., he cant travel in a country freely.., he doesnt have any rights, he doesnt get a pasport to simply run away from this man made hell, he is a 2nd grade citizen... , has to prove his identity... so on and so forth...
    Have you ever pondered on all this???
    Let me tell you some thing which is also of some interest...
    150000 orphans...
    35000 widows....
    8300 half widows..
    42000 houses burnt , demolished..
    over 90000 people 'killed'..
    thousands of people missing..
    thousands of un named graves...
    tens and thousands of people traumatised..
    thousands of women molested,, rapped...
    Isn't it enough to suggest that ALL IS NOT WELL....
    i rember in a TV show you said
    "there are some people who pelt stones because they have a different ideology"..
    Can you tell me how different is that Ideology from the ideology of your grand father which landed him in jail...
    yes there is a group of people who are destructive... who have done wrong in the past by participating in elections when a solution was very near.. and when kashmiris had one voice and one leader(yes ur GRAND FATHER).. who continue to disrupt every thing... but let me assure u that they are very less in number...
    if they fight an election .. they may not even win a single seat... we know everything... but tell me who makes them powerful?????
    a common kashmiri doesn't get clearance from police agencies... but these people get it so easily... who is responsible???
    plz ponder....


  117. Mr C M I donot know why it is only at the times of N.C Govt that all the entries in the govt recruitments are from backdoor.U people always exploited the Kashmiri youth and are serving INdia and its agents.Bastards you are all the N.C Workers.You claim to be a muslim and none of you is a muslim .Your father is a big black spot on the history of kashmir.You are neither kashmiris nor muslims.One thing is which you can do for kashmiris Reveal your actual face n tell them that you are a fraud and not the kashmiri.All the repressions are from you n ur father who are the slaves of indian politicians

  118. Dear Omar
    After reading this donot label me as your opponent by any means. Next time, when you go home in the evening, step into a lonely dark room undisturbed and ask your conscience ( I am sure you have), do you deserve to be at the helm of affairs. If your conscience says yes then continue. Than ask yourself am I really doing my job well.(To me job is not signing orders, holding meetings and cutting ribbons. This bit can be done by anyone). Have you been able to make any change in the life of an ordinary Kashmiri by giving him an iota of respite from the state supervised atrocities. If you think yes then continue. Ask yourself have you been able to safeguard the honour of Kashmiri women?
    Dear Omar, I was in Kashmir on holidys to see my parents and went out on the road with my daughter who is 5. I got the worse shock of my life when CRPF on the road side made some indecent comment at her. Put yourself at my place and tell me what would you do. I know you have 2 sons, but remember that you have 3 sisters. They go out. Would you tolerate any vulture trying to prey upon them? May Allah save their honour and all women on earth. I realised Kashmiris have two options either to bury their daughters when they are born or save their honour by whatever means possible. You claim to be their representative, suggest them what they should do.
    Do something if you can, otherwise say sorry and acknowledge that you are as helpless as your any other Kashmiri. Do something before your own sons question you.
    May Allah bless you.

  119. Hello CM
    gOD bLESS yOU

  120. Asalamualikum
    Hello Mr. Omer, i want to meet you is it possible for you to meet a local youth of valley.

  121. DRUG ABUSE along with HIV/AIDS is a severe menace in our state. But we have been choosing not to act. The problem has further added to the vulnerability of people to HIV/AIDS. The hope is J&K State AIDS Control Society. But you will be surprised to know that the State AIDS Control Society has the same Projct Director since last 10 years. Does that imply that he has been outstanding in delivering services on behalf of the government? Isn’t it funny that since LAST 10 years the State AIDS Control Society has the same project director but there are no prevention programmes being run to in the state.
    Are the bureaucrats not accountable AT ALL? Where is the democracy?


  122. DRUG ABUSE along with HIV/AIDS is a severe menace in our state. But we have been choosing not to act. The problem has further added to the vulnerability of people to HIV/AIDS. The hope is J&K State AIDS Control Society. But you will be surprised to know that the State AIDS Control Society has the same Projct Director since last 10 years. Does that imply that he has been outstanding in delivering services on behalf of the government? Isn’t it funny that since LAST 10 years the State AIDS Control Society has the same project director but there are no prevention programmes being run to in the state.
    Are the bureaucrats not accountable AT ALL? Where is the democracy?


  123. Subject: No Right to Use the Bathroom in "Democratic" India
    Illegal Encroachment of Bathroom in the building of Karan Market
    Dear Sir,
    We the Shop Owners and All Female Employees in Karan Market are running our Business here for more than 10 yrs now. We are facing a big problem; the Dharmarth Trust locked the Bathroom which was used by all Female’s of the Karan Market and now Dharmarth Trust is planning to sell off the said Bathroom.

    Sir, we want to bring to your kind notice that Dharmarth Trust person came on April 6th 2009 Morning at 11am and locked the said bathroom, which was used by Females only.. As there is no other Bathroom/Toilets for Females .All the Females of the Karan Market are facing numerous problem. Later after one week the Bathroom key was given to us after so many arguments. Again on 22nd June 2009 the Bathroom was locked till date.

    We request your goodself to kindly look into the matter .

    Despite of various phone calls made to the Dharmarth Trust they are not ready to talk to us. Every time We tried to communicate things with them they always refuse by saying " do whatever you can do” .Therefore We are requesting you to take necessary action. We need a early & strict corrective action against the Dharmarth Trust so that We can justify our stand to go legally against it as we have full faith in J.M.C.

    Kindly look into the matter on sympathetic ground at the earliest and oblige.

  124. Dear Omar Sb,

    Crime department of your Government seems to be in a deep slumber. One imposter feigning as an IAS officer has been at large since last decade or so. He actually was working as a Private Secretary in Handicrafts department and looted a number of people and made a fortune out of that posting. Reportedly h was shunted out of the corporation but he has managed to be in limelight and is now enjoying the position of PRO to the R&B Minister, Mr. Saroori. Previously he also served as PRO to Mr. Rashid Dar, MLA of Sopore.
    Despite many news stories and cases pending agaist him in Crime department, the imposter has been able to manage key postings in the shadow of Ministers.
    Mr. CM I would like to draw your attention to the story published in KaSHMIR IMAGES (http://www.annonline.in/kashimages/newsdet.aspx?q=10168&q1=5/7/2007)

    Does your cabinet have to necessarily reach out for such criminals only for augmenting their personal coffers? Get it investigated. You willbe illuminated and if you get the criminal to book, you might well rid this unfortunate vale of ours of a criminal who has amssed fortunes by impostng himself as a militant, IAS officer, PRO, a sex pimp and what not at various times. An unbiased inquiry will bring the truth to the fore.

    Requeting a speedy address.

    One victim in Handicrafts Corporation
    (Scared to reval my identity)

  125. A. G. Noorani noted that Omar Abdullah needed prodding by the center even to order registration of an FIR.

  126. Mr.Omar
    Do you realize as a kashmiri that people of kashmir cannot be suppressed ,if it would to happen then we wouldnt see the recent uprising before the elections, and if a kashmiri mind was easy to mould and mislead then you would have ever won the election!
    i am a kashmiri and i have seen the hardships and i too want kashmir to be peaceful, i think you and us(kashmiri's) should be looking for a solution to the issue rather than few years in power and pass on the fake baton to another leader
    why dont you set an example and do something for the people of kashmir so that whole nation remembers you when you are no more!
    that is the chance you have as a person and that is the chance which makes you great,
    i feel good when i see roads being build but it pains me when i see those roads deserted during oppression, it pains me when i see a old woman running for her life and an old man being beaten by forces, it pains me when i see young girls being teased by policemen and it pains me that when i look at the policemen and try to stop them doing so, i have to worry about being labeled a militant.
    Mr.omar if we try to simplify the problem the solution simplifies itself, but Alas! we have been complicating it for our own reasons!
    but i dont see you have a reason to do that......
    you have greatness waiting for you and knocking at your door.
    just shun what you have been taught by your past politics and try to see it in todays world order!
    be different for people of your land!

  127. Hon'ble CM


    My name is Intikhab Alam..I am from a remote village of Teh. Doda,My father was simply a Labourer, but die hard worker of NC. He died due to Cancer in 2001. I am working along with 30 other peoples as Data Entry Operator Commercial Taxes and Excies Deptt, since 1998. We are all Post Graduates with computers. But since our appointment as DEO we are running from pillar to post to get our Pay annomlilies address or to get the promotional avenue, or for transfer as we are rotting at Check Post Lakhanpur since 1998, no one in the previous Government and not in your government is ready to listen our problems. We have countless times arranged a meeting with the concerned commissioners,but they always express there helplessness in our case, although this is not a much complex case. Way before our appointment Forest Deptt have appointed Computer Operators with lesser Qualification, but in higher grade, Excise Deptt have appointed backdoor Computer programming Asstt sharing with us the same job, but getting higher grade..so same works is being paid differently.....

    Now the crux is that we want to meet your Hon,ble self, to get our problems deliberated. and sorted out. We know you have time and again emphisised on e-Governence..we are part of that..

    Hoping for Good from your side..



    (Data Entery operator)
    Commercial Taxes Lakhanpur.

  128. Mr. Omar, when you became CM I knew that yoy will work on centre's direction at the political front, but i presumed that you would be a good administrator as you belonged to the youth and you would do good to the people on administrative front, but it is shocking to see that you proved to be the worst administrator and are not able to handle a simple and easy problem properly. So in my opinion you are not capable of holding such a seat. You are doing only one job properly i.e. pleasing your lords in Delhi.

  129. Mr Omar, a couple of months ago i came across some thing you said and i qoute 'why would you assume, it(Rahul Gandhi becoming PM) has to wait till 2014? how much administrative experience did Rajiv Gandhi have before he was thrust into the seat? how much administrative experience does Barack Obama have?' end quote.

    that was a valid polint mr. omar and you have made it quite obvious that you would love it if young mr.gandhi becomes the prime minister. i however ask you to step out of your chief minister shoes and think like us citizens, whether it is right that, a man who has just won the past two electons, who has not yet served as a full time minister in the cabinet(despite being offered the position), and whose claim to fame was by his surname, which also acted as his stepping stone. Barack Obama is a different case. he came up on his own. it was his hard work and sheer force that paid off. the name Obama was never known before and now its one of the most powerful names.

    Obama deserved to become president, becomes he earned it unlike young mr. Gandhi who leisurely entered politics in his own pace, who gives vague answers, deviates fom the topic and speaks against dynastic politicians, despite the fact that he is the living example of dynastic politics. his mother is a wonderful woman and i have immense respect for her but lets not forget sonia gandhis sucessful entry into politics was merely due to her surname.

    it all comes down to this .......dynastic politics. there are plenty of politicians in this country who did not have the strong foundation of their surnames and yet came on top. its such people who deserve to become the prime minister, because they have been there, done that and know how it feels. dont you think Mr Abdullah that its such people who deserve a chance and not those who merely waltz into the scene with a golden badge proclaming the grateness done by their forefathers stuck to their foreheads?

  130. @anonymous poster above

    Very well said. But Omar Abdullah will certainly disagree with you because of obvious reasons.

  131. if he really is an open minded diplomat as he makes out to be, then he has no reason to disagree with me.

  132. This issue is regarding how education is being sold in kasmir by DELHI BUSINESS SCHOOL SRINAGAR NIGEEN.The campus head of the school MS ABIDA SHAH is running the institution with out prior permission from state GOVT and she is promising to the students that degree provided to them will be regular but is is obivious that deree is distance from EIILM UNIVERSITY as university is in SIKKIM .This institute is already black listed by UGC AND HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT JK.she is also saying that honourable CM is trustee of institute, sir if this is the case please do replpy us either by media ouryour own sources,so that our CM will save the future of hundrds of students of valley.

  133. I am writing with a hope that this message will be read by you and is implemented very fast. One important thing that you have thought of, is providing a system through which general public can email you directly and give suggestions or discuss their problems. The condition of kashmir is pathetic in every way and every field and it is in urgent need of reformation. Many issues need to be discussed and implemented.......
    I could not find any email id of yours where i could convey and highlight the issues and give some suggestions for the same. Kindly provide your email id to the general public as soon as possible....

  134. respected sir...i am a student doing my company secretaryship...and it has been my childhood dream to make a trip kashmir n stay in the house boat in dal lake!!! have been trying hard to convince my folks on it! have been doing all ground work as to prove them how safe it will turn out to be...some of my friends to made it ! but still with elders that stigma is still there...its open to all...want to know how safe is kashmir now for a tourist visit!!

  135. Hon'ble Chief Minister,
    I would like to draw your kind attention towards the traffic jams in srinagar. Esteemed sir, for the last twenty years I am hearing that the bottle neck at Bar Bar Shah Bridge will be removed, but no concrete step has been taken so far by the government. The bottle neck at bar bar shah bridge is creating great trouble for traffic flow. All the traffic to downtown and civil lines area passes through this road, some times it takes hours to cross the bridge. It is now requested to your kind authority to take necessary steps for road windening at the said place, so that easy flow of traffic be made possible.

    Yours Sincerely

    Citizen of J&K

  136. It is really a great solace to me to know that u have been saved. We know God has made u to serve us helpless people and it is only he how can create such miracles. May God bless u and always keep his blessing showering upon u. We are your old neighbour from Durga Nagh Temle Near Burn Hall School Srinagar Kashmir
    Suresh Kotru
    Sushil Kotru Deptt of Floriculture Udhampur

  137. Sorry this is a wrong comment as it was just out of context when we heard the news on TV. May God bless you a long long & safe life
    Suresh & Sushil Kotru

  138. I will just say one thing, for you to have any credibility in Kashmir and in the eyes of the true kashmiris, you should do more to mitigate the hardships of kashmiris particularly in the area of human rights violations

  139. You are good but try to be better because good is never good if better is expected.So we want mehbooba mufti down and out.

  140. sir
    the picture of kashmir is not very rosy these days...some agencies are working like anything to disrupt the governance..you know it all sir..the time is due to take some stringent maesures..infact its overdue....

  141. Omar has been looked up by the younger generation as leader with a pragmatic bent. However, his recent standoff on the Kashmir Issue has not only miffed the political friends and foes but also the young minds who expected least that such words would come from his mouth.

    Actually he is not the one who is to be blamed it is none other than former Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, who is to be blamed for all these mess India is facing today.

    However, one thing is certain that Omar Abdullah today has proved that irrespective of the sacrifice made by Indian soldiers right from 1947 till today the mindset and lips of Kashmiri Muslim Politicians are being dictated by Pakistan.



  143. Mr CM,
    IF u r here any time and had a look at my holistic thoughts.I advise u pay attention.
    Im a traditional kashmiri,who sometimes shout pro pak slogans and anti indian ones.Im the one who pelted stones in 2010 crisis.Im the one who took part in damaging public and private property.
    U may think that im sick, mentally frustrated and insane.Ofcource im....I need treatmentand u caan treat me. Before u go for a therapy i want to tell u that i got ur symptomatic treatment.It has no effect on my lasting disease. U r my doctor and u need to carry tests for my disease diagnosis. I hope u understood me and take care of it.
    Im not yet rabid
    im not yet terrorist
    i yet do have feelings of love
    i yet dont hate u alot
    i yet want to progress
    plz treat me.I yet want to live.

  144. It's Amazing post. I liked It.http://www.hindublog.co.in/

  145. thnx helle,it z nt only a post but it z a kashmiris voice against his exploitation.bring awareness among people of india that v realy do suffer in hands of their corrupt govts.

  146. Respected Sir i KNOW you are chief minister of J & K and i am only one person do you know every time chief minister work is very hardfull please give me a only 10 minitus i am adivice to you and all conclussion give to achive to pakinstan and give achvment to terisst to all over in india i am not a rich family belong so please contact me this no-09622017307 and our email I D Is rajeevoakland@rediffmail.com

  147. Respected Sir

    Please call to this no request to you i know know you are bussie but one time i am talk to you

  148. with due respect sir . my names is NASIR YOUSUF WAZA . S/O MOHD YOUSUF WAZA. SIR my father was a millitant and he died when i was three years old . sir i applied for the passport and they put an adverse and after i sent you a letter and you asked them to do verification on my name . they did verification on me and every thing was a clear citizen has to be no criminal records they did verification on my bussniss . i am married in finland and my wife is pregnant and i just want to go and see my wife but having problum with passport . well sir your a young CM . hope you can understand me and my feeling . thank you
    lights greets and regards
    nasir yousuf waza

    passport file no: A008670

  149. Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine :)