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Home Invasion and Colonialism

I will not pound this article anymore than this one paragraph - that is all this post deserves. Consider for instance a burglar who breaks into your home and steals most of your possessions. An act that is most appropriately called "home invasion". Now also imagine that this burglar is keeping you hostage and has enslaved you and your family, so that you and your family are his servants and makes you do all his work so that he gets rich of your hard work....imagine this goes on for 200 years!! After this period the burglar finally is forced to leave but gets to keep all the riches he stole from you. And shortly after he leaves he calls you "poor" donwtrodden" and throws you few pennies so you can buy bread for your kids!

Thats exactly what the European colonizers did when they invaded and destroyed most peaceful countries of the world.

Thats right, the Europeans got rich off the wealth they stole from other nations and have the nerve to call themselves civilized . I am dumbfounded that people are so ignorant that they cant seem to pinpoint the source of all miseries in the part of the world that the snobbish media calls the "third world". Had the European nations not been involved in "home-invasion" on a grand scale, the face of the world would have been different. They created borders where there were none, and divided people who would have been living amicably now.

It takes time to heal the wounds that this colonizing caused.

Its time to tell it as it is. The world would have been a much safer place had the Europeans not colonized it. Europeans were the barbarians.

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  1. Read & replace Europe by India and third world by Kashmir and see other faces of the truth...thanx