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President Ahmadinejad showed who has class

The vile taunts and insults that Mr. Bollinger, the President of the University of Columbia, regurgitated while introducing President Ahmadinejad just goes to show Mr. Bollinger's lack of character. President Ahmadinejad was invited to deliver a speech at the University of Columbia in New York, while he was there for the annual UN general meeting. Mr Bollinger's diatribe can only be characterized as childish, immature, and uncivilzed.

President Ahmadinejad's speech in contrast was measured and he composed himself throughout the barrage of non-sensical innuendo thrown at him. He proved yet again the humility and cultured manners of the Iranian people. Even the most uneducated and barbaric people treat their invited guests with respect; Mr. Bollinger could certainly use some lessons on civility and common sense courtesy.

I have never witnessed such insults and adhominem attacks being spewed by the president of a university, (watch the video here). Makes me wonder if the academia in US universities is of such calibre, does it really get worse when it comes to common folks?


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