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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Global corruption index 2007

"Every one should visit this site." This is what I had naively written about the Transperancy International sitehttp://www.transparency.org/ last year, thinking naively that they would be unbiased and impartial in their reporting.

Like every other reporting from the west that is biased against Iran, sadly these guys have also been corrupted to report falsely that Iran is much more corrupted than Israel and India. (go figure!)
Read this document on Scribd: corruption index

It is quite likely that the Transperancy International site owners were persuaded by Israel, the US or other Iran-haters to do that. Money has a tendency to be a good persuader!. It defies all logic that Iran is more corrupt than Israel and India!! Anyone visitng India can be most assured about that. Maybe the Transperancy International people think that the world will suffer amnesia to forget about the sexual assault case against the former Israeli President, the corruption case against Olmert, or the previous corruption case against Netanyahu!!

According to the absolutely biased ranking of Tranperancy International, Iran has a low score of 131 whereas Israel stands at a healthy 30, and India at 72!! This is absolutely their hallucination. Money makes things happen - How ironic for Transperancy International!


President Ahmadinejad showed who has class

The vile taunts and insults that Mr. Bollinger, the President of the University of Columbia, regurgitated while introducing President Ahmadinejad just goes to show Mr. Bollinger's lack of character. President Ahmadinejad was invited to deliver a speech at the University of Columbia in New York, while he was there for the annual UN general meeting. Mr Bollinger's diatribe can only be characterized as childish, immature, and uncivilzed.

President Ahmadinejad's speech in contrast was measured and he composed himself throughout the barrage of non-sensical innuendo thrown at him. He proved yet again the humility and cultured manners of the Iranian people. Even the most uneducated and barbaric people treat their invited guests with respect; Mr. Bollinger could certainly use some lessons on civility and common sense courtesy.

I have never witnessed such insults and adhominem attacks being spewed by the president of a university, (watch the video here). Makes me wonder if the academia in US universities is of such calibre, does it really get worse when it comes to common folks?


(Kashmiri Proverbs)

1. Akkha gamut yirah tah wirii mangan tang.
[[The man is so confused that he expects pears from a willow tree.]]

2. Jahan chhuh ashkun mazhar.
[[The world is a theatre of love.]]

3. Hoonis pyov sabirah nav, sui, ha maliha, zani yas wuthit avv
[[A dog is known to be a patient animal; but only he knows, oh father, who got attacked (how vicious they can be)]]

4. Hooni sund hyuh sabur, achi poor, ballai door, buthis noor.
[[May you have patience like a dog, and may your eyes keep
undimmed; let misfortune remain at a distance from you,
and let cheerfulness be always upon your face.]]

5. Kathih Suet wasih weh, tah kathih suet wasih sreh.
[[A word stirs up anger or love.]]

7. Dilikis bagas dur kar gasil, Adah dewah phuli yembarzal bag
[[Keep away dirt from the garden of your heart, Then perhaps the Narcissus garden will blossom]] (Lal Ded)


Zionists and unrest in India

The vision of a majority of people of the Asian subcontinent of a united federation spanning from the eastern borders of Bangladesh to the western reaches of Pakistan and from the southern most tip of India to the northern most frontiers of Kashmir can be a reality: through cooperation, mutual respect, and shunning distrust of each other.

Each member state of the new federation will have maximum autonomy, and yet be part of a greater union whose member states are neither superior, nor inferior but equal to other members of the federation; unlike the present Indian system, where the federal government is perceived as being superior to the state governments.

For someone to accept a new idea, the questions that need to be asked are who benefits most and who is there to lose from this new prospect. Although, factually speaking, this really is not a novel idea; all these countries have been united as a single nation throughout much of history.

The people of Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, and each state of India will be the main benfeciaries.

The losers in this new federation will be the trouble makers who are responsible for causing unrest in India and Pakistan and continually prod the two countries to escalate tension between them. They are defnitely going to be the losers since they lose the monopoly on arms sales to both India and Pakistan. Dont beleive me? Check out the new 20 billion dollar arms sales that Israel recently signed with India. Just google it and you'll see what I am talking about. Israel has been a trouble maker since its inception and has no problem causing death and destruction in other coutries to further chances of its own survival. For now, let's familiarize ourselves with a widely accepted definition of Zionism, about which I'll be talking about today:

Zi·on·ism n. A Jewish movement that arose in the late 19th century to occupy Palestinian lands, displace local arabs and establish a Jewish country. Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and survival of the state of Israel.

Israel sees India as its new 'minion' in the region, but little does it know that Indians are smarter, more tolerant and generally peaceful compared to their counterparts in appartheid-ridden Israel. Does anyone else see the conincidence that whenever India and Pakistan come close to having peace talks to normalise relations there is either a terrorist attack in India or some sort of attack in Pakistan.

I will post the dates shortly proving the dates of the terrorist attacks and the proximity of those attacks to the peace talks that the two countries were having.

See the "Tabut Gyadd" plying on the roads of kashmir. (For benefit of non-kashmiri readers, it literlly translates to "Coffin vehicle"). Anyways, these menacing looking bullet-proof Indian Army patrol vehicles were sold by Israel. There are thousands of them in Kashmir and each costs not less than half-a-million US dollars. Israel is laughing all the way to the bank and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that it relishes the thought of more death and destruction in Kashmir and will do everything in its power to escalate the hostilities between Kashmir, India and Pakistan. After all, for their sales pitch to the Indian government, they claim that these vehicles have been tried and tested on the Palestinian people and that these vehicles are perfect for suppressing a hostile people seeking independence.

How convenient it was for Israel. Until the insurgency started in Kashmir, India did not even recognise its existense- in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Thats right! there were no diplomatic relations between Israel and India until the kashmir insurgency started in 1989. You can call me a conspiracy theorist all you want but in 1989 Israel offered a hand to India to battle Kashmiri fighters and India gladly accepted and that was the start of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of arms sales from Israel to India.

Read this doc on Scribd: tar

The question I would like to pose to all people of the subconinent is that are we really independent? have we really gained independence from colonial forces? or have the colonialists just become innovative and changed tactics of colonizing the world. The facts speak for themselves. Please think about who gains most from the death and destruction and unrest in our countries and lets join our hands together and put a stop to it.

A very simple analogy is of two members of a family, who live side by side, and are having a disagreement. And instead of counselling both to reach an agreement, an unscrupulous neighbour starts selling them rocks to throw at each other: Israel is that unscrupulous neighbour!