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Comment from a reader regarding pollution in Dal Lake

The comment below has been copied from my post "Pollution in Dal Lake" and was from a reader named "Kashmiri". I liked the suggestions and decided that it deserved a spot of its own. I edited the comment a bit for clarity, but the ideas that the writer wanted to convey remain unchanged. As I had mentioned in my original post, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents of that area is a non-starter as no government has the will or the means of achieving that. The result will be widespread riots and all we are doing by suggesting the relocaton of these residents is just creating more confusion and wasting precious time which could otherwise be utilized in generating more viable ideas.

However, since then I have been suggested the following by other readers:

  • Stop all construction in the Dal area. I believe this is currently being done by LAWDA, which is quite unexpected of them considering how inept they are at enforcing similar laws. However some businessmen with deep pockets seem to get around this 'no-contruction zone' law. A good example is the construction of a hotel in the green belt in the Nishat area on top of that small hill. I will post a picture of that shortly - keep checking back.

  • The current homes within Dal lake should be inspected by LAWDA to see that they are not causing any effluents to discharge into the lake. If they do, then the government should subsidize the installation of a septic system within the house. As most residents of this area are not economically well-off, subsidizing the septic system makes sense. However, businesses, hotels and houseboats should have these environmentally friendly septic systems installed at their own cost and this should be mandatory - I am surprised that this is not a law yet.

  • Because no new homes will be allowed to be built in these areas, new families will have to find residence elsewhere, and will have plenty of time to plan where they should move. The governmnet could show good-will by offering incentives to these families. This will build trust between the government and the residents.

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March 16, 2007 3:36 AM


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