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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Kashmir's unparalleled beauty

We have been bestowed with one of the most aweinspiring places in the world, and yet we take it for granted that it will remain that way for ever; even though Kashmir can be said to have one of the highest levels of pollution of any tourist spots in the world.

People should clean up after themselves. I have witnessed people blaming the government whenever anybody talks about the rising pollution levels. While it may be the governement's responsibilty to devise strategies for keeping big industries in check for emmissions, when it comes to general cleanliness of our surroundings, or to worry about where to dump all the municipal waste after it has been collected from around the valley. Other than these big decisions regarding waste management, I beleive it should be upto individuals and communities to make sure all areas in their vicinity are clean. How difficult is it to form a group of neighbours who will look out for each other, and make sure their neighbourhood is clean. They could take turns cleaning, removing weeds, and keeping an eye out for others dumping their trash in that area.

There is no sense of community cleanliness, or a spirit of mutual cooperation when it comes to keeping our neighbourhoods clean. Just think of the last time you opened a package of snacks, or biscuits, where did you discard the packaging? It most certainly went out the car window or the sidelwalk where you opened it. I do sincerely hope that we all as individuals make our individual contribution by not littering. Good habits have a way of being contagious.


  1. I really liked this weblog. Particularly like the photographs they are of a good quality.

  2. I understand this predicament but don't know how the attitudes can be altered. When I visited Sopore womens college, i was reluctant to sit 'parki maz' as the long unkempt grass played a dirty & helpless role as a make-shift rubbish tip. I then insisted on carrying the icecream wrappers home-as opposed to discarding them on the amassing piles on the roadside-much to the hilarity and dismay of my cousins and their friends. I managed to take the 'chocobar' packets home, with a very unattractive ball of hair-that became stuck to the boxes-trailing through the air all the while. This is just one example of the frequent scenario that intermittently decorated my 2006 stay in Kashmir. I was rarely taken seriously "yeth na cheen England pert dustbin aasaan!" Its the only material thing i personally wished for in Kashmir-the only material thing I felt a real 'kammi' of. I know some people understood...hoping that they take the 'gandh' seriously before the 'gandh' overtakes them. Good habits are contagious? I certainly hope so, InshaAllah

  3. I once saw one foreign visitor asking a fellow kashmiri person the loacation of dustbin so that he could throw the bana skin. He replied laughingly" Whole Kashmir is a dustbin, You can throw it anywhere"

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  5. Hey,

    I had the chance of visiting Kashmir this May. And I was awestruck. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world. I loved Kashmiri folks for their direct forthright manner, the immense respect and passion with which they communicate. But I seriously wished, that the residents were subjected to education that encouraged open thoughts, that there was more flow of information and knowledge into this beautiful valley. Lives would be a lot different if that happened.


  6. Hi Vinisha,
    I agree, with what you have to say. However, how can kids concentrate on education when there is no security and they constantly have to live in the fear of being the target of either the militants or the Indian "security" forces. Needless to say that all peoples of the world are capable of achieving great things, were they guranteed basic human dignity, which, sadly, at this time the Indian security forces as well as the militants are not providing to the common Kashmiris. Would it not be in the best interests of all those involved if Kashmir were de-militarized?

  7. Hey,

    I agree its hard to concentrate on education... but both sides -the Indian and the Pakistan with the Kashmiri government and people, could come up with a better solution. What is required for the development and sustainence of the valley is less focus on who gets it and more on the welfare and upliftment of the people. I, perhaps, sound like a far-fetched talker, but this is my dream for Kashmir. On the topic of De-militarisation, it can be done only when Kashmir is well-equipped to handle any external aggression, be it from the militants or Pakistan or China or India.

  8. Again I agree with you. However, I think you misterpret what I mean by demilitarization, atleast in the immmediate sense. I think what most people in India percieve as immediate demilitarization is a complete withdrawal of Indian forces, which may be the ultimate goal for a lasting solution, but, infact what many proponents of demilitarization mean is the wihtdrawal of the Indian army and paramilitary forces from the civiliam areas of kashmir. You must have witnessed the disproportional presense of the army on your visit to Kashmir. It is not a pretty experience being subjected to their constant harrasment. Most kashmiris just want to get along with their lives just like other peaceloving, and hardworking Indians and pakistanis do.
    Sorry for the digression; but in short what is needed is the withdrawal of army from the cities and villages, but they can stay on the borders; until there is a no-agression treaty in place with Pak and China.

  9. The only thing to achive, is collective unification in spirituality, all Religions are One,and can only come to the Primordial Beeing as "ONE"...Humans goal is to become the reflection of it, Ones achieved, you will understand what has to be done.
    NO MORE FIGTS!!! You people better go to the roots of your own Religion!
    They rest works out by the grace of Almighty !!!

  10. "NO MORE FIGTS!!! You people better go to the roots of your own Religion!"

    I wonder who you are referring to in this statement? The world would be a much better place if people spent more time expressing themselves clearly by using proper grammar, and carefully analysing their writings before posting them.

    Now, if you had spent a few more minutes editing and correcting your diatribe, I am sure it would make much more sense, and perhaps more people would take the time to actually read what you had to say.

  11. I think Kashmiris or any human being or a society as such need to stop playing the blaming game and stand up for themselves. We need to build a sense of community and put in more effort and time to make our communities better. But unfortunately most of the times even if we started a community project it has led to bickering among ourselves and has got mared down by politics and involving religion in it.

    I think that we need to wake up from our stupor and save the beautiful land we were bestowed by Allah. Constructive comments should be encouraged and started to be implemented.

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