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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Kashmir's unparalleled beauty

We have been bestowed with one of the most aweinspiring places in the world, and yet we take it for granted that it will remain that way for ever; even though Kashmir can be said to have one of the highest levels of pollution of any tourist spots in the world.

People should clean up after themselves. I have witnessed people blaming the government whenever anybody talks about the rising pollution levels. While it may be the governement's responsibilty to devise strategies for keeping big industries in check for emmissions, when it comes to general cleanliness of our surroundings, or to worry about where to dump all the municipal waste after it has been collected from around the valley. Other than these big decisions regarding waste management, I beleive it should be upto individuals and communities to make sure all areas in their vicinity are clean. How difficult is it to form a group of neighbours who will look out for each other, and make sure their neighbourhood is clean. They could take turns cleaning, removing weeds, and keeping an eye out for others dumping their trash in that area.

There is no sense of community cleanliness, or a spirit of mutual cooperation when it comes to keeping our neighbourhoods clean. Just think of the last time you opened a package of snacks, or biscuits, where did you discard the packaging? It most certainly went out the car window or the sidelwalk where you opened it. I do sincerely hope that we all as individuals make our individual contribution by not littering. Good habits have a way of being contagious.