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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Unprovoked killing by the CRPF

Another incident of unprovoked killing by the CRPF yesterday underscores the fact that no matter how sincere the intentions of the politicians in Delhi may be, the decision to harass or not harass, or in yesterdays instance, to kill or not to kill, lies in the hands of the trigger-happy Indian security forces patrolling the streets of Kashmir.

What people on all sides of this conflict fail to realize is that the ripple effect of all these cases of human rights violations is that the whole fabric of society gets torn apart. The current sex scandal, in my opinion, is a direct consequence of oppression by security forces.

There have been in excess of 100,000 deaths since the beginning of the separatist movement; and some tens of thousands are languishing in jails in various parts of India. Many of these victims left behind young families with little or no financial security.

In most poor households in Kashmir, it is the husband or father who is the sole bread-earner in the family, and his unfortunate death or arrest brings devastation to the family. Not only is the next of kin emotionally devastated, but they usually also have little or no economic security, which compounds their grief.

The loss of the husband or father is even more heart-wrenching if he is survived by young daughters or a young wife. No sooner the victim of the security forces is buried or arrested, the women of the household come to realize the enormity of their loss. They have to find work and feed the family. Support from the extended family and friends is usually meager. This is when sharks in the government and police stoop to the lowest a man possibly can; they prey on these innocent victims by promise of class IV jobs, or release from jail of their loved ones, or outright solicitation of prostitution.

The above observation, even though most of us would want to be incorrect, cannot be much deviated from the truth considering the recent arrests of high ranking police officers, administration officials, and politicians.

No one ever predicted that the insurgency would precipitate prostitution as one of its off-shoots. The usual knee-jerk reaction is to blame all those involved for not doing enough to prevent this scourge from rearing its head.

There can be many opinions about who the victims of prostition are, but very few will disagree that it is a consequence of oppression by security forces and indifference by successive state governments toward the next of kin of those victims. Many will also disagree that the girls involved in prostitution are the next of kin of the victims of the Indian security forces, and will argue that they are just opportunistic profiteers, who just want to make a quick hundred rupees rather than working. The insurgency brought with it a record high unemployment to the people of Kashmir, and left very few avenues for earning a decent living.


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