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  1. Sir/Madam,
    Considering the option of going solo as an independent Kashmir would mean having to do everything that goes to building a strong, stable, forward-thinking, educated and prosperous country while tackling lingering insurgencies all by yourselves.

    If Kashmiri Hindus were able to return to their homes and if peace could come back to the valley so that all of us from Kashmir to Kerala could be proud to be Indians and live as families and friends following our respective religions peacefully, went to schools, developed businesses and industries, wouldnt that be the best option for everyone?

    I am from Kerala but have been born and brought up in Mumbai (dear old Bombay) and it really really pains me and any Indian I speak to, no matter which religion he/she belongs to, that the state of Kashmir and its intelligent, gentle and beautiful people are going through so much suffering. In fact I have known quite a few Kashmiris (Muslims and Hindus) and they are such gentle and kind and generous people that its hard to imagine so much violence amongst such wonderful people.

    I truly truly hope I could still know all Kashmiris as my Indian fellowmen and women and be proud that they are part of my family always. It hurts the most when people in the family are unhappy.

    I am confident that all the Kashmiris can work out a peaceful and progressive solution that takes care of the interests of all Kashmiris, irrespective of religion, caste etc.


    Deepa Sukumaran

  2. Dear Deepa,

    Its true what you have said that we should all live peacefully irrespective of religion or caste.

    But to achieve that for kashmir, your country must acknowledge their basic right to choose freedom. Militancy and separatism may have worked charm in independance wars of 1857 (fought by both hindus and muslims alike) but in modern era diplomacy is the best way.

    But can u sincerely expect that to happen from the barrels of the guns of thousands of indian security forces??

  3. Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

  4. To All who are want that Dallake should be Made more clean and remain the most beautiful place in srinagar.

    All of us should take the Original map of dallake and just go to the top the Shankracharya Temple and mark first mark the line as the houseboats are lined, and then the vegetable farms and then the illegal constructions that have come up in side the lake, because once there were no houses in side the lake now you can see 3 star hotels. after this start from dalgate towards nishat garden and mark the drains that are going inside the lake, again take the old road via shalimar towards naseeb bagh and see the illegal constructions in the lake and the sewage drains flowing from the land into the lake and also those which are discharged in small rivers and then on flow into the lake. once you reach naseebbagh take a shikara and move towards rainawari via saida kadal through the lanes and then towards the dalgate you will encounter the most foul smell and most polluted water ever all because of the sewage from the land towards the lake and the same is spreading very fast, and check the illegal construction on the new road which was built on the dall waters to destroy it during farooq time.and from kohna kahn to dalgate now the lake has disappeared by houses & hotels, and this all is under naked eyes of the corrupt officials who this time are talking of cleaning dallake. this is the 90% pollution of Dallake rest Houseboats & tourist Garbage, Bring out all these people Farmers /Houseboat owners /hotliesr & others out of dalake and remove all the illegal constructions from the lake & stop all the drains that flow in the lake directly or in directly and stop any type of garbage being thrown in the lake and see the jewel in the paradise shining bright. This all is possible but some corroupt people whose interest is in keeping the lake like this always say Lake is Dying And we should try to just extend it death time. But They are wrong The lake can remain there for Centuries on By The common understanding of the Govt & the people.

  5. Mr. Deepa

    Your idias about kashmir is somehow right only that the kashmiri are very gentil yes we are gentil you no Padith Nehru he was a kashmiri you know Mohammad Iqbal a great poet was kashmiri so many other very famous names .the word Kashmir to Kerlla is not correct because you have to go the grass roots of kashmir our culture is diffrent than you any how we try so many times to live with India but we were tourchered by the indian Solders now it is enough we will not return back we have given too much to india but got only tears from india we have lost near about 1500000 youths can india bring us those (NO) So please dont advice us . My request is to you please visit to kashmir what is happening there.

  6. I agree India can not bring those lives back. Will you get them back if you are given independence? How can you oversee the role Pakistan and ISI played in the destruction of Kashmir? Why do you guys prefer to be driven by a failed state?

  7. why cannot we let go kashmir to pak.

  8. Salam
    i wish that u should add my blog to ur kshmiri bloggers list.. my address is http://www.saadat.in/blog

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